01 January 2020

This is Sensational

Bennett temporarily replaces Netanyahu as Cabinet head

Doesn’t Matter Why (he’s been put in a good place to fight Israel’s enemies) As PM Netanyahu readies for Greece trip, DM Bennett steps in as Cabinet chair. Defense Minister Bennett temporarily replaces PM Netanyahu as chair of Diplomatic-Security Cabinet.

The Knesset's secretariat on Wednesday held a phone conference to receive approval for Defense Minister Naftali Bennett's (New Right) appointment replacing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as chairman of the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet. The temporary appointment will last until Netanyahu returns Saturday evening from his visit to Greece. During Netanyahu's absence, Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) will hold government meetings, if such are necessary.

Netanyahu is traveling to Greece to participate in a trilateral meeting of Israeli, Greek, and Cypriot leaders. (Hope nothing happens there)

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