31 January 2020


By Roy S. Neuberger

It was 10 pm. I had just left an appointment. I was a few blocks away from the grounds of my old school, where, in the ancient days of my former life, I had met my wife when we were both teenagers. I drove up to the entrance and stared at the buildings. I sat in the car and wept. 

“Hodu l’ashem ki tov, ki l’olam chasdo … Give thanks to Hashem, for He is good; His kindness endures forever!” (Tehillim 118)

How had we ever managed to escape from this Gehenom, this Gulag?

I had attended this school, together with its feeder elementary school, from the age of three until I was eighteen. It was founded in the late nineteenth century by a German Jew whose father was a product of the “Enlightenment.” An ironic name, because more darkness emanated from that Enlightenment than from a black hole. Like a black hole, the Enlightenment swallowed up the light of countless Jewish souls and consigned them to eternal oblivion.

Such was the school I attended. It was founded as a place where Jews could rationalize running away from their heritage. Almost all my classmates had been sucked into that black hole.

Recently, a Jewish teacher at this school made headlines by various acts in which she mocked and ridiculed Israel and her Jewish brethren. Amazingly, her acts were apparently considered so outrageous that she was actually fired by the school. Her firing produced a tremendous reaction. My own classmates – I see their emails – became incensed.

At what were they incensed? 

They were incensed that this teacher was fired! Almost two hundred emails were written within a two-week period by my former friends and schoolmates! These Jews are infuriated at the “neo-McCarthyite assault” on those who dare to criticize “Israel!” Yes, my friends. These Jews are outraged, not at those who hate Israel, but at those who defend Israel!

My friends, we are in deep Golus. The black hole is trying to pull us in, G-d forbid. The events we study in the Torah are the blueprint for history, right up to the present. We have to know that there is a reason we are in Golus. There is a reason we are in deep trouble and danger. 

Let’s look into our own hearts and make sure there is no rebellion there, no desire to cleave to the alien culture around us. The mouth of the black hole is open, gulping, like the mouth of Esav, ready to swallow those who come near.

We have to search and cleanse ourselves, because the Geulah is imminent. 

“It was at midnight that Hashem smote every firstborn in the land of Egypt… and there was a great outcry in Egypt, for there was not a house where there was no corpse… [Paroh] called to Moshe and Aharon … and said, ‘Rise up, go out from my people…’” (Shemos 12:29 ff)

“great outcry” is coming soon, my friends, after which we will be expelled from the nations among whom we have dwelt for two thousand years. May we cling to Hashem and His
Torah and be among those who sanctify His Name! 

*          *          *          *
Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at

© Copyright 2020 by Roy S. Neuberger

Rabbi Winston – Parshas Bo

Dedicated in loving memory of my father, Mordechai Ya’akov ben Avraham, z”l. May the learning of this Perceptions be an aliyah for his Neshamah. Assaf Revivo and Family

“WHAT DOES THIS service mean to you?” the Evil Son asks. Evil? After all, he IS at the Seder Table and participating. Evil? He’s probably barely 15 or 16 years of age, and he’s already evil? Even a Ben Sorrer U’Moreh—Rebellious Son—is killed only because of what he WILL become, not because of what he is ALREADY. 

And even if he is being contentious, questioning the importance of something as central as the Korban Pesach, what happened with pushing away with the left hand while bringing close with the right hand? This guy needs kiruv, not a “smack” across his teeth, no?

And how did he become this way in the first place? Bad education? Faulty parenting? Terrible influences? A tough soul? Didn’t Shlomo HaMelech tell us to teach each child according to his or her particular way? Why are we so quick to throw this son out?

What if though, the four sons are not just four types of children, but actually four stages of life that ALL of us go through? What if the Haggadah is not really speaking about an actual child per se, but about the potential for all of us to be an “evil son” from time-to-time in life?

For example, when a person is born, they are a “simple” child, a “tam.” They’re new to the world, and know little about it. They are mostly fascinated by whatever catches their attention, and whatever they do for “good” or “bad” is done with such innocence that they are beyond any reproach. We get angry at ourselves, instead, for making it easy for the child to get into “trouble.”

Then we grow up a bit and move past the “Tam” stage. We can be mischievous, and get into trouble for it. We may be fascinated by many things that catch our attention, but not necessarily enough to ask about them. Whatever we do right, it is because we have been trained to do it that way, and we still want to please the authority figures we love and respect…or just out of fear.

Then comes the “Chacham” period. We’re smart enough to ask questions and even answer many of them. You see kids become Bas Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah, and there is a surge to excel at learning. There is even competition to become the next Torah leaders of the generation, many years down the road. That is their entire world at that time, and for years, many thrive in it. 

Eventually some start to wake up to the world beyond their world. They become exposed to other ways of thinking, and other pleasures in life. Their belief system becomes tested, which can continue into marriage, and maybe even more so after it. The pressures of raising a family also force people to have to make decisions, and often compromises, that previously may have seemed out of the question.

That’s when they can start adjusting their approach to G–D and Divine Providence. When you’re young and single, it is easier to be “loyal” to your principles, i.e., G–D. But the pressures of life, including material success, and the battles of the yetzer hara can be overwhelming, and a person either has to fight for the truth, or weaken their connection to it. 

But the yetzer tov, a person’s good inclination, has a difficult time living without PURE truth. It nags a person to “get with the program” or suffer the consequences: CONSCIENCE. Day after day it pleads with the person to make the necessary changes, or else…

Some people do teshuvah, and stick with G–D and Torah despite the pressures not to. Others instead rationalize the falsehoods they encounter, making things that are important to G–D, like prayer for example, unimportant to themselves. Without even knowing it, they are asking, “What does this service mean to you?” 
To YOU, and not to G–D.

All of a sudden, the “Rasha” is not such a distant reality, at least not as distant as we’d LIKE to believe. When WE think of an evil person, we think of someone REALLY bad, and we’ve had plenty of THEM, going all the way back to Pharaoh, and even earlier. 

“Us? Like them? Not even close.”

True as that may be, “rasha” has many levels to it. Moshe Rabbeinu called Dasan and Aviram “evil” because they raised fists to one another. There are many times the term is applied to people that we ourselves might have simply put up with saying, “Ah, they’re not so bad.”

Hopefully we’re all right, meaning we are okay, and right about that. We ARE basically good people, perhaps even VERY good people. But as we see in daily life, we don’t always maintain the same spiritual level from moment-to-moment. We lose our temper. We can speak loshon hara. We can be mean…or dishonest. 

The main thing is that we can notice our shortcomings, and not simply write them off and move on. Maybe we can’t change our bad traits, or misguided thinking at the moment, or that of others. But at the very least, we have to stay true to the truth. We have to see right as right and wrong as wrong. Somewhere inside, we have to accept the pain, of not being consistent with what we know to be the right way.

Using an earlier example, though it may be difficult to put yourself into prayer, or every time, at least admit to yourself that you can pray better. If you gave charity without caring, at least you can realize it, and tell yourself to do better next time. Or if you see others doing things you know are not the way G–D meant it to be, don’t rationalize away their actions just to make peace. 

You may have to smile on the outside, but don’t do it on the inside. G–D takes note of that. He understands the struggles a person has to face when reacting to others, and takes the difficulty into account. But there is no reason to minimize the importance of a mitzvah or sin on the inside, just to avoid having to feel the pain of spiritual inconsistency. 

It’s a slippery spiritual slope to the front door of the “Evil Son” when we allow ourselves to undermine Torah values and principles. There can be a lot of people walking around who think they’re good by G–D, and be sorely mistaken about it. But if a person continues down the path of the Chacham, they will always be in G–D’s good book.

R Kahana — Rejecting Those Who Come Bearing Gifts

Parashat Bo 5780
Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Rejecting those who come bearing gifts

Last week’s visit of many heads of European states to Yerushalayim on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp is indeed an unprecedented historical event, but more so because it resolves a seeming contradiction between two of our sources.
In parashat Vayishlach (book of Bereishiet) at the most dramatic moment of the meeting between the two brothers, Aisav (Esau) comes rushing at Yaakov (Jacob) with the intent to murder, but at the last-minute falls upon his brother with hugs and kisses. So deep down Aisav is not such a bad guy-goy.
However, the Gemara (Pesachim 118b) relates that when the Mashiach will be revealed, HaShem will determine from which of the world’s nations will the Mashiach be permitted to receive gifts.
עתידה מצרים שתביא דורון למשיח, כסבור אינו מקבל מהם, אמר לו הקדוש ברוך הוא למשיח: קבל מהם, אכסניא עשו לבניי במצרים, מיד יאתיו חשמנים מני מצרים. נשאה כוש קל וחומר בעצמה: ומה הללו שנשתעבדו בהן – כך, אני שלא נשתעבדתי בהן – לא כל שכן? אמר לו הקדוש ברוך הוא: קבל מהם, מיד כוש תריץ ידיו לאלהים. נשאה מלכות ]רומי[ הרשעה קל וחומר בעצמה: ומה הללו שאין אחיהן – כך, אנו שאנו אחיהן – לא כל שכן? אמר לו הקדוש ברוך הוא לגבריאל: גער חית קנה… דכתיב יכרסמנה חזיר מיער וגו’.
The Gemara is telling us that the Mashiach will be permitted to receive homage from Egypt despite their poor track record with the Jewish nation; so too will he be permitted to receive gifts from the land of Kush (a nation bordering on Egypt). But when Rome, a euphemism for the nations of Europe descended from Aisav, will wish to pay homage, HaShem will prohibit any and all advances of Aisav to the Mashiach, even comparing Rome to a wild boar of the pig family.
From here we learn that Aisav is not such a nice guy-goy from his total rejection by HaShem from any contact with the Jewish nation, even being compared to a treif pig – a mammal of the Suidae family.
So, what is it – Aisav the sensitive loving caring brother or Aisav the treif swine? And why is Aisav compared to a wild boar.
I submit: It was apparent that the European dignitaries who gathered at Yad Vashem were moved by the overwhelming ambiance of the occasion, and several even wept. When Aisav met his brother after 20 years of hatred, he too was very moved. However, when Aisav departed for the land of Edom he reverted to being the immoral Jew hating anti-Semite he was from the time of his bar mitzva day.
The European dignitaries who shed a tear for the one and a half million Jews murdered at the Auschwitz camp returned home and when the magic of the moment passed, their antisemitic DNA honed and sharpened by the teachings of Christianity (Catholic, Protestant and eastern Christian sects) took over.
Even as the US president Donald Trump was delivering the essentials of his plan these European Union leaders were contriving to make the plan fail.
A boar and a pig have one of the two signature characteristics of a kosher animal, they have split hooves but do not chew their cud. When a pig lays down to rest, he by nature stretches out his feet as if to say “Look, I’m kosher” when he is not. A pig is the symbol of hypocrisy. Aisav and Europe as a whole cannot be trusted. They are as boars and pigs who attempt to demonstrate that they are what they are not. The tears they shed at Yad Vashem are the treif feet of a wild boar.

The plan of the century

The prophet Yeshayahu chapter 19,2 states:
וסכסכתי מצרים במצרים ונלחמו איש באחיו ואיש ברעהו עיר בעיר ממלכה בממלכה

I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian, brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.
The Midrash Shocher Tov relates that the first born of the Egyptians believed what Moshe predicted that the last plague will be their death. They appealed to their elders to free the Jews. When the elders refused the first born began a civil war and many, many Egyptians were killed. That is what the prophet was referring to when he predicted that in the future the Egyptians, and indeed all the Arabs who wish to destroy the Jewish state, will embark on a bloody civil war that will erase them from being a threat to the Jewish state.
Mr. Trump, with all his affinity to the Jewish state, has put forward a plan which includes severing a great part of land from our control and presenting it to the Arabs. Any Jew who loves the holy land will reflexively reject it. However, I do see a good side of the plan. It will by necessity produce a civil war among the Arabs who accept the plan and those who reject it.
The results of the civil war would bring all the areas west of the Jordan River under the sovereignty of the Jewish state.
In any event we all have 20-20 hindsight (especially this year) it’s the foresight which is a bit dull. But at the end of the day, HaShem as the greatest “playwright” will lead they Jewish nation on the course of our destiny in the most magnificent manner.
Shabbat Shalom,
Nachman Kahana
Copyright © 5780/2020 Nachman Kahana


What Hermesh, Mevo Dotan, Elon Moreh, Itamar, Bracha, Yitzhar, Ateret, Ma'ale Amos, Miz, Carmi Tzur, Telem, Adora, Negohot, Beit Hagai and Otniel have in common? According to the new US “peace plan”, these Jewish communities will become 
“enclaves in the Palestinian State”.
These towns are also the home of the most brave of Israeli Jews. Those who have some familiarity with Judea and Samaria know that, the more isolated you go to live, the more you have to be brave. And the more isolated these communities are, the more essential for Israel's security and memory they become.

There live the Jews who were ready to risk everything, home, life, children, sleep. They live far off the safety tracks, away from the fence, away from the blocs, away from the busy streets. Every time they get into a car, they take risks. They are the home of 13,000 Jews.

The Israeli army during the Second Intifada, or “Oslo War”, created a “SSZ”, a special security area of four hundred meters around the settlements most at risk of terror attacks. The first to obtain it were Mevo Dotan and Hermesh lying in a deadly triangle including Jenin, Tulkarem and Nablus.

Mevo Dotan today is the nothern and most isolated Jewish town in Samaria. Going there is a long trip in a no man's land. You live civilization far back beyond the 1967 border.

In Hermesh, which is mentioned in the US plan, I met Boaz Meleth, a farmer and father of 8 children. “We came here to live after Ariel Sharon took away the five northern Samaria settlements, because northern Samaria was in grave danger,” Meleth told me. “There were only 20 families left here. Out of 100 buildings, 80 were empty. The people had run away. Two girls were killed here. People were terrified”.

Elon Moreh’s houses are the most eastern in Judea and Samaria, the most isolated and exposed. It is hard to keep a list of the Jews killed for keeping alive this community. Many were murdered inside their own houses and beds. From Bracha, another mentioned community, you can see Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Jordan Valley. It is a major security outpost.

The sign for Negohot alerts you: “Israelis are not allowed”. We proceed among two or three Palestinian Arab villages. Shaked Avraham, a seven months old baby, was killed by a Palestinian terrorist who entered this wonderful small Jewish community, while its residents were celebrating the Jewish New Year.

I met Asaf Fried there. From his terrace, you can see everything, from Gaza to Tel Aviv including the Ashkelon plant. “The government expected that Negohot would collapse on itself” he told me. “We have not made it possible. Today there are 50 families. Ehud Barak in 1999 gave our road to the Palestinian Authority, it was an experiment. For seven years, that road was closed because of the terror attacks. Before we took half an hour driving from here, in the Intifada I needed two and a half hours”.

Ateret, with its unique musical yeshiva for high school boys, is a community between two large Arab blocs - Bir Zeit and Salfit. It is essential for Israel to keep it. Yitzhar overlooks Wadi Qana, where terrorists travel from Nablus, a Jihadist hotbed, in the direction of Tel Aviv.

The road between Hevron and Otniel is the “cursed 16 kilometers”: 25 Israelis have lost their lives in terror attacks. In this region only 10 thousand Jews live, because it is off the track of the anti-terrorism fence and is one of the most isolated regions of the whole of Judea. The road becomes very dangerous after Kiryat Arba and to do it you have to skirt numerous Palestinian villages. It is easy for a terrorist to stand by the roadside, shoot and disappear in a village.

During the Second Intifada, Otniel was shaken by a terrible attack. December 27, 2002 was a Friday night, and a group of terrorists entered the community in the school to massacre Jews who celebrated the Sabbath. In the kitchen some boys prepared food, in the hall dozens danced ecstatically. Noam Apter closed himself with the terrorists in the kitchen, thus blocking access to the room and saving the others. He paid for his gesture with his life. Four died. Their photos adorn the community today. Hevron's minarets dominate the nearby landscape. A yellow gate overlaps between the outside world and Otniel.

The strangling and eviction of these communities will mean the end of a Jewish presence in the southern Hevron hills.

Everybody knows that if you forfeit these small, isolated Jewish towns outside the largest of the bourgeoise blocs, the whole of Judea and Samaria will be lost. Eretz Israel will be in danger. Palestinian Arabs with weapons will be free to circulate in areas 3-5 kilometers from Rosh Ha'Ayin, Shoham, and Petach Tikvah, from Modiin, Afula, Efrat and Jerusalem.

These Jewish enclaves are like the “tower and stockade” kibbutzim established from 1936 to 1938 in isolated regions far from other Jewish settlements. Ein Gev, the first modern Jewish settlement on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, could be reached only by sea for several years.

These small communities keep terrorists from taking over the area and serve as buffer zones for the larger Israeli cities. Without many of these settlements, Israel's strategic space would shrink to Kalkilya.

Only passionately convinced people would visit this Jewish town. I did it many times. And I warn Israel: don't freeze and abandon these communities! These are not “enclaves”, but the heart of Eretz Yisrael.

The Deal of the Century

The dust has not yet settled on the "Deal of the century to end the MidEast conflict" and we do not know how or indeed if it will be implemented.

I would like to first point out that the name of the "Deal" is a misnomer. 

The conflict between Jews and Arabs over the Land of Israel is not a "MIdEast" conflict. The MidEast is a huge area comprised of dozens of countries and hundreds of warring tribes (some of these tribes have flags – other tribes want their own ). 

The specific arena and players of the conflict that the "Deal" addresses are minuscule in comparison to the vastly larger arena in constant conflict. Regardless of the turns and twists of this small, local conflict, the many states, and peoples of the wider MidEast continue their endless wars and internecine bloodletting without as much as a glance at what Jews and Arabs are doing in tiny Eretz Yisroel. If there were never a "Palestine" issue, the conflicts of the wider MidEast would not pause for a moment.

Another observation; The fact that the idea of an Arab state in "Palestine" is (and has been for decades) on the international agenda is a victory for history's most false and contrived narrative.

The "Palestinian people" would not have taken their place on the international center stage if not for two major factors.  

One - Had a group of people claiming peoplehood, pressed their claim against any other country/people other than against the Jews and the Jewish state, they would have been shunted to the sidelines of the international agenda, ( like the Kurds, Tibetans, etc..) 

However, the "Palestinian" cause is the perfect tool and righteous cause for Jew-haters everywhere to cling to in their war against the Jews by proxy. It is no accident that the major international (UN. EU, media, etc..) bodies commit vast resources and energy in their support of the poor "Palestinians" suffering at the hand of the Jews – who they claim are doing to others as was done to them during 2000 years of oppression.

This is the perfect way for those oppressors of Jews to wash their hands; the perfect salve for their collective guilty conscience. The Jews are no better! 

 Another source of loyal support for the "Palestine" narrative comes from Jews within and out of the Jewish state.Without the wide cracks these create in Jewish / Israeli unity in facing the"Palestinian" challenge, Israel would be in a far stronger position and the "Palestinian" foe would not enjoy the same access to the world's "conscience", stage and resources.

Why do Jews offer our enemy invaluable aid? That is certainly the most intriguing question and is beyond the scope of my current observations.

Back to the "Plan of the century”

We don't know yet how it will look in its final "practical" form but it is instructive to observe some of the initial reactions. First, the "Palestinians"( and their Leftist allies) are dumbfounded and enraged. They totally reject it ( as they have the many earlier offers, from the 1938 Peel Commission, the 1947 UN Partition plan continuing to the super generous offer of PM Barak and Olmert). This rejection is a clear sign that it certainly contains positive elements in it.

We can only hope that they will be consistent and continue to reject this "deal" because it includes the unthinkable from a Jewish perspective. It is unthinkable to give the ultimate legal and moral victory to those who have challenged our right to this land for over a century. If we yield any portion of our land we are basically saying that yes we stole lots of land from you but with this deal, you may only have part of it back. 

We have branded ourselves with the mark of Thief for all times. 

  • Which independent country in the world is willing to forfeit even one grain of sovereignty no matter the offer or cost?
  • Further and foremost, which Jew has the right to abdicate the Jewish People's ownership of the land that G-d has promised [as a Yerusha]  and given to our forefathers and descendants for all time? 
  • In whose name would that Jew be signing away God's Promised Land?

President Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House and we would not like to disappoint him. This is a dilemma for politicians and I do not envy their responsibilities. For this reason, I pray that our enemies will reject the "deal" and that G-d will continue to steer his People and Land to final redemption.


Please join me for the very best in-depth tour of Tiberius
Monday, Feb 10
The area is in bloom. 
The Kinneret is full.

30 January 2020

Kushner on the Deal of the Century

A Homeland Is Not For Sale
By Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

Speaking of Maps??

The “deal of the century” is bad for Israel. Presumably, the intentions that led to it were good, but it ignores certain basic truths.

The Land of Israel is the sole homeland of the Jewish people. The Land of Israel belongs to us, to the generations that preceded us, and to the generations yet to come. One doesn’t conduct business or make deals regarding a homeland. Any compromise on this absolute principle – any agreement to relinquish sections of our land – will be interpreted as an admission that the occupation falsehood is true.

In addition, any compromise will have very severe security ramifications since concessions – especially in the Middle East – are interpreted as weakness, which leads to more terrorism.
Israel must not be drawn into this agreement on the basis of our long-term familiarity with Arab rejectionism. It must not again say that “the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” Israel cannot base its Zionist vision and its future on the incidental rejectionism of a random Arab leader. JPress

IMP UPDATE to Coronavirus Can Be Caused By Viral Interference

UPDATE:  Treatment of suspected coronavirus should not be a Flu Vaccine: the absolute incorrect prescription – based on:

Coronavirus Can Be Caused By Viral Interference, 
A Known Result Of Flu Vaccines

News and articles about CORONAVIRUS are everywhere, but our article, here on Age Of Autism, may be much different from what we are reading and seeing elsewhere. It is interesting to observe the business side of all of this talk of health. This from Business Insider, for example:

The flu is a far bigger threat to most people in the US than the Wuhan coronavirus. (BusinessInsider) Here's why:

Although the CDC considers this coronavirus (whose scientific name is 2019-nCoV) to be a serious public-health concern, the agency said in a statement Friday that "the immediate health risk from 2019-nCoV to the general American public is considered low at this time."

A graver health risk for Americans — not just right now, but every year — is the flu….."When we think about the relative danger of this new coronavirus and influenza, there's just no comparison," William Schaffner, a vaccine expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told Kaiser Health News (KHN). "Coronavirus will be a blip on the horizon in comparison. The risk is trivial."....So far, experts report that the median age of those who have died from the Wuhan coronavirus is around 75. Many of these individuals had other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease…..Currently, the fatality rate for the coronavirus is about 3%.

While the flu's fatality rate is lower than that, the CDC is still far more concerned about protecting Americans from influenza.

And there you have it. [. . .] in this case, it’s the flu vaccine, which can be ineffective, we are told in Scientific American [Flu Vaccine Selections Suggest This Year’s Shot May Be Off the Mark]. As a result, you can bet lots of money is being lost and it sure looks like this virus in China has become a good excuse to get rid of these flu vaccines. Another business piece that is obviously revving up, is to invent a  coronavirus vaccine.

Honestly, just reading up on both influenza and coronavirus brings up some interesting reading. For starters, it appears in China, that this year, there were twice as many flu shots being given:

Continue reading "Coronavirus Can Be Caused By Viral Interference, A Known Result Of Flu Vaccines" »

Posted by Age of Autism on January 29, 2020 at 05:59 AM in Current Affairs, Science

NB as an aside, when reading about a sick and suffering kitty, the Veterinarian said that the kitty had a corona virus (!) and was too sick to help. Imagine that, a kitten can get a corona virus. This tells us that this is a “category” of viruses, with subsets of various viruses. There is so much ‘fake news’ for a myriad of reasons [money, politics, etc], that we need to wait a bit until this is no longer ‘hot news’ in order to read the honest analyses about it.


Naama’s Home – What an experience. 
We hope others have learned from this happening.

רגעים אחרי שחרורה: נעמה יששכר במפגש עם אמה, ראש הממשלה ורעייתו

יפה יששכר הגיעה לרוסיה לקראת פגישתו של נתניהו עם פוטין לגבי מתן החנינה לנעמה יששכר

יפה יששכר, אמה של נעמה לפני ההמראה לרוסיה


Yaffa Issachar, mother of Israeli citizen Naama Issachar who is serving a drug sentence at Moscow region's penal colony IK-1 located in the village of Novoye Grishino, arrived to visit her daughter at the correctional facility on Tuesday after Moscow region's governor Andrei Vorobyev signed Naama's pardon request.


Naama Issachar's mother, Yaffa, responded this evening to the pardon Russian President Vladimir Putin signed to release her daughter Wednesday.

"This is a moment I have been waiting for almost a year. I have been on a long journey that I do not wish anyone to go through. At the moment all I want is to hug my daughter Naama," Yaffa said.

Putin signed the pardon after a Russian parole commission recommended Issachar’s request be granted on Monday.

A day later, the governor of the Moscow Oblast, Andrey Yuryevich Vorobyov, signed off on Issachar’s pardon request, sending it to President Putin for final approval. INN

29 January 2020

UPDATE: LIVE VIDEO from outside Naama Issachar’s penal colony in Moscow region

UPDATE:  This is an updated to 1/29 viewing. Maybe we will see something today.

HERE IS NAAMA’s MOTHER waiting to greet her daughter
Russia: Naama Issachar’s mother arrives at Moscow region penal colon

Begin watching at minus 39 (-39 near then end of the red line. Was hoping to see Naama Issachar being released. Instead there were many photogs and reporters, they interviewed someone. Then the camera focused on the seal on the wall of the prison, and next the people dispersed as a car pulled out and drove off. Maybe showing the seal was the actual moment she was released. Maybe Naama was in the car? But maybe this was not.

IY”H we will see her back in Eretz Yisrael soon enough.

URGENT – LIVE: WHO Holds Press Conference on CoronaVirus

LIVE: From the WHO
Started streaming 49 minutes ago


BOMBSHELL REPORT: Jonathan Pollard Will Arrive In Israel Before Elections, Likud Source Says

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is working on an agreement to have Jonathan Pollard brought to Israel a week before the March 2 elections, a Times of Israel (TOI) report said, quoting a Likud source who spoke to Zman Yisrael, TOI’s Hebrew sister sit

Former Israeli spy Pollard told Channel 12 News in an interview in August that he asked Netanyahu to use his influence to convince US President Donald Trump to allow him more freedom in order to care for his ailing wife Esther. Esther Pollard is seriously ill with aggressive breast cancer and Pollard explained that he doesn’t have the freedom to properly take care of her since all his restrictions are like a “virtual prison.”

For A Jew, “Home” only means Eretz Yisrael

“I can’t take care of my wife properly now because I have no freedom of movement,” Pollard said in August. “I’m not mobile. If she needs something in the middle of the night, I can’t leave home. Esther has been fighting for my life for 30 years. Now it’s my turn.”

“I ask Netanyahu to personally contact President Trump and request relief on my terms of release,” Pollard said. “I’m confident, hopeful that Netanyahu can make this call. I was told by Netanyahu’s office that he would get involved. I can’t imagine Netanyahu not making an effective call. I can’t imagine Trump refusing.”

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["before elections” the PM thinks this will help him??]


PARDONED! Kremlin Says Putin Has Approved Naama Issachar’s Pardon Request

Likud MK Trying to Stall the Annexation

Likud Minister Explaining Why Annexation Must Be Delayed Even as DM Bennett Prepares to ‘Immediately Apply Sovereignty’
Bennett is Right; I think he knows that the two-step process, allows Netanyahu to halt the process after the Palestinians riot all over Israel (at least that is what the PM hopes). One can almost see the handwriting on the wall.

JPress Defense minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett on Wednesday announced that he had ordered the establishment of a special team to immediately begin to apply Israeli sovereignty to all Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

“We will give the prime minister full support for the [annexation] move,” Bennett said at the National Institute of National Security Research’s annual international conference.

According to Netanyahu on Tuesday, the annexation will be carried out in two phases: first, the PM will submit to the government’s approval at its upcoming meeting the decision to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea and other Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria; second, following administrative preparations in Israel, the application of Israeli law to additional territories will also be presented.

Ambassador Friedman: Go Annex Those Settlements, 
What Are You Waiting For?

Bennett said the team to be set up would integrate all the administrative units in the IDF, the Civil Administration, COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories), a number of relevant government ministries and the security apparatus.

“This is the biggest political opportunity that has come our way in 50 years,” the defense minister said, adding, “But an opportunity can pass if you don’t grab it and apply it. Yesterday, the prime minister’s circle announced that the decision to apply sovereignty would be brought this Sunday to a government vote. But this morning we hear a different tune. Government ministers explain to us that there’s administrative work pending, that the process must be coordinated with the Attorney General, that there’s a bureaucracy.”

“I’ll be clear,” Bennett stressed, “Whatever is postponed until after the election will never happen. We all understand that.”

Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) told Reshet Bet radio that the annexation of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria “will not happen on Sunday [even though the PM said so–another *renege) for the simple reason that preparation work needs to be done. There is also the need to bring the proposal to the Attorney General and let him examine things. Our goal is to do it in the next few days, but right on Sunday, technically, we can’t.”

Oh Yeah, Right! The AG will examine and say, not now folks

Levin attacked Bennett, saying, “It’s not difficult to sit over here in Israel and say to the Prime Minister, ‘Kol hakavod for what you received, we’ll accept it, but when it comes to the tough concessions, those we’ll resist and push an empty, populist move instead.”

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to secure the future of the settlement enterprise,” Levin said, “We can’t miss this opportunity.”

Channel 12 illustrated the immediate changes in the lives of settlement residents, should the Netanyahu cabinet annex their communities: relief in planning and paving roads that are currently direly missing in Area C; the ability to design and build modern infrastructure such as electricity, sewage and water; sane organization of construction procedures and the promise that there will be no more construction freeze; and the transfer of administrative powers from the Civil Administration to the local authorities, which will lead to their forging a better relationship with the government and the cutting of at least half the current red tape.

Minister Yariv Levin – get it done and a hundred thousand settlers will switch their vote to your party. I know this because many of them have been voting for you even when you didn’t do much to improve their lives…

Sources: JPress AND JPress

*renege = “renege” is built from Latin roots, the prefix “re” plus the verb stem “negare,” meaning “to deny” (and which also gave us our modern English “negative,” “deny” and several other words).
ALSO renegade O’s moniker = a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles

Perigee Has Just Occurred With 7.7 Jamaican Quake

Dave Dobbs on NIBIRU 
Perigee Has Just Occurred With 7.7 Jamaican Earthquake
(skip ahead to 17 and then over the ‘religious' outpourings to the topic here, he discussed correlations of flybys and earth events)

noun: perigee; plural noun: perigees
the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is nearest to the earth.

Coincidentally – “Deal of the Century”!

Caribbean earthquake of 7.7 prompts office Evacuations in Miami (2:10 pm Tuesday, January 28)
?Updated? to a 6.5 Quake

BBC  A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake has struck in the Caribbean, prompting brief tsunami warnings and office evacuations as far away as Florida. The quake hit between Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), the US Geological Survey (USGS) said on Tuesday. Buildings shook and tremors were felt across the Caribbean, but there were no immediate reports of casualties. Some offices were temporarily evacuated in Miami and parts of Jamaica.

Affected from Mexico to Miami


The Land of Israel is the sole homeland of the Jewish people

A people Does Not Willingly Relinquish its Heartland
Photo Credit: YouTube

JPress. We have now seen and heard the primary official details of the Deal of the Century, and it is, indeed, a bad deal for Israel. Presumably, the intentions that led to the formulation of the program were good intentions; however, they lack the basic understanding of the essence of the Land of Israel.

The Land of Israel is the sole homeland of the Jewish people. The Land of Israel belongs to us, to the generations that preceded us and the generations that have yet to come. One does not conduct business or make deals on a homeland. Any compromise regarding this absolute, historic principle, any agreement to relinquish sections of our land will be interpreted by history as an admission that the occupation falsehood is true. A people cannot be an occupier of its own land.

A people does not willingly relinquish its heartland. Beyond its historical significance, this concession has very severe security ramifications, as concession, especially in the Middle East in interpreted as weakness, and as such encourages more and more terrorism. We are liable to find ourselves in a situation several times more severe than the situation in Gaza, as the missiles will be much more advanced, much more deadly , and especially, these missiles will be much closer to the densely populated center of the country.

The objective of sovereignty and the Sovereignty Movement is the realization of the right of the Jewish people over the entire Land of Israel. This is due to a moral obligation based on history, Jewish law, and international law. All this is to ensure the independence and security of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people residing in it.

A necessary corollary of these objectives is preventing the delusional and dangerous idea of establishing a Palestinian state, abrogation of the Oslo Accords, stopping the Arab land grab, and the generous planning of the National Outline Plan for the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, a plan based on Israeli sovereignty and a solid Jewish majority between the Mediterranean and the Jordan.

The deal presented today by US President Donald Trump does not meet the essential expectations for the future of the Jewish people. It runs contrary to the objectives noted here, and consequently, we must forcefully reject it.

Israel must not be drawn into an agreement in principle to this proposal on the basis of the long term familiarity with Arab rejectionism. Rather, it must not again say that the Arabs have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Israel cannot base its Zionist vision and its future on the incidental rejectionism of a random Arab leader or the agreement of another Arab leader. The Zionist vision and the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel are substantial matters of principle that are not currency to be used in any deal.

Preliminary Analyzations

My estimation is that really this is a sketchy plan (a set-up by Shamayim) that leaves the door wide open for Eretz Yisrael to be made whole again, by annexing ALL of the Land that HKB”H and the Biblical Borders allow. Because the Ramallah faction will not accept this and as a result when Mashiach wars against the “other side” he will expand our borders. The Arab nations cannot and will not complain. They will recognize the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy.

Preliminary Impressions in the JewishPress 
by Joe Settler, with my comments in [ ]

The Good:
1) Israeli sovereignty is applied (immediately?) to all Jewish communities. All meaning all.
[there are 15 communities of Israelis that are to be included in a Palestinian “enclave”!!]

2) No Jews get expelled or uprooted.
[believe it when we see it]

3) There will be almost no steps taken towards a Palestinian state without the Palestinian Authority taking all the required prerequisite steps the plan demands, which they are unlikely to do.
[do not trust the government because they have been preparing for this under the Netanyahu-led Likud Government]

The Bad:
1) It sets up a path to creating and recognizing a Palestinian state in the heartland of Israel and Jerusalem. We’re talking about negotiating parts of our ancient homeland away, even if the plan seems to minimize the risk of that actually happening.
[we should wait for a response from Shamayim, and Expect the palestinians to correctly reject this half-baked cake]

2) On one hand, the plan calls for maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount. On the other hand, it seems to allow Jews to pray on our holiest site at specific times too. We’re leaving it under the bad category.
[actually this could lead the way to building the Third Temple]

3) We are set to lose most of Judea and Samaria. We are set to lose all the areas that we will eventually need to grow into.
[this should never happen, and maybe wont]

4) The area of the pre-67 “Triangle” might be handed over to the Palestinian State. Some might put handing over all the anti-Israel Israeli-Arabs to the PA as belonging in the “good” category. That paragraph certainly upset Ahmad Tibi who would have to join a Palestinian state, unless he picked up and moved (which is what a lot of Triangle residents would certainly do).

4) The expanded Palestinian State in Gaza will have an extended border with the ISIS infested Egyptian Sinai, even if there is some sort of Israeli security path between the two.
[Trump said emphatically that ISIS was no longer. He’s mistaken about that]

The Ugly:
1) From experience, we all know that everyone is going to look the other way at PA violations, especially if/when there is a different US administration in the White House.

There’s no denying that we can all see Bernie Sanders giving them a free pass and a Palestinian state.

2) There will be more terror attacks.

3) We are relying on PA Arab rejectionism, ignoring that everyone else will ignore their rejectionism.

Good or bad aside, in a perfect world and on paper, the plan is ingenious. It is also the first time Israeli/Jewish rights and history are actually acknowledged and taken into account.

It appears that Israel immediately gets sovereignty and recognition for all our communities, while the Palestinian Authority needs to fulfill basic, civilized steps to move forward on their end – such as disarming Hamas, stopping payments to terrorists, and so on.

If they manage to do all that, then theoretically we would have a peaceful neighbor in our midst.

Of course, we all know from experience they can’t, and that’s not their goal as a society.

As individuals, PA Arabs can be and are wonderful people, but as a society, they have proved to be very sick and dangerous. It will take generations to wipe out the antisemitism that has been ingrained into their society.

So, one of two things will likely happen. (1) Terror will increase, or (2) terror will increase and the world will look away, or even worse, blame Israel.

We’ve been discussing this at the Muqata, and we aren’t yet prepared to pass judgement on the plan. It requires deeper examination.

We are very unhappy at the maps, at the entire concept of even discussing a Palestinian state, at the thought of losing parts of our ancient and modern homeland.

On the other hand, we are realistically aware that PA society can and will never meet the basic conditions of demilitarizing their society or ending support for terrorism, so the threat of a Palestinian state should remain unrealized… at least until the next US president (or Israeli prime minister) decides to look the other way (or decides to look at Gaza separately) – and that’s the real threat.

Israel has clear steps it needs to take right now… such as applying sovereignty over all our Jewish communities.

But what will the Palestinian Authority and Hamas do next? What will that cost us?

And what happens when the next president in the White House is the exact opposite of the “best friend Israel ever had?”

28 January 2020

Netanyahu INDICTED

Perhaps, precisely because:

“In this fateful hour for the people of Israel, when I am in the United States on a historic mission to design the permanent borders of Israel and ensure our security for decades to come, the Knesset is expected to start another spectacle in the circus of removing immunity,” Netanyahu wrote.

AG Mandelblit:

Shortly after Netanyahu retracted his request for immunity, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit formally submitted the indictments against the prime minister to the Jerusalem District Court.  YWN

בנייה לא חוקית Meir Ettinger א' שבט תש"פ

בנייה לא חוקית
דעה: בערוץ שבע עשו מעשה מכוער. האם יהיה אפשר לסמוך על תקשורת "ימנית" כזו כאשר יעמדו על הפרק שאלות הרות-גורל בקשר לעתידו של עם ישראל?

לפני כשבוע הרסו כוחות הביטחון שתי בתים, בתים שהתגוררו בהם משפחות, בגבעת 'קומי אורי' ביצהרהעילה להרס שאושר על ידי שר הביטחון נפתלי בנט היא, העובדה שהבתים נבנו בשטח B. בניגוד לשקר שהדהדו אנשי שר הביטחוןבג"ץ לא חייב אותו כלל להרוס את הבתים, אלא רק אפשר לו. מדוע שש בנט לאשר את ההרסלמפלגת 'ימינה' פתרונים.

על חשיבות המאבק על הבנייה בשטחי B, והמלחמה בשקר של "סיפוח שטחי C" שהוא למעשה אימוץ ויישור קו עם הסכמי אוסלו, אלו שהביאו לרצח של יהודים רבים כל כך, וקריעה לגזרים על ארץ קדשנו. מה היה חושב הרצי"ה קוק אילו היה יודע שקריאתו "איפה שכם שלנו, איפה יריחו שלנו" התחלפה ב"לספח את עפרה, כביש עוקף חאוורה להר ברכה". צריך להרחיב בהזדמנות אחרת.

אבל עובדה מקוממת אחת שלא יכולה לתת מנוח, לא מאפשרת להמשיך ולשתוק, והיא יישור הקו של 'המגזר' עם ההרס רק בגלל העובדה שמבצעו הוא 'משלנו'.
הכותרת בערוץ 7 ביום ההרס היתה "נהרסו מבנים בלתי חוקיים ביישוב יצהר", גם כאשר דיווחו על בניית הבתים מחדש דיווח האתר "נבנו מחדש הבתים הבלתי חוקיים". בדקתי, כיצד נראו הכותרות באתר ערוץ 7 כאשר ההרס היה קרוב לאתר. לא מצאתי את הביטוי 'בלתי חוקיים', לא בפינוי ב'בתי דריינוף' בבית אל, לא בפינוי 'גבעת האולפנה' בבית אל. הכותרות האלו הם שהופיעו באתרי שמאל כמו 'ידיעות' ו'הארץ' כאשר הרסו בבית אל.

לא מדובר במשגה, אנשים רבים פנו ומחו בפני עורך האתר, אדם שלו שנאה אישית עזה לנוער הגבעות, הוא דחה אותם בבוז מתנשא, וכי למה לאהרי הצד של הכוח נמצא אצלוואת האידאולוגיה אפשר לכופף לצרכי הפוליטיקה הצרה והמכוערת של עיתונאים.

רק שתבינו, הבתים בגבעת 'קומי אורי' מוגדרים כבלתי חוקיים, בגלל שהרשות הפלסטינית לא נתנה להם אישור. מדינת ישראל בעיני עצמה ויתרה לחלוטין על שטחים אלו ומסרה אותם לאויב, היא ביצעה את ההרס 'כידא אריכתא' של שלטון המרצחים של אבו מאזן. הבנתם את זה? כשערוץ 7 קורא לבתים 'לא חוקיים' אילו היה מדובר במציאות שבה יש אפשרות לקבל אישור מהמנהל האזרחי, ניחא, אולי היה אפשר להחריש. גם זה הרי נורא ואיום. כאילו אנשי ערוץ 7 מתגוררים בבתים חוקיים, כאילו שההתיישבות ביהודה ושומרון קמה באופן חוקי.

האם רבני ערוץ 7 שכחו את דבריו של הרב צבי יהודה קוק שאמר:

"וכמובן אם חלילה ייעשה על-ידי מי-שהוא מאתנו, יחידים שלנו או ממשלה שלנו, מה-שהוא של בגידה ומעילה בשליחותנו זאת, כלפי דורותינו כולם של כל-ישראל, הלא כל דבר שכזה הוא בהחלט לא-חוקי ולא-ממשי, והוא בטל-ומבוטל למפרע ומכאן-ולהבא, כעפרא-דארעא ופחות מזה. וקשר נצח ישראל וארץ-חיינו-קדשנו זאת לכל חלקיה וגלילותיה כולם, הלא קבוע-וקיים לעד-לעולם בדבר השם כימי השמים על הארץ"?
או את דבריו שאמר:

"על הארץ הזאת, אשר לעולם עומדת, שהיא לנו מורשה, כמו שהתורה היא מורשה, נחלה שאין לה הפסק, נאמר בדבר ד': "והתנחלתם", בצווי אלוקי מיוחד ונצחי, לא לתת בתוכה מקום חניה לנוכרים. ואנחנו כולנו, המקובצים פה, הלא הננו נציגים שלוחים של כל עם-ישראל, החוזר אל נחלת-אבותיו הקדמונית ולא תעלה על הדעת ולא תבוא כל בגידה ומעילה בתפקיד שליחותנו זאת, חלילה, מצד איזשהו של שרים או של ממשלה.

"הננו מובטחים וקיימים בחוק ולא יעבור בשובנו בשם ד' שיבת ציון עם החזרת שכינתו והארת פניו אלינו כי לא יטוש השם עמו ולא יעזוב את נחלתו, וכל מיני הסכמים או ויתורים על כל חלק של נחלת אבותינו אין להם כל זכות, ממשות ותוקף-חיוב, והם בטלים ומבוטלים מכאן ולמפרע ומכאן ולהבא”

קשה למצוא מילים לתאר את גודל הכיעור, כאשר מעשה שכזה בא מאתר שהוקם באופן בלתי חוקי, שנלחם בראשית דרכו ב'תשקורת העויינת', והפך לכלי תקשורת עוין, כזה שהערכים ואהבת הארץ, ניצבים במקום משני, הרבה אחרי הפוליטיקה, קידום האינטרסים של מפלגות. האם יהיה אפשר לסמוך על תקשורת "ימנית" כזו כאשר יעמדו על הפרק שאלות הרות-גורל בקשר לעתידו של עם ישראל?

Rabbi Glatstein: Journey to Poland 2024 VIII – From Auschwitz

Live From Auschwitz: From the Gas Chambers - The Story of Unbridled Joy     Live From Auschwitz: The Story of Akeidas Yitzchak in Auschwitz ...