07 January 2020

Mumps Has Resurficed in Israel

Why Teenagers? Mumps is a childhood disease. Where did this come from?

New Infection, New Vaccine Needed in Modi’in
Why a “New” vaccine? MMR?
Along with the increased vaccinations to Israelis there seems to be an increase in infection and outbreaks. Go back 20 years and compare stats about disease outbreaks and epidemics, plus waves of flu infections. Probably one could surmise that there is a huge increase. Why does this not come as a question mark in peoples minds? Were these Teens vaccinated as babies? Were they not given the childhood MMR shots? So why was that not sufficient to immunize them? What has happened to their immune system?

Modi’in has announced the city is providing a special vaccine to its residents after a number of teens in the local Bnei Akiva branch were diagnosed with the mumps.

It is not known how many teens are suffering from the illness. The Health Ministry directed the schools to continue with their regular routine, however, “despite the panic.”

Panic is now ingrained into the Israeli psychic by media alarmists.

The ministry has updated parents of Bnei Akiva branch members with the information that a number of those who appear to be at risk would receive the vaccine.

The virus erupted last week in the midst of an influenza outbreak.

The illness typically starts with a few days of fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, and loss of appetite, and is followed by swelling of salivary glands. Anyone who is not immune from either a previous mumps infection or from vaccination, can become infected.

The first signs of swelling usually appear a few days after the onset of fever.

The illness is transmitted through “coughing, sneezing and by contact with nasal and phlegm secretions,” according to the ministry.

Readers are urged to consult your family doctor if there are any questions or concerns about the infection.

During a Calcalist conference this week, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) told participants that the Israeli government is considering restricting the rights of citizens who refuse vaccinations. Among the restrictions being considered are travel rights and the ability to obtain a driver’s license.

Source: JewishPress

The classic “strike fear in the minds of people” to coerce them to do what “someone” wants.


moshe said...

Probably everything is manipulated in the vaccines and in the flu virus that's going around which somehow is bringing out the mumps virus, whatever. While the no-gooders are responsible - everything is m'Shamayim. When will our people wake up, including the chareidi world? These end times are frightening, chaotic and confusing and we have reached the 50th level of tumah, so all the scum is coming out and, hopefully, we will all wake up and do teshuvah where our people will be able to discern good from bad. Because of this modern technological era, the evil doers have the genius of confusing the populace where they already have destroyed the mindsets of many, r'l.
We pray Moshiach will not delay even one moment

Neshama said...

Yes Moshe, the mumps pops out of a different vaccine. There is an article about just that and I need time to find it. ITMT Yeshiva World News published an expose on vaccines just a day ago. If it is still on their website, search for it and read it. ITS EXCELLENT AND CONCISE. Otherwise, when I get to it I saved it and will post it.