31 August 2021

But where's the "evidence" about Rav Chaim?

Rabbi Chananya Weissman continues . . .

Not surprisingly, some people have questioned why they should believe Rav Chaim is a hostage in his own home, a victim of elder abuse, and is having words put in his mouth by Zionist mafiosos.  How do they know the people reporting this are not making this up?  Where is the evidence?

To that I respond as follows:

1. This skepticism would be healthy if it were applied in equal measure to media reports about Rav Chaim supposedly ruling this or that.  Does the media have greater credibility just because they have a larger microphone?  Does someone who speaks on behalf of the government -- whether in an official capacity or as an influencer who himself is being "encouraged" to promote their message -- have greater credibility just because they have a larger microphone?  Shouldn't the OPPOSITE be true?  

So if the only "evidence" they have is that someone said Rav Chaim said something, despite having all the power and all the microphones under their control, that alone is reason to be highly skeptical.  Why are the people raising these questions not equally skeptical of the other side?

2. The people who shared these eyewitness reports could not publicly share their names because it would endanger their lives.  Ask your friends what they would do if they witnessed this personally and understood this was a mafia situation.  Would they be willing to die to go fully public?  Would they be willing to die to try to smuggle out video evidence? If not, is it fair to deny that anything short of someone going fully public and smuggling out video evidence is reason to accept that there is something seriously rotten going on?

3. Why do they believe Rav Chaim really issued these rulings? Because someone said so? Why is that more believable? Because the media reported that someone said so? How is this a ruling?  How is this evidence?  If Rav Chaim really said these things, wouldn't the people who desperately want him to say these things have been sure to have a thousands recordings of it just to be sure, and to send these recordings all over the world?  So why are there no recordings of this? A mumbled "yes" by someone who is barely conscious to a leading question he may not have heard or understood is not a halachic ruling.

The burden of proof that he DID make these rulings, he was fully informed, and he is fully capable of making these rulings is squarely on THEM.  THEY have no evidence, and they do not deserve our trust -- certainly not with everyone's bodies and souls on the line.

4. Why would so many regular, upstanding Jews, including rabbis, who have no financial interest, conflict of interest, or history of making up stories suddenly all make up these stories about Rav Chaim?  Why is that more believable than the notion that people who have every conflict of interest under the sun and a history of lying, and enjoy total control over Rav Chaim's life, would make something up?

5. It is easy for anyone who wishes to ask around and verify that the situation with Rav Chaim is exactly as described.  Why do these "skeptics" not care enough about the truth, with the incredibly high stakes involved, to ask around and speak to people who have been there and seen with their own eyes? Why do they want to readily dismiss this instead of allowing for the possibility that something rotten is going on over there?  Can it be that they are essentially “bribing” themselves because the truth is too ugly for them to deal with, and they want to just wish this all away by pretending there is no “evidence”?

6. I have attached an updated report that was shared with me and others.  You will notice at the bottom that Rav Uri Sofer is willing to vouch for the information in the report.  As far as I know, Rav Sofer does not have a history of making up stories, and is not being paid off by the international, uber-wealthy anti-vaxx oligarchs.  Neither am I.

7. I have attached another testimonial, this one from a member of the religious Jewish media who cannot share his name at this time for fear of reprisals.  Again, those who wish to deny the veracity of his words because of this are free to do so.  If anything short of ironclad "evidence" that would receive a unanimous conviction in a court of law would suffice to influence them, then they should not be moved.  

Never mind that those who produce such evidence would likely not live long enough to present it in a court of law.  If that is the bar your "rational" friends set for seriously considering something that contradicts their religious belief in the establishment, so be it.  Let them keep cling to their religious belief in the establishment until the bitter end.

If, however, they are truly rational, they should seriously consider this.  They should demand from their media of choice to be more forthcoming about what they are reporting, where their information is coming from, and whether their media of choice is compromised.  Just like they do from those who challenge the information being reported in their media of choice.

The people who control Rav Chaim's life cannot be questioned, and those reporting what they are told to report will not give answers.  The evidence that something rotten is going on might not earn a conviction in a court of law at present, but it is damning nonetheless.  


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Why do we need studies to demonstrate that natural immunity is better than artificial immunity via a chemical concoction?  Why is this even a discussion? Natural immunity is ALWAYS better. When has it ever not been better? These studies are only proving the obvious.

*   *   *

Here is information for those who took the crapcine and have buyer's remorse. I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of any of the protocols here, and share them only as a matter of interest. [me:Dr Zelenko’s protocol is included]

I suggest sharing this information even with zombies.  Perhaps seeing that there is an earnest effort to find antidotes to the shot will plant a seed in their minds that maybe these shots aren't so wonderful after all.

*   *   *

It is being reported that the Gerrer Rebbe has contracted "coronavirus" ten days after taking his third dose of the miracle drug sent from heaven.  What will the spin be this time?  Perhaps he should have taken it sooner.  Perhaps he needs dose ten and eleven.  The possibility that the shots are failures, and are quite possibly the cause of his illness, will not be entertained.  The lies and spin get more preposterous by the day.

Meanwhile, they send us reports of young people who didn't take the crapcine and then became seriously ill.  "I'm so sorry I didn't take it!  I was misled by the crazy anti-vaxxers!" they inevitably wail, sometimes supposely as their dying words.  Of course, we are told nothing about the true nature of their illness or the treatment they received (or didn't receive).  

We are certainly not given stories about any of the people who did take the shot, became seriously ill, and now regret taking the shot.  Can't find any of those…

But the media has the biggest microphones, so whatever they say must be true.



I witness that the Health Ministry Haredi Liaison Unit has issued press kits on Rav Kanievsky and his

family including press release, photo, and voice recording to outlets such as the one I worked for,

pushing the vaccine, and that we were instructed to redact any sign that the story was part of a public

relations campaign, but to make the article appear as a spontaneous news story, quoting the Rabbi's

daughter as if her words were genuine, and not part of an orchestrated campaign

כנס מחקרי עיר דוד שיתקיים ביום חמישי הקרוב, 2.9.21, יועבר גם בשידור חי באתר עיר דוד

תכנית הכנס:

19:00 | דברי פתיחה וברכות

אהרן הורביץ, 
מנכ"ל מכון מגלי"ם

מר אלי אסקוזידו, מנהל רשות העתיקות 

מר זאב הכהן, מנהל מרחב ירושלים, רשות הטבע והגנים

19:15 | מושב ראשון: לרגל הוצאת דו"ח החפירה (כרך ראשון) של משלחת רייך ושוקרון בעיר דוד

 פרופ' רוני רייך -
 סיכום חפירות משלחת רייך-שוקרון בעיר דוד (2010-1995)

פרופ' ישראל פינקלשטיין - אוריינות בממלכת יהודה - מבט מממלכת ישראל


20:30 | מושב  שני: חידושים טכנולוגיים ותגליות בחפירות עיר דוד וירושלים הקדומה

ד"ר יובל ברוך, ד"ר אורי בסון, מר עמרי נחום, פרופ' רוני רייך - 
קשת רובינסון, סקירת תוצאותיו של מחקר גיאופיזי

 מר יואב וקנין, פרופ' רון שער, פרופ' יובל גדות, ד"ר יפתח שלו, פרופ' עודד ליפשיץ, פרופ' ארז בן יוסף - על חורבן ירושלים בימי הבית הראשון והשדה המגנטי של כדור הארץ

ד"ר ג'ו עוזיאל ומר אורטל כלף - וְנַסְתֶּם כַּאֲשֶׁר נַסְתֶּם מִפְּנֵי הָרַעַשׁ, בִּימֵי עֻזִּיָּה (זכריה יד, ה): עדויות ארכיאולוגיות לרעידת האדמה בבירת ממלכת יהודה


Rabbi Glazerson said he discovered in the Codes the mention of Rosh Hashana as the 
Day of Judgment. 

This is amazing because Rosh Hashana is not found in the Torah itself. He explains. . .


HaRav HaMekubal Yoshiyahu Pinto at the Bar Mitzva of His Son Meir Eliyahu one can view this extensive video on vimeo

A large crowd on Monday attended a ceremony marking the first time that Meir Eliyahu Pinto, the son of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, laid tefillin (phylacteries).

Rabbi Pinto is the leader of the Shuva Israel community in Israel and across the globe, as well as the head of Morocco's rabbinical court chiefs.

The celebration took place at the global Shuva Israel Center in Manhattan, and was attended by hasidic rebbes, rabbis, public figures, and government officials, as well as by thousands of hasidim from around the world.

The schedule will be as follows (US time):

8:30a.m.-10:00a.m.: Shacharit (the morning prayer) and the tefillin-laying

10:00a.m.-10:50a.m.: Selichot prayers

11:00a.m.-1:00p.m.: Reception and dedicating a Torah scroll in memory of Rabbi Yoel of Satmar

1:30p.m.-3:30p.m.: The festive meal and dedicating a Torah scroll in memory of Sidna Baba Meir

3:30p.m.: A gathering in honor of Rabbi Chaim Pinto the Great, and dedicating a Torah scroll in memory of Rebbetzin Simcha Abuchatzeira


Expedition Discovers Island Believed World’s Northernmost

The photo of this island appears to be nestled in the furtherest point NORTH, but when you examine the scene, it seems to be lying flatly on the water.

The above photo of a new island brought this to mind:  Flat Earth, Round Earth:   What on Earth Happened, Part 8

30 August 2021


The following is by Rabbi Shaya Winiarz in Hamodia Inyan Magazine, p. 9, 17 Elul 5781 (retyped, so any errors are mine. Footnotes are with original article)


Ramchal lists them by name: nefesh, reach, neshamah, chayah and yechidah.

The chaya and yechida are not in our bodies, but rather immediately above us….

The nefesh, ruach, and neshamah are contained within our bodies, albeit in different parts. The neshama is in our brain, the nefesh is in our blood, and the reach (which connects the two) lives in the heart.

Each of these different souls serves a different purpose. The nefesh is what gives life. Every living creature has a nefesh or it wouldn’t be alive. Yidden have a nefesh, as do einam Yehudim, as do animals, and even plants. These different species certainly do not all have the same level of nefesh, because the nefesh of a human is a more sophisticated and elevated nefesh than that of a plant, but nevertheless – we all have a nefesh.

One also must note that even within a species, the nefesh differs from one to the other. For example, each human has a different type of nefesh. The kochos hanefesh of a human being are responsible for imagination, memory, intelligence, and will. Naturally each person has these qualities in varying amounts and degrees. But again, we all have a nefesh.

However while the nefesh is not tangible, it is of the physical realm. A neshama, on the other hand, is a spiritual entity. That is to say, it connects us to Hashem and the worlds of ruchniyus. When a Yid does a mitzvah, it brings kedushah down onto him/her and to the world. This is not because of his nefesh, or even because of his reach. Rather, it is because he has a neshama – which “moves and shakes” the upper worlds. A Yid’s neshama has a foothold in his body but reaches upward like a chain, connecting to the spiritual forces “upstairs.” A Yid has this capacity, while the other parts of creation do not. This is because a plant, an animal, and an eino Yehudi do not have that type of neshama,” though all of them certainly have a nefesh.

[…] The Ramchal explains in this perek of Derech Hashem that when you sleep, you are to some extent lifeless, but not really so. Your neshama indeed goes up to Shamayim, but your nefesh stays behind. Remember, the nefesh is what gives you life, just like a nefesh gives an animal its life. Therefore, when you sleep, your body is indeed still alive, albeit without the Divine force that connects it to the worlds of holiness. Similarly, a person is not dead when his neshama leaves – only when the nefesh leaves as well.

One point is that of the neshama yeseirah that we get on Shabbos. […] we are made up of progressively holier souls, and on the holy day of Shabbas, yet another one is attached to us….

The second point is …. is it important to know about all of these souls? What practical difference does it make in my life if I am aware of all these facts of my spiritual anatomy? The answer is that we must understand that we are made up of lower parts and high parts. 

The secular biology books say that, scientifically, we are almost identical to animals. However, we now see clearly how this is patently false. Yes, we and animals both have a body and a nefesh. But we Yidden also have a neshama. We are connected to kedushah and can change the whole world (and ourselves) by following Hashem’s mitzvos. We can and must work to make the neshama control the nefesh.

You see, the neshama lives in the brain – in the מוֹחַ. The ruach lives in the heart – לֵב. And the nefesh resides in the place where there is the most blood, i.e. in the liver – the  כָּבֵד כָּ…. the first letters of these words … spell מלך – king. [see reference below]

If we order these three forces, with the neshama being the primary and dominant force, which controls the ruach, which then controls the nefesh, we will be deemed the king, the pinnacle and purpose of creation. 

But if we live lives focused on physicality, then the order is reversed and we spell בלם – utter destruction.

* * *

To understand in greater detail how G–D Created His children and how we are endowed with tremendous powers; and how those powers are now under attack using a syringe and a ‘mixture’ of highly questionable substances (find out what’s really in the those needles).

* * *

So, when we are told that this ‘mixture’ in the needle is for our health, to protect you and your neighbors, and when they tell you those who do not go near those needles are dangerous to you, have this in mind:








Head of Tokyo Medical Association says “now is the time” for all covid patients to get ivermectin, not vaccines

Earlier this year, Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, issued a plea for the expanded use of ivermectin to treat the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Much like the current situation in the United States, Japanese authorities are hesitant to support the use of ivermectin, despite numerous scientific papers showing it to be a safe and effective remedy for the Chinese Virus.

Infections are spreading as more Japanese people get vaccinated, and Ozaki is urging the Japanese government to issue its version of an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the drug, which has been in widespread use as a remedy for parasites for many decades.

Despite having originated in Japan, ivermectin is still something of a taboo treatment there, probably because it is inexpensive, safe and effective – and thus does not generate massive profits for the pharmaceutical cartels.

“When the number of people waiting at home and receiving medical treatment increased sharply in the third wave of January, this was no good, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association worked together to build a system with the goal of 24-hour support,” Ozaki told Yomiuri, a Japanese media outlet.

“We are now able to handle up to 37 of the 47 district medical associations. However, the current situation where more than 1000 home caregivers are piled up every day is beyond the limit. Vaccination, medical examination, home visit, etc. are not available. Now, the health center is coordinating hospitalization. There is also a hospitalization coordinating center in Tokyo, but there is a system that can quickly accept and treat suddenly changed corona patients. I haven’t gotten to the point of being established.”

Ozaki says he is aware of “many papers” that support the safe and effective use of ivermectin in treating the Fauci Flu

Instead of continuing to inject people with experimental drugs that have never been proven safe or effective, why not give ivermectin a try?

All throughout Central and South America, doctors are administering ivermectin with great success. The drug is also being used in India with similar success to help sick patients overcome the Chinese Illness for mere pennies, which is easing the strain on health systems.

“The vaccine is not in time,” Ozaki says. “At such an imminent time, there is a paper that ivermectin is effective for corona, so it is a natural response for clinicians to try using it. Doctor-led clinical practice — that’s why many test papers came out.”

Rather than play politics as some are, the Japanese government, along with all other governments, have a duty to ensure that patients have safe and easy access to ivermectin if they choose to use it. Doctors should not feel intimidated or pressured not to prescribe it if it can help, as many say it can.

Many patients are dying because hospitals are refusing to give them ivermectin, which one could argue is a crime against humanity. There is no reason why ivermectin should remain off limits if it has the potential to quell cases and restore normalcy to society.

Ozaki points to a recent paper out of India which found that administering 0.3 mg / kg of ivermectin twice at three-day intervals resulted in an 83 percent reduction in new cases of the Wuhan Flu. Such results speak for themselves, he says.

Thanks to corrupt influence from the likes of Merck & Co., which supplies drugs like ivermectin to Japan, accessing it for the Chinese Flu remains a challenge. Even if a patient is able to find a doctor willing to write a prescription, many pharmacies no longer have any supply of the drug.


* * *

Is graphene oxide what caused Japanese authorities to suspend Moderna’s “contaminated” covid vaccines?

At least 1.63 million doses of Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” have been suspended in Japan after it was discovered that the vials contain “contamination” in the form of “foreign materials.”….

Full article at

See Also: Covid And Graphene From Theory to Fact

LIVE TRACKING IDA – Racing Up The Northeast Coast

Northeast US Watch Out!



HaTzaddik and Mekubal Rav Yeshayahu Pinto Shlit”A UPDATE


Tomorrow Only: Rare Opportunity to Be Blessed by the Tzaddik and Mekubal Rav Yeshayahu Pinto During Son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Rav Yeshayahu Pinto, shlit”a, a ga’on and mekubal, is a grandson of the Baba Sali, and a great tzaddik and mekubal in his own right. He was recently appointed Chief Rabbi of Morocco—the birthplace of the Abuchatzeira family—by the King of Morocco.

His Manhattan residence is a center for the dissemination of Torah, which draws masses of Yidden, as well as the greatest Admorim and Roshei Yeshiva from around the world who come to receive the brachos of the great mekubal. Wherever he goes, whether Eretz Yisroel, Morocco, or the Upper West Side, he is inundated by the masses.

In recent months, the Rav has been afflicted with a terrible illness—which has not stopped him from disseminating Torah—but has prevented him from seeing the masses of Klal Yisroel.

Tomorrow, Monday, throughout the entire day, the doors will be open for a rare opportunity.

The occasion is the bar mitzvah of his beloved son, Meir Eliyahu. The celebration will begin with Hanachas Tefillin in the morning. This will be followed by three (!) hachnasas sifrei Torah (one in the memory of Rabbeinu Yoel of Satmar, and the other two in memory of the Rav’s grandparents). Throughout the day, the Rav will receive people in honor of these occasions, distributing honey and many brachos in anticipation of a blessed, sweet year.

Beginning at 8:30 in the morning, the doors will be open… with the celebrations lasting until late into the afternoon. Anyone wishing to seize this rare opportunity to receive these rare and precious brachos is welcome to make their way to the Shuva Yisrael Center, 122 East 58th Street, where they are sure to walk away inspired and blessed for a year filled with sweetness and blessing


29 August 2021


Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton gets extra security amid death threats

'Agree to vaccinate kids in schools - or we will murder you.' Tel Aviv man indicted for threatening to murder minister over vaccine policies

Israel’s Education Minister will be given increased security protection, following a string of death threats against her over her position regarding COVID vaccinations for minors on school campuses.

Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton (New Hope) will begin receiving the added security starting Monday, following a series of death threats against her and the apparent murder of one of her advisors.

Earlier this month, Sa’aher Ismail was shot to death in the Israeli-Arab town of Rameh in northern Israel.

Following his death, a Tel Aviv man, identified as 57-year-old Rafaeli Cohen, vowed to murder Shasha-Biton if  she refused to drop her opposition to offering COVID vaccinations to children at school campuses.

Posting a link to a story on Ismail’s murder, Cohen wrote to a Whatsapp group: 

“This is the final warning to Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton – before your family gets hurt – if you don’t back off from your opposition to vaccinating in schools, your advisor who was eliminated on Sunday by being shot as he left his home will be the last warning before your family gets hurt. Pay attention, we don’t just talk, we eliminate people and murder them.”

Cohen was arrested for the threat, and on Friday was indicted at the Petah Tikva Magistrates Court.







Recently, news sites have publicized very strange things, which any person who possesses an ounce of seichel should

immediately recognize as impossible to have come from the mouth of a tzaddik. Yet, tragically, gullible people seem to believe

the false propaganda, so we must correct the misinformation, for the sake of Rav Chaim Shlit”a, and for the safety of Klal


The following are the falsehoods that have been publicized: 1) That Rav Chaim said that all children 12 and up who didn’t

have corona should be vaccinated, 2) That Rav Chaim said that all teachers must be vaccinated, or their principals should fire


Using your own logic, why does it make sense that Rav Chaim, who usually says not to pay attention to doctors’ worrying

pronouncements and to simply increase davening and Torah study, now say to inject ALL HEALTHY children with a brand

new medical treatment which has already caused myocarditis, blood clots, and death in so many young people, and whose long

term effects are absolutely unknown – only to “protect” against a disease from which NOT ONE child died in Eretz Yisrael,

and whose “protection” is very questionable, as Israelis are now being forced into a third shot?

Indeed, when we investigated closely on the ground, we discovered that Rav Chaim never said such a thing. A letter was

prepared – supposedly from Rav Chaim’s doctor – who was fed information by someone with an obvious financial agenda to

get everyone vaccinated. This letter was placed in front of Rav Chaim and he said NOTHING. And from this, words were

placed in the mouth of a tzaddik, false words that he did not say, which could chas veshalom have untold effects on Klal


We also know the following: A) Representatives of three organizations came to Rav Chaim, trying to get him to say that

everyone should vaccinate, and he refused to say a word. B) Rav Chaim himself has NOT taken the shot. C) Rav Chaim

Shlit”a is very weak and frail, and does not recognize his own children and grandchildren, save for two. It is IMPOSSIBLE

that he has looked into this matter and rendered a ruling, as is being claimed. (If he did, where is the signed teshuva? Our

mesora is NOT to pasken by video, nor by Ruach Hakodesh, on ANY matter in Halacha, let alone a question of sakanas

nefashos. We have lost our bearings to even dream of such a thing!)

The idea that Rav Chaim would have issued a blanket ruling that all teachers – no matter their age, history, or condition – must

vaccinate, is preposterous, and it is impossible that he would have instructed that breadwinners, among them almanos and

yesomim, be summarily fired for refusing to inject themselves with an unknown substance.

Even the idea that Rav Chaim would issue any blanket rulings at all, binding on all Klal Yisrael, is mistaken, as Rav Moshe

Feinstein zatzal explained that only the Sanhedrin in the lishkas hagazis has the authority to issue a ruling binding on the whole nation.

The scariest piece of this all is the video from Rebetzin Leah Kolodetzky, she should live and be well. The reason it’s

frightening is because it clearly shows that something is very wrong, and Rav Chaim’s family is being threatened. Why? The

Rebetzin gives the date of the video (Yud Alef Elul) and makes the claim that her father says that everyone should vaccinate,

and that all ages and stages of people have already taken it AND EVERYONE IS FINE. But THERE IS AN AUDIO

RECORDING FROM THE WEEK BEFORE, in the possession of many people, in which someone gravely injured by the shot

came to the Rebetzin, and said, “I got the shot because you said it was safe, and now I cannot care for my family”, and it was

explained to her the horrible effects being suffered by so many others. This is not simply a recording of unknown veracity


Therefore, it is certain that Rebetzin Kolodetzky is being forced to say things against her will. Who knows what horrible

threats are being made against her, her father, and the whole family, by people with huge financial or other interests at stake?

An informed source in Eretz Yisrael just told us that there are government agents stationed constantly at Rav Chaim’s home,

and that if anyone would manage to walk out with a recording of Rav Chaim saying NOT to get the shot, the person would be



Shlit”a, for his family, and for all of Klal Yisrael, as a terrible danger hovers over us, from those who seek to harm our nation

An Urgent Call to Pray for Rav Kanievsky

 An Urgent Call to Pray for Rav Kanievsky

What I am going to share is widely known but not publicized in the media.

The media has been reporting many rulings in the name of Rav Chaim Kanievsky. These reports are generally accompanied by a picture of Rav Chaim slouched in a chair, his eyes closed, surrounded by people who look like pious Jews, and a representative of Israel's Ministry of “Health” dutifully wearing a surgical mask for added effect. These pictures are intended to lend credence to the ruling that is being reported in his name. People met with Rav Chaim, took a picture, and reported what he said! All must heed these words!

Did Rav Chaim really say what they claim he said? Did Rav Chaim say anything at all? Was Rav Chaim even awake during the meeting? We are not supposed to ask these questions, let alone doubt the truth of what is being reported. This would render someone crazy and going against “Da'as Torah”, despite the fact that these are essential questions. If we only know that Rav Chaim gave a ruling because an unnamed person, who cannot even be questioned himself, issued a statement to the media to that effect, how can that ruling be considered authoritative, binding, and “Da'as Torah”?

Many people have reported that Rav Chaim can barely speak anymore. He is 93 years old and in frail health. He is no longer capable of writing elaborate Torah rulings or giving public discourses. It stretches the limits of the imagination to believe that Rav Chaim is issuing rulings of any kind, let alone the quotes being attributed to him in the media. There are no recordings of Rav Chaim making these statements, which is difficult to believe considering the importance of these “rulings” and the ease with which those meeting with him can record the meetings.

Somehow all we have are still photos underneath a headline, followed by quotes attributed to Rav Chaim. No actual rulings from his lips. No letters written and signed by him. This is Torah? This is credible?

People who get their news from media sites such as the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israel, Arutz Sheva, the Jewish Press, and The Yeshiva World are generally uninformed about what is really going on inside Rav Chaim's small home. These media reports are all the same. Their reporters are not in the room. No one from these media outlets is asking questions or investigating the veracity of the story. They are told what to report, and they report it. And because it appears on a media site, most people believe it. It simply has to be true.

It is widely known within the so-called Ultra Orthodox world – especially among those who do not get their information from the Internet – that rulings reported in the name of Rav Chaim are not authentic. Those who have personally visited Rav Chaim, or received first-hand reports from people who have, know that the truth is very different from what is reported in the media.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky is a hostage. Those who manage to visit Rav Chaim these days are essentially visiting an inmate at a prison. An inmate at a prison is not free to receive visitors of his choosing whenever he wants. Who may visit him, and when, and for how long, and under what conditions, are all determined by prison authorities. The visits are tightly monitored by prison authorities. You cannot have a private moment with the inmate or record the meeting. When you visit a prison inmate, for the duration of the visit you are essentially a prisoner as well; in the prison you have no freedom.

This is exactly what it is like to visit Rav Chaim Kanievsky, only this is a maximum security prison in the guise of a Bnei Brak apartment. There is very tight security, many cameras, and it is almost impossible to make a move without someone – including government operatives – watching. You cannot sit down with Rav Chaim and have a conversation about possible adverse effects of certain new pharmaceutical products. You cannot show him a report on the subject. You most certainly cannot record something without permission – not from Rav Chaim, but from the prison warden. If you do, you will be taken to another room, roughed up, and threatened. You will be fortunate if that is all.

Again, this is not a revelation. This is widely known. It is not reported in the “media” because the media is complicit – whether voluntarily or through offers they cannot refuse – in the ruse that Rav Chaim is issuing various rulings. He is not. There are no such rulings. Rav Chaim is a hostage. His captors have permitted him to continue living only because he is worth more to them alive than dead, and he is physically incapable of doing anything about the situation.

I am issuing an urgent call for all of Klal Yisrael to daven for Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam to be freed from captivity. This is a true case of pidyon shvuyim.

It doesn't matter where one stands on the religious or political spectrum; this is not a partisan issue. An elderly sage is being held hostage in his home, surveilled constantly by government agents, with those close to him under immediate threat, while false, extremely dangerous statements are issued in his name. I am not exaggerating or embellishing. This is a mafia situation. Anyone with a soul and conscience must cry out to Hashem to redeem Rav Kanievsky.

If this is the first time you have heard of this and you find it difficult to believe, I beg you to at least allow for the possibility that this is true. There are numerous people who have personally witnessed this or heard a first-hand report from someone they know and trust. You can easily ask around and hear this for yourself. These are regular people, upstanding, God-fearing Jews without any financial or other vested interest in making up stories about Rav Chaim – unlike those who control what is reported in his name. You owe it to yourself, to the Torah, and to an elderly Torah sage to find out what is really going on.

Please daven for Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam to be healthy, safe, and free from captivity. Let him be free to study Torah, teach Torah, receive visitors without government surveillance or restraints, and have no one manipulate him or put words in his mouth.

Please spread this message to everyone. May we merit to enjoy the ultimate redemption, along with Rav Chaim, and live with true freedom under the Torah.


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URGENT: Addenda to Rav Kanievsky

It was a hot mid-August afternoon of 2021 when we set out to Bnei Brak to speak with Rebetzin

Kodletsky, the daughter of Rav Chaim Kanievsky. We were a few women, including one who since

taking the first shot of the vaccine five months ago, has had terrible medical injuries and still today

cannot function properly. We wanted to convey to the Rebetzin the non-stop vaccine injuries now

happening to people. B"H, we managed to get into her. The Rebetzin started by asking everyone, "Are

you all vaccinated? I'm sorry I have to ask, but those are the instructions I've received". We reassured

her that we'd all had corona and asked for personal brachos. Then we introduced ourselves. Then we

told her that since the vaccine started being given, people treating others have had non-stop phone calls

about the injuries. Healers everywhere are scrambling to try and help them because the injuries are new

to the medical world and hard to treat.

We introduced the woman injured by the vaccine who cannot function today for more than ten minutes

without having to lie down afterwards. The woman only took the vaccine after a friend sent her the

video of Rav Chaim saying to vaccinate. We showed her the reports from VAERS of the injured and

dead amongst only the 12-17 age group. The Rebetzin seemed genuinely shocked by what we were

telling her. She said, how can it be? Why can't you tell this to the Ministry of Health? Do they know

this information? I have no knowledge, she told us. I only do what I'm told to do and I was told to tell

people to vaccinate. We asked her: who told you? She said, our personal family doctor, Dr. Hardt. And I

go after my father, Rav Chaim. We asked her, could you pass on this information to your father Rav

Chaim? She answered: No, I can't, because my father is "out of it", he barely recognizes me, and barely

says anything. We were left wondering seriously how then were serious and far-reaching psakim being

said in his name …….

She said to us: You must speak to Dr. Hardt. And to Rav Firer. If Dr. Hardt tells me what you're saying

is true, I will straight away say to stop vaccinating. We said, can we err on the side of caution? In a

situation of safek pikuach nefesh, shouldn't we say to stop straight away, and then investigate? She

said: yes, I won't tell people from now on to vaccinate.

We told her that as we are talking, the day is beginning in the U.S. and yeshiva bachurim are being

vaccinated because the yeshiva won't accept them if not, because "Rav Chaim and Rebetzin Kodletsky

said". She said: Who listens to me in the U.S.? We said, the whole litvish world! You, the Rebetzin

have world-wide power. What comes out of your mouth is sacred to many people around the world

who will do whatever you say. You must realize the responsibility!

We concluded that we would speak with Dr. Hardt and left on good terms. We knocked on his door, late

in the evening. He was not home yet and his wife did not allow us to come in and wait for him. She

straight away asked, "Is it about the vaccines?" When we said, yes, she said, my husband will not talk

to you. Other groups have been here to talk to him, he's investigated the subject, and it is closed. We

argued back and forth, and finally, to her credit, she relented and agreed to ask her husband if he could

talk with us. He agreed, and we managed to talk to him and his wife till late in the night. Dr. Hardt

asked many good questions, like: I've always relied on the directives of the Ministry of Health. So why

should I not be able to listen to them now? We explained. They listened. They seemed genuinely

troubled by the scope and number of injuries. They said to us, please give this information over to Rav

Zilberstein and Rav Firer because those are the ones we listen to.

We said, okay, we will follow up with them.

Imagine my surprise and shock when a few days later, a video went viral of Rebetzin Kodletsky telling

everyone to go and get the third booster shot. Including pregnant women. Including children over 12.

She put out this video a few days after we went to her.

I picked up the phone to Mrs Hardt and expressed my surprise and shock about the video. I had spoken

to her at length. I said, how could the Rebetzin put out such a video after what we spoke about? I

couldn’t believe what she said to me:

"I only answered the phone to you because you’re really nice. For your own good, I’m telling you to

get out of this story. We got orders from high places. Everything you told us has been checked and that

is that. I can’t tell you the reasons. My husband doesn’t allow me to talk to you so if we get cut off, it’s

because he took the phone away from me.”

And then we got cut off .......


My conclusions from this experience? I'll share them and I hope that everyone will come to their own

conclusions too.

1. The Hardts were probably heavily threatened/pressured to toe the government line.

2. Rebetzin Kodletsky was given her marching orders and complied.

3. The government is taking advantage of the Kanievsky family to be their propaganda machine for the


4. No psakim coming from Rav Chaim today can be taken seriously because Rav Chaim, a massive

tzadik and talmid chacham, is being taken advantage of as his cognitive abilities decline

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