03 February 2015

Advice for America

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlit"a 

Parshas Yisro

"G-d has waited for the United States to understand not to mess with Israel, and it seems that they do not understand enough.  So G-d is about to hurt them badly, to increase the conflict between them, to increase the mess, increase the powers of nature to hurt them in different ways, to increase the ten plagues so that they understand for sure, without a doubt, that they don't touch the holy land; they don't go against the holy land of Israel and don't hurt any Jew living in the holy land of Israel!

"The state of Israel is holy; it is the home of G-d! The land of Israel is clean and good and the economy is very good.  There are jobs for everyone, even for another hundred million Jews.

"Every family that does their financial calculations correctly will have enough money and will make a living with dignity.

"Every Jew who cannot make a living will change professions or work at any job – all work is honorable."