31 December 2018

The Depression of 2019-2021?

Will We Learn from History —

The profound question which transcends all this day-to-day market drama over the holidays is the nature of the economic slowdown now occurring globally. This slowdown can be seen both inside and outside the US. In reviewing the laboratory of history — especially those experiments featuring severe asset inflation, unaccompanied by high official estimates of consumer price inflation — three possible “echoes” deserve attention in coming weeks and months. (History echoes rather than repeats!)

 – And What Will Soon Be History?

The behavioral finance theorists tell us that which echo sounds and which outcome occurs is more obvious in hindsight than to anyone in real time. As Daniel Kahneman writes (in Thinking Fast and Slow):

The core of hindsight bias is that we believe we understand the past, which implies the future should also be knowable; but in fact we understand the past less than we believe we do – compelling narratives foster an illusion of inevitability; but no such story can include the myriad of events that would have caused a different outcome.

Whichever historical echo turns out to be loudest as the Great Monetary Inflation of 2011-18 enters its late dangerous phase. Whether we're looking at 1927-9, 1930-3, or 1937-8, the story will seem obvious in retrospect, at least according to skilled narrators. There may be competing narratives about these events — even decades into the future, just as there still are today about each of the above mentioned episodes. Even today, the Austrian School, the Keynesians, and the monetarists, all tell very different historical narratives and the weight of evidence has not knocked out any of these competitors in the popular imagination.

[…] Echoes of Past Crises

First, could 2019-21 feature a loud echo of 1926-8 (which in turn had echoes in 1987-9, 1998-9, and 2015-17)?

The characteristic of 1926-8 was a “Fed put” in the midst of an incipient cool-down of asset inflation (along with a growth cycle slowdown or even onset of mild recession) which succeeds apparently in igniting a fresh economic rebound and extension/intensification of asset inflation for a while longer (two years or more). In mid-1927 New York Fed Governor Benjamin Strong administered his coup de whiskey to the stock market (and to the German loan boom), notwithstanding the protest of Reichsbank President Schacht).

The conditions for such a Fed put to be successful include a still strong current of speculative story telling (the narratives have not yet become tired or even sick); the mal-investment and other forms of over-spending (including types of consumption) must not be on such a huge scale as already going into reverse; and the camouflage of leverage — so much a component of “natural Ponzi schemes” — must not yet be broken. The magicians, otherwise called “financial engineers” still hold power over market attention.

Most plausibly we have passed the stage in this cycle where such a further kiss of life could be given to asset inflation. And so we move on to the second possible echo: could this be 1937-8?

There are some similarities in background. Several years of massive QE under the Roosevelt Administration (1934-6) (not called such and due ostensibly to the monetization of massive gold inflows to the US) culminated in a stock market and commodity market bubble in 1936, to which the Fed responded by effecting a tiny rise in interest rates while clawing back QE. Under huge political pressure the Fed reversed these measures in early 1937; a weakening stock market seems to reverse. But then came the Crash of late Summer and early Autumn 1937 and the confirmed onset of the Roosevelt recession (roughly mid-1937 to mid-1938). This was even more severe than the 1929-30 downturn. But then there was a rapid re-bound.

Read More at: ZEROHEDGE by Tyler Durden, Submitted by Brendan Brown, the Head of Economic Research at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International via

Grand Solar Minimum 2019: What to Expect

30 December 2018

EARTH REPORT – Global Food Shortages

EBT Food Assistance Shut Down USA will Mimic Global Food Shortage Reactions (770)

With EBT food assistance programs set to cease payments Feb 01, 2019 as Trump squares off with Democrats, neither willing to give an inch, it will come down to the people to decide which sides policies is correct to get the government open again and food assistance flowing again. Sudan experiencing bread shortages as the economy collapses, so this in my opinion is a dry run for governments across the world to see how citizens will react to food shortages, American style !

ZEROHEDGE: According to the Department of Agriculture, if this government shutdown stretches into February there won’t be money for food stamps. And it certainly looks like this shutdown could last for quite a while, because President Trump is not backing down on his demand for border wall funding, and the Democrats have pledged not to give him a single penny.

So a few weeks from now, approximately 38 million people could be suddenly cut off from the food stamp program. If that scenario were to unfold, there is no telling what could happen. After just a few days, government workers are already freaking out about having their paychecks delayed. zero hedge = Food Production and Reduction Chart

SHOCKING BLUE GLOW – Queens Transformer Explodes

Shocking Blue Glow
Rare phenomenon caused the shocking blue glow over NYC’s skies
NYPost (volume off because of shocking intro and shocking witness language)

Blue Beams Caught On Film: Take out Power Lines in NYC

Physicist Report 517: Transformers in New York targeted by laser weapons...

CYBER ATTACK on Several US Newspapers – Explained

Cyber Attack on Several US Newspapers

29 December 2018

Rabbi Kahana: Parshat Shemot – From Moses to Moshe Rabbeinu

An interesting take on the Parsha
Parashat Shemot 
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

From Moses to Moshe Rabbeinu

At age eighty, after many years of filling important, responsible, royal positions in the Egyptian government, Moshe set out from the palace to see what was happening in those regions far removed from the capital. He saw an Egyptian taskmaster smiting a Hebrew slave. Moshe was seized with wrath and killed the Egyptian.
  1. Why was Moshe shocked by the sight of an Egyptian smiting a Jew? Did he not know that millions of Jews were being beaten daily?
  2. If Moshe believed that he behaved properly in killing the Egyptian, why did he not bring the matter before Pharaoh, instead choosing to flee the country?
Was it just a “coincidence” that Moshe found himself in Yitro’s home?
In the miraculous episode of the burning bush that is not consumed, our sages say that for seven days and seven nights HaShem commanded Moshe to return to Egypt and Moshe refused. Is that possible?
How did it happen that Moshe could come and go from Pharaoh’s palace as he pleased? What is more, how could it be that Moshe severely rebuked Pharaoh in an insulting manner, yet Pharaoh did not lift a finger to punish him?
In Moshe’s first encounter with Pharaoh on his return from Midian, he warned Pharaoh: “I have told you to let My son go and serve Me. If you refuse to let him leave, I will [ultimately] kill your own first-born son” (Shemot 4:23). Yet isn’t it a fact that Pharaoh had no first-born son, but only a daughter, Bitya?
I suggest:
Moshe’s name from birth was Tuvia, but HaShem chose to call him Moshe, which means, “drawn out of the water,” as a hint to Moshe that he had been born to remove the Israelites from Egypt, but not to enter or bring the Jewish People into the Promised Land.
Moshe, as Pharaoh’s adopted son, was heavily ensconced in Egyptian culture. He had studied in excellent military and civilian academies and knew all the “right people” in Egypt.
We can assume that Amram and Yocheved had not been given visitation rights to teach Moshe HaShem’s Torah as it had been received from Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’akov. Moshe was brought up as the beloved son of Bitya, and many in Pharaoh’s court were probably aware of his Hebraic background.
Out of his love for Moshe, Pharaoh had distanced him from the harsh reality of the Egyptian regime enslaving millions of Jews under heinous conditions. He had further appointed Moshe to run “his household” so Moshe would concentrate totally on the palace and royal court and not on what was happening outside. According to the Midrash, Moshe served in many positions even outside Egypt.
Between Shemot 2:10, in which Bitya adopts Moshe as a son, and the very next verse, in which Moshe “is grown and begins to go out to his own people,” spotting the Egyptian smiting the Israelite, are eighty years that the Torah conceals. We do not know what happened to Moshe during those formative years.
The Jew’s beating led Moshe’s mood to swing between anger and disappointment, between frustration and embarrassment. What emerges from the text is that Moshe had been unaware that the Jews were being cruelly enslaved, and that on a daily basis many were being beaten and killed. As noted, Pharaoh had taken pains to distance him from the harsh reality that reigned in Egypt due to the decree of Pharaoh, himself.
Moshe’s world was about to collapse. Not because he had killed an Egyptian but because of the sudden awareness that the man who had been like a father to him, who had educated him and provided him with all of the world’s bounty, Pharaoh, was a cruel despot who was subjugating an entire nation, and what is more, it was the nation of Yosef, who had saved Egypt.
Moshe understood that he must approach Pharaoh and chastise him. Yet that was a mission impossible for two reasons: Moshe understood now that Egypt’s economy was based on slavery, and all of Egypt’s military and political power derived from its strong economic situation. Moreover, Moshe was incapable of castigating Pharaoh over the fact that Jewish blood was being shed because of Pharaoh. Moshe loved Pharaoh and Bitya and he identified himself as an Egyptian. Moshe was left with no choice but to flee Egypt to escape the reality in which he was indirectly a partner due to his associations with the monarchy.
Moshe fled to Midian and found himself in Yitro’s house. Who was Yitro? The Talmud in Sotah relates that Pharaoh had three advisers who were privy to the plan to enslave the Jewish People: Yitro, Bilam and Iyov. When Pharaoh presented his plan, Bilam agreed immediately. Iyov remained silent and Yitro fled to Midian.
Here Divine Providence directed Moshe, the escapee, to the home of Yitro, the escapee. Yitro knew Moshe from Pharaoh’s palace, and Moshe knew Yitro, as well. In the cold nights of Midian, as Moshe and Yitro sat around the warm hearth, Yitro thought to himself that the only person who could influence Pharaoh was his adopted son Moshe, the man sitting across from him, yet Moshe had fled from his moral responsibility. Moshe thought to himself that the policy of slavery was largely facilitated by Yitro’s not having opposed it, instead preferring flight. Moshe and Yitro were two men who had both fled from the moral responsibility expected of anyone with a spark of integrity and fairness.
One day, Moshe was herding Yitro’s flocks on Mount Chorev, i.e., Mount Sinai. Suddenly he noticed a wondrous sight – a burning bush that was not being consumed. When Moshe drew near to the strange sight, he heard a voice telling him to return to Egypt, to approach Pharaoh, to identify himself as a member of the Jewish People and to demand that Pharaoh let the Jews go. For seven days and seven nights he stood firm in his refusal, arguing by various means that he was not the right man for that mission.
And how indeed was it possible to refuse HaShem for even a moment, let alone seven days and seven nights?
As a rule, spirituality cannot be forced on a person. Everyone is given free will to choose between good and evil. What happened there on the mountain did not involve HaShem’s immediately commanding Moshe to undertake the mission, but rather His arousing Moshe’s pure conscience. For an entire week, Moshe’s conscience weighed upon him to do the right thing, the thing that had to be done, to approach Pharaoh and to demand that he free the Jewish People. Moshe tried to block out the truth within his conscience, but he ultimately gave in and decided that he must return to Egypt. Once he made that decision, HaShem revealed Himself to Moshe and made Moshe His emissary until the day of his death on Mount Avarim.
Moshe returned to Egypt, to the palace of his childhood, to his “mother” Bitya and to his “grandfather” Pharaoh whom he so loved.
One can imagine what occurred when Moshe entered the royal palace after being away for dozens of years. When Pharaoh was informed that Moshe was there, Pharaoh hurriedly summoned Bitya. Moshe approached them, and Bitya ran to hug and kiss him, tearfully exclaiming, “Moshe, my son! Moshe, my son! Where have you been?” Yet Moshe did not respond. Then Pharaoh alighted from his high throne and with a penetrating gaze said to Moshe, in a tone combining anger and pain: “Where were you? Not a letter! Not a single message! Look at your mother Bitya who raised you since you were an infant. Her eyes are red from crying over you!”
Pharaoh waited for an answer that did not come. So, he said to Moshe, “What do you have to say, Moshe?” Moshe looked at Pharaoh and at Bitya, and with tears in his eyes, said, “Let my people go!”
Pharaoh was shocked by what he heard. “Let my people go?” What are you talking about? We are your people!”
Moshe gazed directly at Pharaoh, raised his voice and proclaimed, “The Hebrew slaves are my people! If you do not free them, the HaShem of the Hebrews will kill your first-born son!” But Pharaoh had no sons. In actual fact, Moshe was announcing that if Pharaoh did not free the Israelites, he would no longer be able to view Moshe as part of the royal family. Pharaoh could not bear the threat that Moshe would be cut off from him, but to the same extent he could not sabotage the economic infrastructure of his kingdom – his Hebrew slaves.
In order to remove the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, Moshe would need to trample Pharaoh’s glory and humiliate him in the extreme. But how would Moshe be able to trample the man who had given him his life as a gift, and had raised him and educated him as a son?
HaShem would have to change the way Moshe related to Pharaoh. Moshe’s attitude would have to sink from the heights of love to the depths of hatred. Pharaoh’s reaction to Moshe’s request to allow the Israelites a number of days of rest, “in order to serve HaShem” (Shemot 5:1), was to make the decree even worse for them:
“You are indolent!” retorted Pharaoh. “Lazy! That’s why you are saying that you want to sacrifice to HaShem. Now go! Get to work! You will not be given any straw, but you must deliver your quota of bricks.” (Shemot 5:17-18)
Moshe understood just how evil Pharaoh had become: “All your officials here will come and bow down to me. They will say, ‘Leave! You and all your followers!’ Only then will I leave.’ He left Pharaoh in great anger” (11:8).
Now Moshe was ready to unleash the plagues upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt.
There was great love between Pharaoh and Moshe, which prevented Pharaoh from killing Moshe, even though the latter was there to turn everything upside down in Egypt. HaShem had planned everything. The redeemer had to be a man who had been part of Pharaoh’s royal courtyard, had been involved in all the workings of Egyptian statecraft, and who had a loving relationship with Pharaoh. Only such a man could survive the menace of entering the palace, uttering harsh words to Pharaoh, and emerge unscathed.
The emotional attachment between Pharaoh and Moshe ended in a surprising manner. Our sages say that the entire Egyptian army drowned in the Sea of Reeds except for one man who was spared – Pharaoh. HaShem saved Pharaoh out of an understanding of the great emotional connection that existed between Moshe and the man who had saved him, raised him, nurtured and loved him – the Despot Pharaoh.
Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5779/2018 Nachman Kahana

28 December 2018

Rabbi Winston: Parshat Shemot Plus Mashiach Primer

However, though they afflicted them, they [nevertheless] increased and grew, which made the Children of Israel disgusting to them. (Shemos 1:12)

LET’S SAY YOU’RE 60 years old, and you’re able to go back in time to your 10th birthday. What would it be like? Would you be able to relate to who you were, or to anyone from that era? It’s one thing to look at pictures from a previous period of life, but something altogether different to actually be back there.

What about the people from 100 years ago, or 200 years ago? Wouldn’t you feel like an alien compared to them? If you wanted to stay back then, wouldn’t you have to re-orient yourself and learn their ways, as if you went to live in another country altogether? It probably would not take much time before you’d become “homesick.”

When you look at a picture from the past, you view it with your mind, not your emotions, especially if you weren’t there at the time, or even if you were. In order to understand the picture, your mind will use its own data base to create a relationship to the image, which amounts to INACCURATELY superimposing current experience onto past events. 

People mistakenly think that if they can still remember something from years ago, then they can still feel what they did at the time. It’s possible, but only if the person was really aware at the time of what they were feeling, and it is still close enough in time to access the emotional memory. Otherwise, once we move on, we move on for good. 

When we moved to a street behind the shul in which I had gone to Cheder as child, I tried to see the area as I had as that child. I thoroughly remembered it, but though little had changed since that time, I could not recover the emotional memory. I could “see” it in my mind’s eye, but I could not experience it, as hard as I tried, as I once had.

And yet, we read about history from thousands of years ago as if it just happened last year. We assume that what we feel about it is accurate enough, and continue reading as if we’re getting it. We take for granted, or possibly don’t even consider, how monstrous the gap is between what we are learning and what we are feeling about it, and how inaccurate that gap makes our overall perception.

The Seder tries to change that a little. Unlike the weekly reading of the parsha that can cover hundreds of years in just 20 minutes using an emotion-less narrative, the Haggadah tries to put us back into Egyptian slavery—a little. But, we’re usually too busy enjoying the fun and freedom to notice or complete the mission.

Sympathy is a POWERFUL ability, but empathy is MORE powerful, a LOT more powerful. Sympathy never really changed anyone that much, but empathy does. Sympathy doesn’t mean you necessarily relate to an experience beyond your own. It just means that you can recognize what someone else is feeling, and pick a supportive response. Empathy means that you are THEM as they go through what they go through. 

That’s life changing.
Actually, it’s MORE than that. A LOT more.

Because, one of the faultiest assumptions we live with is that “today” is so very different from “yesterday.” Of course in many ways it is, but in some VERY fundamental ways it’s not, and the assumptions we have made are the reason why we have not only made tragic historic mistakes over the millennia, but the SAME ONES. 

And we’re doing it again today. 

We’re beginning, with this week’s parsha, our descent into the worst slavery ever known to mankind. Yet, at the same time, this  was the place where we became a nation for the first time. We didn’t multiply much back in Canaan like we did in Egypt, which only increased the more the enemy tried to stop it, thanks to Divine Providence.

That’s right, DIVINE PROVIDENCE. But, if G–D was with us all that time, through all that torturous slavery that last 116 years in total, why did He not step in and end it much earlier? We see what He EVENTUALLY did to Pharaoh and Egypt. Why didn’t He just do it a lot earlier? We started off on such a high with Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya’akov. Why did we have to reach such a low before getting back there again?

This is not a question that SYMPATHY can answer. It’s not something you can relate to by standing emotionally in 2018 and looking back in time to Egyptian slavery. It’s a question that only EMPATHY can answer, by transporting us back in time EMOTIONALLY, while fulfilling the Haggadah’s direction of looking at ourselves as if we too left Egypt. If we don’t, then we’re not going to have a good time leaving exile again, today, one last time on our way to Yemos HaMoshiach. 

This is the time to think about it. The next six weeks are called “Shovevim,” a word comprised of the first letters of the names of the next six parshios, from “Shemos” to “Mishpatim,” in order. The word itself means “wayward people,” turning this period into a special one of teshuvah. But the teshuvah of this time is not the Yom Kippur type, but another kind of teshuvah. And THAT will be the theme of PERCEPTIONS over the next six weeks, b”H.


American troops first arrived in Syria in large numbers in 2015, to beat back IS, which had captured land the size of Britain. Today nearly all of their territory has been recaptured by local forces, many of whom worked with the Americans. 

About 2,000 Americans remain in Syria, mostly in the north. They guide airstrikes, hunt senior IS leaders and train the SDF, a predominantly Kurdish group of fighters. America’s presence was also intended to hinder Iran, which wants to create a land corridor running from Tehran to Beirut, to more easily send arms to Hizbullah, its proxy in Lebanon.

From an Israeli standpoint, having a powerful ally just to the north has its advantages as well. America is going to be more attentive to the common interests in Syria if it has to watch out for its own troops. Take them out and Syria becomes someone else’s problem, Israel’s in particular. For the time they were there, the US Army was Israel’s “boots on the ground.” Once they lose that, Israel has to pay closer attention to the shifts in Syria. 

That’s all, of course, from a secular standpoint. We can afford to talk messianically. The Israeli government has to think in immediate military terms. They have to be pragmatic, because the situation can change at a moment’s notice, with catastrophic results. Since we DON’T have to talk militarily, because it would change nothing if we did or didn’t, we can speak in messianic terms.

And should, because that’s all there really are, messianic terms. I know, I know, we’ve been doing that for YEARS and still Moshiach isn’t here. Conflicts have begun and they have also ended. What we thought were close calls have since become long shots, or no shots at all. Even I get tired of hearing myself talk like this year-after-year-after-year, and not seeing the results I expected and hoped for. Yes, you do start to feel like the little boy who cried “Wolf!”

But then I remind myself that the reason why the wolf got away with killing all the sheep is because people got tired of hearing the call to arms. The classic approach to the story is that you can’t believe a liar, even when tells the truth, and that is in fact the truth.

But was the boy in fact a liar? Paranoid perhaps, but a liar. He was entrusted with the flock of sheep, and any harm that would have come to them would have been on his account. He would have been responsible. So, can he be blamed for being overly anxious about a wolf that he knew was bound to come at some time? 

I don’t think so. On the contrary, if anyone is to be faulted, in my opinion, it is the townsfolk. If they knew they had appointed an outright liar to do the job, then they were definitely at fault. If they realized after a few times that he was a liar, they should have removed him from his position. By not doing so, again, they were at fault. If they thought he was overly jumpy, they should have also replaced him, or left someone to accompany him.

Leaving the boy in his position meant that they townspeople trusted him. If they trusted him, and knew that wolves were around, they should have come EACH time he cried “Wolf!” The fact they didn’t means that they were negligent, and therefore, deserved their fate.

No offense to Aesop, but if you think about it, the fable has flaws. The lesson is good, but not borne out by the story without some serious editing. Sorry. If you want to learn anything out from the story as it is, it is the nature of people to take things for granted that they get used to, and don’t want to have to deal with for one silly reason or another. 

Then the story teaches one of the most important messianic lessons of all time. It teaches about what the Talmud says, that Moshiach is one of those things that come when people stop looking for him (Sanhedrin 97a). Huh? But aren’t we supposed to anticipate his arrival ALL the time (Shabbos 31a)? How does that work?

It means that people gave up on Moshiach (Sanhedrin 90a). They got tired of the predictions. They grew weary of from all the potential moments for redemption that came and went. Like the townspeople in the story, they just figured the latest cry for “Wolf!” was also a false alarm, and they ignored it, and later wished they hadn’t. As they say, “better safe than sorry.”

So, we KNOW Moshiach has to come. For those keeping track of the years, we know we’re close to the end. For those who have also read my writings, I’ve showed you how we’re a lot closer to THE end than most people think. The “wolf” is out there, and you can be sure he has an eye on the flock, planning his entry. 

So, at the risk of sounding like that little boy in the story, I am going to tell you that the American pullout in the north, the place from which Moshiach is SUPPOSED to come, is no simple development. It is a moving around of the pieces … meant to shake up the situation, especially given how ridiculous the move seems to be.

I don’t know where it will lead, but it has my attention. You can decide to roll over and go back to sleep if you want. But if you decide to count sheep, at least count the ones the wolf ended up eating.

27 December 2018

Parshas Shemos – G–D Heard Their Moaning

By Roy S. Neuberger

“A new king arose over Egypt who did not know of Yosef … Pharaoh commanded his entire people, saying, ‘Every boy that will be born … into the river shall you throw him….” (Shemos 1:8ff) We were threatened then and we are threatened now.

As I write these words Motzae Shabbos, Am Yisroel has just passed through a very tough week.

How can one stop crying over our precious brothers and sisters shot several weeks ago at Ofra? A beautiful young couple severely wounded; their baby has gone back to Shomayim. Not far from Ofra, soldiers were shot and hit with rocks. Without going into more detail, this was a terribly painful week.

“Teves … a month of anguish.” (Book of Our Heritage, p. 299)

In a doctor’s waiting room, I saw a widely-read publication featuring a prominent, poisonous article by a Jewish writer castigating Israel. The same week we learned that the New York State Education Department has issued requirements which could threaten the very existence of our entire Yeshiva system.

“A new king arose over Egypt who did not know of Yosef.”

We are in danger. 

There is a reason our history revolves around Golus Mitzraim. We have to learn from this, because world-wide hatred against us is increasing daily. Just as all the Children of Israel were contained within the confines of Ancient Egypt, so today the entire world, including bitter Jews, is turning against us. There is nowhere to go … except upwards.

“The Children of Israel groaned … and they cried out. Their outcry … went up to G-d. G-d heard their moaning, and G-d remembered His covenant with Avraham, with Yitzchak and with Yaakov. G-d saw the Children of Israel and G-d knew.”(Shemos 2:23-25)

My friends, we have to cry out. We have to know that Shomayim is the only address which will receive our letters. We have to scream out to Avinu Malkeinu. We have to beg Him to save us. We have to know that there is absolutely nothing which will help us but Torah and chessed. We have to beg Him to send Moshiach, because Moshiachrepresents completely turning to Torah and rejecting all non-Torah values. There is no other path which will save us.

Last week, a young Israeli mother drove to Har Hazaisim to the leviah for the baby who died as a result of the Ofrashooting. On her way home, in pouring rain, her car hit an object on the road and a tire exploded. The car went out of control and landed on its side. A frum couple pulled her out. Miraculously she was saved from serious injury.

Ha malach ha goail … the angel who redeems me from all evil ….” (Beraishis 48:16) We have to know the malach is here to save us in the darkness. Friday night is dark, but we sing “Shalom Aleichem.” We welcome the malachim

Hashem is waiting to send the Redeemer. Just a little while more, my friends. We have to cry out! “Ana Hashem hoshia na… Please Hashem, save now!”

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at

© Copyright 2018 by Roy S. Neuberger

26 December 2018

ALIYAH From North America is a VITAL Imperative

America is no longer the Golden Medina that the Jews came to after THE WAR. For many years now, it has been in a downward spiral, and intensifying now. President Trump “shut down the Government”, to the dismay of the Democrats. The Democrats want the opposite of a safe moral country.
Therefore, Aliya from North American is an imperative for Jews. One should not wait to be terrorized; one will not have enough time to do what is necessary to relocate to Eretz Yisrael (one might have to leave without personal belongings and of course, without one’s money).See NOTE below.

The Dangers of Uncontrolled Immigration

America needs a wall. We don’t need a wall to protect us from people who would hold 2 to 3 jobs and wait on us in restaurants and to take care of our lawns. We need a wall to protect us from unsavory elements that are entering our country in order to overthrow the Constitutional authority that keeps us free. What is going on is unquestionably a Deep State/NWO invasion of the United States. Most Americans do not need a primer on the dangers of immigration but for those who have been on an attention deficit break for the past several years, here are the reason that you cannot allow totally open borders:

1. Human trafficking and human traffickers who will enter the country and prey upon our children. Coyotes rape an estimated 50% of women attempting to enter the United States. We see evidence of this with the so-called rape trees which dot the landscape of the American Southwest. Children are entering the country who have been sold to the traffickers and the Democrats complain that Trump is separating from their parents, after the majority of the parents of these kids have already sold them into bondage.

2. Uncontrolled drug trafficking and murderous drug dealers entering the country ad wreaking havoc upon our young. By agreement of Eric Holder, then Attorney General, only 20% of drugs were allowed to be interdicted on the border and groups like the Sinoloa drug cartel are giving nearly unfettered access to our young. This is still being allowed by Deep State elements in the DOJ. This was one half of the infamous Fast and Furious operation that resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry. […] Holder was held in contempt of Congress, but Congress did not have intestinal fortitude to do anything about Holder’s criminality and disregard for the rule of law and now these perpetrators of these crimes are being given access to residing in American cities.

3. Political assassins in the form of MS-13 entering the country who are and will continue to be the enforcers for the drug cartels. They murder Mexican political officials and law enforcement for getting in the way of the terrorists and cartels and the same will soon be coming here.

4. ISIS continues to stream across our border with no barriers. Even former FBI Director, on July 4, 2016, stated that there are ISIS cells in all 50 states. […] one day America will awaken to a TET offensive of massive proportions in which a wide swath of this country will become the victim of massive terror attacks on the same day courtesy of Obama and Holder.

5. People from South America and Africa who have diseases for which we have no immunity.

6. Massive amounts of paramilitary forces entering the country after receiving training at El Salvador base camps courtesy of the CIA and the former Obama administration. This is the infamous Red Dawn invasion force […]

[…]  The above-mentioned 6 facts represents the sampler plate on how the American people have been sold out by its government in the area of immigration. […] As is previously documented, it is estimated that as many as 160 million migrants are expected to eventually attempt to cross the border.

Source: thecommonsenseshow

NOTE:  From End of days blog, by Reb. Dov bar Leib: From Ayin to Dalet in Qriat Shema: The Secret Geulah Code in the Torah

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi has spelled out the problems that are arising and has also advised the Orthodox Jews to buy an apartment in Israel in the event they need to leave America in a hurry. Listen to Rabbi Mizrachi at Shocking Current Events and A Wake Up Call

GLOBAL ALERT: 400 Year Cycle in our Sun AND Dangerous Global Intervention

The Largest Single Event of Our Lives Begins and Corporate Media Remains Silent

Dan Schultz from PositivelyDanSchultz and David DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discuss societal changes as our Earth shifts to a cooler climate as the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, a 400-year cycle in our Sun which will affect crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet. This is a timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023. This interview is a laser focus on what happens to the economy as our food prices rise and this in turn will constrict the global economy.


HARVARD SCIENTISTS want to build an Earth-sized shield to block the sun

Remember that time Mr. Burns on "The Simpsons" tried to build a shield to block out the sun? Apparently he was on to something. Harvard scientists are now proposing we build an Earth-sized shield in space to protect the planet from solar flares.

“It is widely established that extreme space weather events associated with solar flares are capable of causing widespread technological damage,” write Manasvi Lingam and Israeli-born Avi Loeb, scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “We outline a mitigation strategy to protect our planet by setting up a magnetic shield to deflect charged particles.”

HARVARD: Harvard Scientists to Release Sun-Dimming Sky Chemical in 2019
But just a tiny bit, to see what happens.

[me: This is totally an affront to G–D Who created our World and the Sun. These people infected with the “global warming disease” are interfering with Creation, an Act against G–D.

Triplets Became Autistic After Receiving Vaccine

Babies and Young Children MUST be tested first as to adverse Vaccine Reactions

There needs to be “independent lab” studies done on each and every ingredient within the vaccines and the potential toxic affects to the chemistry of each individual baby and/or young child receiving said vaccine. Therefore, each individual baby and/or child should be tested for adverse reactions particular to him or her.
The “specific health authorities” lied to cover-up. And one wonders why parents are apprehensive and afraid to put their beloved children to the test of these medical experiments.

The McDowell Family in Detroit, Michigan

The Vaccine that was administered to this family’s three triplets had earlier 
subsequently it was removed/recalled.

25 December 2018

Syria – “We Shall See"

Shock is the appropriate word to describe president Trumps sudden announcement that he was ordering all US forces out of Syria.

There are few public figures who eagerly support the move and it has me scratching my head as well. His defense secretary resigned over it and other close foreign policy advisors are quiet and we are told, not very happy.

We don't know what will develop there when the forces leave but I have been thinking...

The US has succeeded in crushing ISIS, which was their stated mission.

There is no power in the area that can threaten US interests.

There are significant local powers who will not tolerate an ISIS come back. I refer to Shia Iran and to Syria backed by Russia. Also, Turkey, though Suni, like iSIS, was not an ally of the Caliphate and will not tolerate an ideologically fanatic, independent, out of control movement on its doorstep.

Since the "Arab spring" and the ongoing breakup of the traditional Arab states throughout the region, there is no regional power capable of picking up all the cards in what was Syria and Iraq. They are far too busy with day to day survival for immediate expansionist dreams.

Iran has (d) dreams of a Shiite crescent from Iran, through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The Shia regional power is now in internal confusion as US sanctions bite hard even as they struggle to evade it. The price of oil (their only real export) is very low and falling. They have taken serious military losses over their years of intervention in Syria and Iraq causing unrest at home.

Turkey would like to regain their Ottoman era prestige and power. Iran also dreams of former glory. Turkey sees itself as the rightful regional superpower and leader of the Sunni world. Iran does too. They will not let each other realize their dreams without a fight. Trump's alleged phone call to Turkey's leader, telling him," it's all yours" would mean that he sees no danger to US interests in having Turkey keep things quiet there and keep his enemies, Iran and ISIS out. If they fail. the US military has a very long arm.

With all the above, let us not forget that Russia overshadows all in Syria.

The US is apparently satisfied the way things are going in the region and can ( for now) disengage. She can always influence events militarily - from forces in the area, as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. The US has the longest and most effective military arm in the world. It is always on call.

As long as Russia does not allow Iran to position itself on Israel's border, Israel should not care much about who is fighting whom in the chaotic areas that were once Syria and Iraq. Israel should pray for the success of all of the protagonists.

Russia's decision to allow aIran a foothold on Israel's border has more to do with US diplomatic/military demands of Russia than upon what Israel may do.

The ones who will most certainly be adversely affected by the US pullout are the Kurds. They will be strangled by Turkey and Iran no doubt.

The Kurds are helplessly internally divided and ridden by intrigue. They have been selling their oil to Assad even as the US sanctions the murderous regime. Not a comradely act. Trump has apparently decided that the US is not obligated to protect Kurds with American blood and treasure.

As Trump often says; "we shall see".

Special Health Alert – Interview

Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about vaccines and autism
[the doctor who has been maliciously maligned]

24 December 2018

Climate Report

Anak Krakatau's eruption caused a tsunami that has taken 280 lives and counting. Hailstorm in Sydney, Australia declared a catastrophe. Crop loss reports from around the world. Cooking with your preps -- putting dehydrated eggs and butter to the test. Finally, Christian recounts the Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894.

What Happens if a VEI-7 Eruption Occurs When Harvard’s Geoengineering Program is Live?

Geoengineering tests publicly announced by Harvard University, so my question is what happens if the program is live and Earth experiences a VEI-6 or VEI-7 level volcanic eruption, then what? From my own research, that is a run away cooling event where we would have multiple years with almost zero agricultural production globally.

First spray trials will begin in early 2019 with calcium carbonate injected into cloud layers using a tethered balloon to begin with, moving to a fleet of aircraft at full roll out. The plan is to mimic a Pinatubo eruption level event to cool the planet by 0.6C within 15 months, termed rapid cooling. This will occur the same time the planet begins to cool as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, so it appears Harvard is trying to give itself success in the aerosol spraying program to cool the planet, but in actuality its the Sun in its 400 year cycle. The program will be indefinite due to "termination shock" and full reversal to global warming conditions if they stop. Global taxes to follow, new Geoengineering Taxes, no longer CO2 tax, they switched the narrative. What to expect in 2019: science in the new year
Gene-editing, open access and a biosafety rethink are set to shape research. First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth
Researchers plan to spray sunlight-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, an approach that could ultimately be used to quickly lower the planet’s temperature.

Vital Scientific Video

Please take note of what she speaks about, do more investigating, and check the links to such information that I provide in various posts to my blog. I cannot overdo providing this info. You do your own collecting of vital sources for the planned destruction that certain people are devising for this beautiful Earth that HaShem created. How this relates to our holy Torah and prophecies I am not sure, but there must be one.

23 December 2018

Jerusalem Police are Derelict


a bomb designed to cause a fire

15 Molotov cocktails have been thrown at the apartment building where Jewish families live in the Ma'ale Zeitim neighborhood of Jerusalem, Ynet reported – Many landing on the home of The Givon family. All in one month.

Givon filed complaints with the police. In one of the complaints the case was closed for *lack of public interest and in another case for **lack of evidence. arutzsheva

* How about attempting to set fire to a Jewish home?
** Does this mean they need to see the home on fire?


Synagogue Kugel Poisoned

Worshipers at the Darchei Torah Synagogue on HaHozeh M'Lublin Street in Betar Illit detected a chemical flavor in the kugel served at the end of Shabbat morning services, the Kikar Shabbat website reported.

According to the report, some worshipers began to vomit and thought the Kugel had gone off. Synagogue officials came to the kitchen to examine the scene and discovered a can of K300 insect spray on the kitchen floor.

Synagogue officials suspect that boys entered the synagogue's kitchen late on Friday night and sprayed the kugel with poisons they found in the synagogue's warehouse
  as a prank.

Synagogue officials are considering filing a police complaint.

Source: arutzsheva

The Next Phase in the Geulah Process

Erdogan…The Kurds...Saudia Arabia


Finally carving out a Kurdish State would be a crowning achievement good for America, good for Israel and the rest of the Middle East. [. . .]I also think that if the President tells Erdogan that he wants to create a Kurdish State, Erdogan will give in just as he promised the President he would not attack the Kurds after the American troop withdrawal. [. . .] I fully expect the Secretary of State, the New Secretary of Defense and the National Security Advisor to be very busy in 2019. Overall, I am optimistic that a Kurdish State will be part of their workload. arutzsheva


'Tanks and other heavy weapons' reportedly seen moving from Turkey into Kurdish area of Syria, following announcement of US pullout. Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told AFP that “Around 35 tanks and other heavy weapons, carried aboard tank carriers, crossed the Jarablos border crossing in the early evening.” [so much for Erdogan compliance]

“They headed for an area near the Sajour River, between Jarablos and Manbij, not far from the front lines where Kurdish fighters of the Manbij Military Council are stationed,”


Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sent military forces to areas controlled by the Kurdish YPG group in north-east Syria, Turkey’s Yenisafak newspaper reported.[. . .] the forces will be stationed with US-led coalition troops and will support its tasks with huge military enforcements as well as heavy and light weapons.

Quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the newspaper reported that a convoy of troops belonging to an Arab Gulf state recently arrived in the contact area between the Kurdish PKK/YPG and Daesh in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside.

This comes at a time when Ankara is preparing to launch an expanded military operation with the Free Syrian Army against the Kurdish PKK group in the northeast of Syria.

So to summarize: President Trump withdraws U.S. troops from Syria, and leverages his relationship with MbS to step up to replace them, thereby eliminating any concern that Turkey might take hostile action toward our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria.  Source of sharp observation by ShiratDevorah

We Should See the Results of this Maneuver Fairly Soon

DOCUMENTARY: Muslim Brotherhood


Journalists often take extraordinary risks in order to come up with a gripping story, and sometimes the story takes priority over family commitments. Zvi Yehezkeli, a father of five, has strong Middle Eastern features – which is not surprising considering that his background is both Iraqi and Kurdish.

In order to do as professional a job as possible for a five-part series on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Europe and the US, Yehezkeli risked his life to take on the false identity of Sheikh Abu Hamza. Armed with secret microphones and cameras, Yehezkeli was able to penetrate several cells of the Muslim Brotherhood, and lived to tell the tale.

Though not born into a religiously observant family, Yehezkeli today leads a religious lifestyle and occasionally lectures on his transformation. He did so recently at the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel where he told guests that the reason that he had made the decision for such a dramatic change was that through a series of different events he had come to the realization that it was not enough for him to simply be a decent human being. As a Jew he felt he had additional obligations, the first of which was to the Creator of the Universe – and with this in mind, he had to keep the commandments of the Creator. From The Grapevine by Greer Fay Cashman

Muslims in Europe: Part 1 of 4 (Documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi Allah Islam)

21 December 2018

Parshas Vayechi – “With Dawn, a Cry of Joy"

By Roy S. Neuberger

Golus begins. 

Yaakov Avinu is gone! Yosef is gone! Soon the Shvatim will be no more and the Children of Israel will plunge downward intoMitzraim … hurtling toward mem-tes shaare tumah!

The lights of Chanukah are gone. Winter is upon us, the season of darkness.

Recently, I was driving in our local suburban community. I was on a main street, about to turn left onto a smaller street. A car was approaching the intersection from my left. I slowed down to make the turn. There was a stop sign for the oncoming car, but the driver went through the stop sign. I was now straight in front of him, maybe six feet away, and he was headed directly at me. He was not moving fast, but he was moving. I honked, thinking he had not seen me. But he had seen me. He was looking straight at me – I could see his face clearly – and he kept coming, moving forward. I was right in front of him. He just kept coming, making it increasingly difficult for me to turn, because he was now probably two to three feet away from me. But he didn’t stop; he just kept going forward until our cars almost touched each other.

What I am describing to you was intentional, malicious, provocative, confrontational, aggressive and purely gratuitous. There was no reason for him to keep going, but he did. I am sorry to say this, but I believe the world is filled with such dangerous people. 

Every year at this time I receive the yearbook from the famous college (founded 755 years ago) that I attended in England decades ago, before we became observant. Every year I see the frightening “yeridas ha doros” there. This year, the student columns clearly describe the plummeting morality, the descent into social chaos, which reminds one of conditions before the Mabul, which is described by the Torah with the words, “G-d saw the earth and, behold, it was corrupted, for all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth.” (Beraishis 6:12)

Fifty-three years ago, my wife and I were living in Ann Arbor, Michigan as college students. My personal life was descending rapidly toward desperation. I had tried every path I could think of and nothing worked. In this very week, fifty-three years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the abyss before me. There was nowhere to go except down. In desperation, I realized I had to do something I had been fighting all my life. But it was either that or death, so I opened a tiny window in my neshoma and called out, “G-d, if You exist, save me!”

Hashem saved me. 

That was January 10, 1966, the 18 Day of Teves, whose anniversary is this week.

“In the evening one lies down weeping, but with dawn … a cry of joy!” (Tehillim 30)

When we reach bottom, that is when we can bounce upward. From MitzraimAm Yisroel ascended to Har Sinai, and soon, b’ezras Hashem, we will all welcome Moshiach ben Dovid!

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at

© Copyright 2018 by Roy S. Neuberger

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