31 January 2020

The Deal of the Century

The dust has not yet settled on the "Deal of the century to end the MidEast conflict" and we do not know how or indeed if it will be implemented.

I would like to first point out that the name of the "Deal" is a misnomer. 

The conflict between Jews and Arabs over the Land of Israel is not a "MIdEast" conflict. The MidEast is a huge area comprised of dozens of countries and hundreds of warring tribes (some of these tribes have flags – other tribes want their own ). 

The specific arena and players of the conflict that the "Deal" addresses are minuscule in comparison to the vastly larger arena in constant conflict. Regardless of the turns and twists of this small, local conflict, the many states, and peoples of the wider MidEast continue their endless wars and internecine bloodletting without as much as a glance at what Jews and Arabs are doing in tiny Eretz Yisroel. If there were never a "Palestine" issue, the conflicts of the wider MidEast would not pause for a moment.

Another observation; The fact that the idea of an Arab state in "Palestine" is (and has been for decades) on the international agenda is a victory for history's most false and contrived narrative.

The "Palestinian people" would not have taken their place on the international center stage if not for two major factors.  

One - Had a group of people claiming peoplehood, pressed their claim against any other country/people other than against the Jews and the Jewish state, they would have been shunted to the sidelines of the international agenda, ( like the Kurds, Tibetans, etc..) 

However, the "Palestinian" cause is the perfect tool and righteous cause for Jew-haters everywhere to cling to in their war against the Jews by proxy. It is no accident that the major international (UN. EU, media, etc..) bodies commit vast resources and energy in their support of the poor "Palestinians" suffering at the hand of the Jews – who they claim are doing to others as was done to them during 2000 years of oppression.

This is the perfect way for those oppressors of Jews to wash their hands; the perfect salve for their collective guilty conscience. The Jews are no better! 

 Another source of loyal support for the "Palestine" narrative comes from Jews within and out of the Jewish state.Without the wide cracks these create in Jewish / Israeli unity in facing the"Palestinian" challenge, Israel would be in a far stronger position and the "Palestinian" foe would not enjoy the same access to the world's "conscience", stage and resources.

Why do Jews offer our enemy invaluable aid? That is certainly the most intriguing question and is beyond the scope of my current observations.

Back to the "Plan of the century”

We don't know yet how it will look in its final "practical" form but it is instructive to observe some of the initial reactions. First, the "Palestinians"( and their Leftist allies) are dumbfounded and enraged. They totally reject it ( as they have the many earlier offers, from the 1938 Peel Commission, the 1947 UN Partition plan continuing to the super generous offer of PM Barak and Olmert). This rejection is a clear sign that it certainly contains positive elements in it.

We can only hope that they will be consistent and continue to reject this "deal" because it includes the unthinkable from a Jewish perspective. It is unthinkable to give the ultimate legal and moral victory to those who have challenged our right to this land for over a century. If we yield any portion of our land we are basically saying that yes we stole lots of land from you but with this deal, you may only have part of it back. 

We have branded ourselves with the mark of Thief for all times. 

  • Which independent country in the world is willing to forfeit even one grain of sovereignty no matter the offer or cost?
  • Further and foremost, which Jew has the right to abdicate the Jewish People's ownership of the land that G-d has promised [as a Yerusha]  and given to our forefathers and descendants for all time? 
  • In whose name would that Jew be signing away God's Promised Land?

President Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House and we would not like to disappoint him. This is a dilemma for politicians and I do not envy their responsibilities. For this reason, I pray that our enemies will reject the "deal" and that G-d will continue to steer his People and Land to final redemption.


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