10 May 2017

Mama Duck and Her 14 Hatchlings Depart Dayton, Ohio's Temple Israel

Mama Duck and her 14 hatchlings depart Dayton, Ohio's Temple Israel for the Miami River, April 22, 2017.

Every spring, a mama duck flies into the courtyard of the temple, which she can only access by aerial landing. There, she builds a nest and lays her eggs behind some bushes. With help from the temple staff, when her hatchlings arrive, she parades them through the building, out the back door, and down to the banks of the Miami River.

“The mama lets us know once they’re ready to go after they hatch,” said Bodney-Halasz, who has been present each year for the big event.

“She marches back and forth in front of the courtyard windows. Friday night, she clearly wanted to go out, but there were too many people there for our Shabbat service, so we waited until Saturday, when it was a smaller crowd. The kids were so excited on Friday night. They kept staring out the windows into the courtyard,”

Source: Entire article at Times of Israel

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