01 March 2015

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky: Mitzvah To Make Aliyah!

Alert! Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky: "Mitzvah To Make Aliyah!"

2/27/2015 on Arutz Sheva


Aid to Rabbi Kanievsky asks:

He (pointing to the gentleman sitting on the left) ascended to Israel 7 months ago. He says that in Lakewood, NJ many people told him they wish that they could also ascend to Israel, but that it is too hard. Other told him that it is forbidden to ascend and must only wait until the Moshiach arrives. Are their views correct or should people ascend to Israel today?

Rabbi Kanievsky replies:

It is a commandment to ascend to Israel.

Aid to Rabbi Kanievsky asks:

Is it a biblical command to ascend to Israel and does it apply today?

Rabbi Kanievsky replies:


So there you have it – CHAREDI DAS TORAH HAS SPOKEN!

I just know that already by Sunday 100s of thousands will be boarding plans and coming home!

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