09 January 2020

Trump Has Made the World a **Safer Place, but . . .

The *SIYUM HASHAS has created a ‘rash’ in Shamayim and caused a ‘smile' from Hashem ('My people have bested Me') and, who knows, this will make the world much much safer.

Rabbi Kessin 1/4/2020:  #Perhaps the myriad gatherings all over the world and the completion of the 7 year cycle of learning Shas has created a rash in Shamayim and this is what is really making the world a safer place  (paraphrased)

Is the world ready for this (Mashiach)?

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*that night 4 Teves 5780 | 01.01.2020 or the day following Trump ordered the elimination of No 1 Enemy in the World and was done immediately  on 1/2 [and now that Iran, the numero uno promoter of terror in the world seems to be coming around to negotiations – yes, time will tell] 

** huffpost (surprisingly of all sites) and World is safer because of Iranian commander's death: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,"We're having to clean up their mess," Pompeo said of the Obama administration. "'It's very clear the world's a safer place today’" (and shockingly by abcnews)

#exactly at 1:04:50 in Rabbi Kessins shiur, "21st Century #50 | Why the Redemption Seems to Take So Long”  he credits his wife for this observation.

And it still continues:
Gashmei Bracha

Recent heavy rainfall leads to flooding in Judean Desert, makes way to Dead Sea
[…] descending from the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea, Nahal Arugot and Nahal Qumram

Visit arutzsheva to see videos showing:
Flooding of Nahal Qumram
Flooding of Nahal Arugot

Beit Shean Valley's Basalt Canyon flows in surging abundance

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