05 January 2020

AUSTRALIA FIRES – A Biblical Event

HALF A BILLION ANIMALS DEAD! Massive Australia Fires Described As 'Biblical’ Event

Australia has been hit by one of the worst bushfire crises in its history; at least 15 people have been killed since September and more than a thousand homes have been destroyed.

Jewish Australian Family Calls Fires ‘Apocalyptic’ Following Evacuation (vosizneias. SYDNEY (JNS) — A Jewish family in Australia relayed how they are managing the raging wildfires that have destroyed more than 1,300 homes and burned some 13.5 million acres across the country. Martine and Gavin Folden, and their two children—Cisco, 9, and Yumi, 11—evacuated from their home and are now sleeping in a caravan in Berry, about 12 miles from their house nearly 90 miles from Sydney. With them are also two horses, two dogs and two cats. “It’s apocalyptic, but we’re coping,” Martine Folden told JTA. “We’ve been here a couple of days, and we don’t know how long we will have to stay. Until the fire danger passes at least.”

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