26 January 2020


Security Incident at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park
Boro Park – A woman who tried luring a girl to her car with promises of candy has prompted a Boro Park school to issue a warning to parents. boropark

2 Men Attempt Robbery Inside Baltimore Synagogue
vosizneias  According to police, 2 men entered the Khal Chassidim Synagogue in the 6000 block of Park Heights Avenue, at around 7 PM on Friday night. After gaining entry, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and pointed it at a man inside the synagogue. He then tried to rob him. The victim struggled with the suspects, but thankfully was not injured. The 2 suspects left the synagogue after the unsuccessful robbery.

Fire Destroys New Building of Fallsburg Yeshiva Girls School
On the morning of Thursday, January 23, the dreams of a new building went up in smoke – very literally. A massive blaze broke out at the construction site of Bnos Devorah Raizel’s building, completely destroying the structure, leaving behind nothing more than a pile of rubble.
It was a scene that was hard to watch for the South Fallsburg stalwarts who had invested heart and soul into making the dream of a new building into a reality. Students were heartbroken, teachers left speechless. vosizneis

Dozens of Arabs RIOTED and Try To Enter Neve Ya’akov On Friday Night After 8-Year-Old Disappears
Arabs rioted next to the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood of Jerusalem on Friday night following the disappearance of an Arab boy from the nearby neighborhood of Beit Chaninah.
Eight-year-old Qais Abu Ramila was sent by his mother to the grocery store about 4 p.m. on Friday and never returned. Later that night, police began searching near a deep pool of rainwater which had formed in the neighborhood after search dogs picked up the boy’s scent nearby. YWN

The rescue was carried out under difficult conditions of cold, mud and murky water and continued [throughout the night]. At about 7.40 a.m, rescue services found the boy, who was unfortunately lifeless, at the bottom [of the reservoir].”
Police believe that the boy slipped and fell inside the reservoir.

Bus With Skverer Bochrim Overturns Just Off Route 17 At Exit 114 Near Wurtsboro
YWN Catskills Hatzolah along with multiple ambulances from MobilMedics responded to the scene at around 1:30PM, just off Route 17 at Exit 114 by Bloomingburg Road and Mamakating Road. [. . .] At least 13 victims were transported to hospitals. Three of them are potentially unstable, with 2 at Orange Regional Hospital, and one going to Westchester Trauma Center. Most transports were by Hatzolah, with some via MobileMedics.

Serial Burglar Arrested in Massive Police, Shomrim Operation
Boro Park – A massive police and Shomrim operation in Boro Park yielded the capture of a suspect wanted in multiple home invasions. [. . .] Perez made his way down 60th Street, breaking into two homes by the time he reached 8th Ave. He was then picked up by the NYPD.

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moshe said...

I'm afraid that these catastrophes, etc. will continue until the bnai Yisrael everywhere (how I don't know) unite as Jews who only stand for H', Torah and Eretz Yisrael. The Jews are scattered over the 4-corners of the earth and most, r'l., have lost all connection to H' and Yiddishkeit. Seems only H' will be able to rectify everything. We need miracles, just like at Yetziat Mitzrayim. H' yerachem!