23 April 2019

A “Little" Unknown Fact

El Al sets up Special Vaccination Clinic at Ben Gurion Airport.
Israel’s Health Ministry orders 'local airlines' to vaccinate staff against measles.  arutzsheva

A Little Unknown Fact 
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"WHO and Ukraine Department of Health records show2 that during many years that the MMR vaccination rate there was only 30 to 31% the number of measles cases was extremely low (~50 cases a year and several years much less) with no hospitalizations and no deaths from measles, in a country with population of 45 million! BUT when the WHO ordered the Ukraine to go for 95% immediately the number of cases, number hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketed! When they reached 90% vaccine rate there were 30 thousand active cases, several thousand hospitalizations and humdreds of deaths. Plus due to the known medical fact that vaccinated people "shed" that means are contagious, for several weeks after the vaccination it spread to tourists

Are all the El Al vaccinated employees safe from "shedding"?
So, might this mean that some or even ‘one' El Al employee(s) might ‘spread' Measles to a passenger?

AND FROM NIH: National Institute of Health 
"In the midst of a local measles outbreak, a recently immunized child was investigated for a new-onset measles-type rash. Nucleic acid testing identified that a vaccine-type measles virus was being shed in the urine. Clinically differentiating measles from a nonmeasles rash is challenging, but can be supported by a thorough medical history evaluation. Rashes are expected to occur after immunization; nucleic acid testing can be used when it is difficult to differentiate between wild and attenuated strains."

TO BE FAIR, the following is from immunize.usa. However, it does not explain what happened to those in the Ukraine, from whence it has been reported the Measles spread to Israel:
“'Shedding' is nothing more or less than the way any contagious disease is spread, through pathogen-filled sneezes, coughs and the like. And because certain vaccines use weakened versions of the live virus, the philosophy goes, those diseases are just as contagious among the vaccinated. That’s not really how things work, said Wootton.

"Only three vaccines in the routinely recommended childhood vaccination schedule are made using weakened, but live, viruses [is that the MMR?]. In some instances, the virus can be detected for a short period of time in the vaccinated patient and that can sometimes lead to others being infected with the vaccine version of the virus. But those instances are extraordinarily rare. [but do occur]

"With the chickenpox vaccine, for example, 11 people are known to have caught the disease through exposure to a vaccinated person—but that’s out of more than 50 million people who have been vaccinated. And even then, the vaccine is shed only in the case of people who develop a chickenpox-like rash following vaccination. That is why if a person recently vaccinated against chickenpox does develop a rash, they are advised to avoid contact with individuals with weakened immune systems.”

Clearly, according to the united mainstream media, “anti-vaxxers” are responsible for returning this measly plague from “near extinction.” As one commentator said, parents who do not ensure that their children get the bare minimum of 23 needles by age five are the moral equivalent of “drunk drivers” — a menace to everyone on the public highway who should “opt out of society.” CHD [united mainstream media=a certain agent of*]


Vaccine Virus Shedding Measles, Measles, Measles Everywhere (read full informative article)

"Scarier still is the researchers’ conclusion that “Further investigation is needed on the upper limit of measles vaccine virus shedding.” In other words, they know that people shed the live vaccine virus after they are immunized, but they don’t know for how long. Or how infectious it is. We could only find one case of transmission of vaccine virus (brother to sister) — a vaccinated child infecting an unvaccinated child — in the literature. Are we supposed to believe that this has only happened once since 1989 after millions of vaccinations? Or should we be worried that public health has stopped looking for what it doesn’t want to find?

"There are horrific anecdotes of people who got measles from their children after they were vaccinated. That’s not hard to believe when studies show2/ that the vaccine measles virus is readily detected in the urine of most children throughout a two-week testing period after vaccination. Watch out changing diapers of vaccinated children.

"Some of those most vulnerable to full-blown vaccination-induced measles are those with compromised immune systems. (e.g. here, here, and here.) Aren’t we told that we’re all supposed to be vaccinated to protect those with weak immune systems? The truth, from the medical literature, is that it is immunocompromised immune systems may not mount a full defense against the live virus in the vaccine. It is these individuals who have also been found to be shedding measles virus1/ long after infection so it would not be surprising to find they shed vaccine virus long afterwards too.

"Vaccine measles virus could be airborne like natural disease, as well. This study3/ describes a three-year-old boy who was diagnosed with bronchitis — not measles — after an MMR vaccine. He had no measles rash but genotyping of the virus that he was excreting from his infected throat proved that it was an “attenuated” measles strain.

1/. Prolonged measles virus shedding in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children, detected by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. ncbi.nlm.nih

2/. Detection of measles virus RNA in urine specimens from vaccine recipients ncbi.nlm.nih

3/. Detection of measles vaccine in the throat of a vaccinated child ncbi.nlm.nih


Anonymous said...

Now the above is information which should be known to the medical world. So, it appears that it's obvious this is part of 'something' to make as many people, c'v, sick as possible. This might be part of the depopulation agenda. People need to start thinking for themselves more and not believe everything they read and hear, until they check things out for themselves. Trust is only in G-D!
The reason decades ago parents wanted their children to be exposed to other children who already had the childhood disease, so their children would catch it also. Thus, they all recovered fine and no one was in harm's way. That's called the natural way, which has no side effects and does not endanger society. Chazal tell us of these childhood diseases, which are natural, so they can build up the immune system of the child.
If they know these vaccinated people spread the disease (and are not sure for how long), why are they mandating these dangerous vaccines for these normal childhood diseases? Makes no sense.
Disturbing how Israel, where the medical profession there should know better, are mandating these vaccinations. R'l, they're the same as the others.

Anonymous said...

After reading your article and one on TOMER DEWORAH i could not stop thinking there is a link between.

Same goal, different metod.
Do the galutiers understand that if they posphone their flight home, it might be too late even by doing it to preserve their NESHAMOT?
I mean, who wants to become willingly retard after a flight????

It is the highest time to come to ERETZ YISRAEL (i am not writing medina)
We call it EMUNA.
EMUNA is the only way to survive the end of days..

Neshama said...

Orna, thank you for responding.
I do not see the connection you are referring to.
What I see and What I referenced to was what Israel is mandating, instigated by and related to the American Medical Activists (AMA).

Israel is still tied to the old US framework that Pres Trump is trying to eliminate. Much of Israel that is not on the ball is, in my opinion, being victimised by certain ‘elements’ of that old system.