28 January 2020

Meir Ettinger on Illegal Construction

Illegal Construction
Opinion: On ArutzSheva they did an ugly act. Would such a "right-wing" communication be relied upon to address fateful questions about the future of the Jewish people?

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About a week ago, the security forces demolished two houses, family-owned homes, on Kumi Uri Hill in Yitzhar. The reason for the destruction approved by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett is that the houses were built in Area B. Contrary to the lie echoed by the defense minister - the High Court does not oblige him at all to demolish the houses, but only allows him. ‘Solutions"

On the importance of the struggle for building in Area B, and the war on the "annexation of Area C", which is in fact the adoption and alignment of the Oslo Accords, the ones that led to the murder of so many Jews, and tearing apart our holy land. What would the Rav Kook think if he knew that his call "Where's our Nablus, where's our Jericho" was replaced by "annexing Ofra, a bypass road to HaAavra to Blessing." Should be extended on another occasion.

But one outrageous fact that cannot rest does not allow us to keep silent, and is the alignment of the "sector" with the destruction only because its operation is "our own.”

The headline on ArutzSheva on the day of the demolition was "Illegal buildings were demolished in the Yizhar settlement,” even as they reportedly rebuilt the houses. I checked what the headlines on the ArutzSheva site looked like when the destruction was close to the site. I did not find the expression 'illegal', not in the evacuation of the 'Beit Dreinoff' house in Beit El, nor in the evacuation of the ‘Ulpana Hill' in Beit El. These headlines appeared on left-wing sites such as Yedioth and Haaretz when they were demolished in Bethel. [me: srugim]

This is not a mistake, many people have turned to the editor of the site, a person whose intense personal hatred of the hilltop youth, he dismissed them with condescending contempt, and why [emphasis in red mine–astonished]

No? After all, the power side is in him  [this is not a mistake] and the ideology can be bent on the narrow and ugly politics of journalists.

Just remember, the houses on Kumi Uri Hill are classified as illegal because the Palestinian Authority did not give them permission. The State of Israel, in its view, completely renounced these territories and handed them over to the enemy, and it carried out the destruction of the "Kida Arichta" ['כידא אריכתא’] of Abu Mazen's murderous rule. Did you understand that? When ArutzSheva calls homes "illegal" if it were a reality where civilian administration could be approved, well, it might have been silent. This, too, is terrible and terrible. As if ArutzSheva people were living in legal homes, as if settling in Judea and Samaria was legally established.

Did ArutzSheva rabbis forget the words of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook (z”l) who said:

"וכמובן אם חלילה ייעשה על-ידי מי-שהוא מאתנו, יחידים שלנו או ממשלה שלנו, מה-שהוא של בגידה ומעילה בשליחותנו זאת, כלפי דורותינו כולם של כל-ישראל, הלא כל דבר שכזה הוא בהחלט לא-חוקי ולא-ממשי, והוא בטל-ומבוטל למפרע ומכאן-ולהבא, כעפרא-דארעא ופחות מזה. וקשר נצח ישראל וארץ-חיינו-קדשנו זאת לכל חלקיה וגלילותיה כולם, הלא קבוע-וקיים לעד-לעולם בדבר השם כימי השמים על הארץ”?

"And, of course, if God forbid it be done by us, our individuals or our government, whatsoever of betrayal and embezzlement on our mission, to all our generations of all Israel, not such a thing is certainly illegal and unreal, and it is Canceled and repealed retrospectively - as afra-dara and less. And the eternal connection of Israel and our land of our lives - to all its parts and scrolls, the permanent and never-existent name of the heavenly heavens on earth “?

או את דבריו שאמר:

"על הארץ הזאת, אשר לעולם עומדת, שהיא לנו מורשה, כמו שהתורה היא מורשה, נחלה שאין לה הפסק, נאמר בדבר ד': "והתנחלתם", בצווי אלוקי מיוחד ונצחי, לא לתת בתוכה מקום חניה לנוכרים. ואנחנו כולנו, המקובצים פה, הלא הננו נציגים שלוחים של כל עם-ישראל, החוזר אל נחלת-אבותיו הקדמונית ולא תעלה על הדעת ולא תבוא כל בגידה ומעילה בתפקיד שליחותנו זאת, חלילה, מצד איזשהו של שרים או של ממשלה.
Or what he said:
"This land, which is ever standing, which we are licensed, as the Torah is licensed, has an unstoppable estate," says D: "And their settlement," with special and eternal Gd, does not give it parking space for foreigners. We are not despicable representatives of any people of Israel, returning to their ancestral inheritance and unthinkable and will not betray and betray our mission, God forbid, by any minister or government.
"הננו מובטחים וקיימים בחוק ולא יעבור בשובנו בשם ד' שיבת ציון עם החזרת שכינתו והארת פניו אלינו כי לא יטוש השם עמו ולא יעזוב את נחלתו, וכל מיני הסכמים או ויתורים על כל חלק של נחלת אבותינו אין להם כל זכות, ממשות ותוקף-חיוב, והם בטלים ומבוטלים מכאן ולמפרע ומכאן ולהבא”
"We are assured and existing in the law and will not return upon our return in the name of D. Shivat Zion upon the return of his abode and enlightened us that he will not renounce his name or leave his inheritance, and all kinds of agreements or concessions on any part of our ancestral estate have no right, substance and effect, And they are null and void from here and retrospectively from here on out ”
It is hard to find words to describe the magnitude of ugliness, when such an act came from an illegally established site, which fought its way through the hostile media, and became a hostile media outlet, one that values and love of the country stands in a secondary place, long after politics, promoting the interests of parties. Would such a "right-wing" communication be relied upon to address fateful questions about the future of the Jewish people?

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