07 January 2020

UPDATE: Tragic Australia – Planetary Scale Fire

While we JEWS believe HaShem is in charge, evil has not been conquered, and their are many doing things that are evil in the name of “climate change”, like setting fire to farms and food supplies around the world. Hard to believe but true. These fires were deliberate.)

Over 10 million hectares of Australia have burned, including much crop and ranch land. "The wildfires will get worse, and they will make believers out of you climate deniers!" The establishment is keeping Jerry Brown's promise, burning over 10 million hectares of Australia, and screaming "Global warming!" ... while dealing a massive blow to global food production and the world's #3 beef exporter. [an attack on the world]

MAX IGAN @thecrowhouse : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxHcB... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxHcB...

AUSTRALIA: Fires reduce NSW dairy farm to ash in just 10 minutes  [full article and devastating videos at news.com.au]
  • A dairy farmer on the NSW south coast has shared incredible images after fire ripped through his property, reducing it to ash in just 10 minutes.
  • Robert Miller managed to save his herd of 1000 cattle as the inferno ripped through his property on New Year’s Day.
  • “It hit the farm at 1pm and it was all over by 1.10pm, it came through very fast,” Mr Miller told The Landreporter Samantha Townsend.
  • “It was ferocious, it was catastrophic.
  • “We had done all the preparation we could have, we had the equipment and water in place but we lost power, so we had to use generators to power everything.”
  • Mr Miller said the blaze destroyed 161 hectares – half of his farmland near Milton in the City of Shoalhaven.
  • The animals were saved after he herded them onto concrete where they stood under sprinklers until the fire front passed.

    A Canadian grain processor recently shared her LPG bill -- demonstrating the new Federal Carbon Tax in action: 22% ! Imagine your operational overhead suddenly jumping up for imaginary reasons...family farms cannot survive this onslaught! See the bill in question, and understand that it is part of a much larger agenda to engineer food scarcity to usher in the final stages of the climate agenda: transhumanism and totalitarianism.

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