17 May 2017

The Assault on Trump Will Contribute to the Redemption of Eretz Yisrael AND Meir Ettinger's Judaic State is Becoming Mainstreamed

I wonder how it feels to realize that all around you, the President of the United States of America, are leakers, incompetents, and Administration members who oppose your vision of “Making America Great Again” and would do anything and everything to undermine your Presidency.

Why does this really matter if one lives in Israel and longs for the Redemption? Well it does because America is still (barely by a thread) the strongest Nation in the World, and, as we heard from Rabbis and noted individuals, the only Nation to stand behind Israel against the antisemites of the world.

More Fake News to Smear Trump
(and by association, Israel, Jerusalem, the Kotel, et al.)

"Saying 'Mr. Trump's disclosure does not appear to have been illegal' means: 'it was not illegal, but we're going to word it in a way that makes it seem like it could be.’"

The illegal deleterious leaks came from NSA and the DEEP STATE. They are the ones who leaked pertinent facts to incriminate (Trump and Israel). It's purpose is to cause a catastrophe for Trump's Middle East political strategic tour [which looks like it may or may not happen, with or without Israel as a member, not as I posted previously]. However, an article in the JPost asks, “whether his trip to Israel should be cancelled?”


Is Trump’s trip off? "If US President Donald Trump leaked classified intelligence coming from Israel to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, does that mean his trip to Israel next week could – or should – be canceled? This is the question that some in the Knesset asked after reports on the leaks pointed to Israel as the source of Trump’s information."

When Will Trump Empty the Swamp and Purge the Antisemites

PRIEBUS OUSTED as a “Leaker”, next check out KELLYANN; then send McMASTER to learn about Jewish History, because: "Asked twice to comment on whether the Western Wall – holy in Judaism as the last standing structure from the Second Temple – is within sovereign Israeli territory, US President Donald Trump's national security adviser demurred on Tuesday, dismissing the matter as a 'policy decision.’” McMaster might have also given hints in his ‘briefing’ to the Press about the matter. Each day the scenario changes and increases.

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"Israel at the Crossroads”

We [the Jewish Nation] are experiencing a Crisis of Huge Proportions. And eventually it will infect Israel’s Knesset, because what happens in America eventually happens in the Israeli Government (i.e. the leftists and anti-religious). IsraelRising has posted a phenomenal article, and some of it is presented below; however, a full reading of Brandon Marlon’s “ISRAEL AT A CROSSROADS: Hebraic Republic vs. Judaic State” is highly recommended.

What is a Judaic state supposed to look like? 
Is the State of Israel a Judaic state?

Fundamentally, a Judaic state must be inspired and guided by the constitution of the people of Israel: the Tanakh (Torah/Pentateuch-Nevi’im/Prophets-Ketuvim/Hagiographa), as interpreted by the Talmud and later generations of Sages. The Tanakh is taken and laid as the foundation of the structure that becomes the Jewish nation-state, not merely a state of its citizens. The Tanakh itself, however, cannot be the verbatim constitution of a Judaic state for two imperative reasons:

a) The Tanakh prescribes social legislation, emphasizing the societal, not the political; it determines the makeup of Israelite society, not of an Israelite state, and is primarily concerned with religious principles, not political procedures. When it comes to the practical political affairs of electoral systems, methods of representation, legislative procedures and protocols, etc., the Tanakh is disinterested if not uninterested.

b) The Written Law (Tanakh) was always traditionally mediated (except over time for sectarian Samaritans, Sadducees, and Karaites) by the Oral Law (Talmud), and so cannot be applied literally as is. Only a Tanakh interpreted by exegetical Sages over the course of the millennia could be deemed accurate, authentic, and authoritative.

The Tanakh’s intent is to provide a divinely devised blueprint for the construction of an ideal society, and the very fact that it focuses on fostering a society and not a polity suggests that the society is the core edifice, the state merely the scaffolding. A people requires a form of governance, not necessarily a state. This fine distinction is precisely what allowed the Jewish people to survive its many lengthy exiles as a nation sans its nation-state.

With few exceptions, such as the convening of an assembly of 70 tribal elders and the appointment of magistrates over thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens, the Tanakh leaves open the configuration of civil affairs at the operational level. Clearly, though, the nascent Jewish nation was led by singular figures: Moses, then Joshua. Should a Judaic state, then, be governed as a monarchy? Ideally not, but perhaps. Should it function as a democracy? Not necessarily, but probably. Democratic elements were enshrined in Judaism for nearly a millennium before classical Greeks devised their embryonic and highly limited form of democracy: popular representation, separation of powers (not to be confused with separation of religion and politics), decentralization and delegation of responsibility, an independent judiciary, women’s property rights, and so forth.

Put simply, a Judaic state is democratic because [it is] Judaic.

Historical Recap of Judaic Statehood

In its capacity as a nomothetic pandect, the Tanakh is replete with divinely ordained legislative edicts. Israelite society during the Exodus was governed by what the Jewish priestly historian Joseph ben Matityahu (Josephus Flavius) would in the Roman era, in his refutative Against Apion, term in Greek a “theokratia” (theocracy). God alone was the head of state (initially, more precisely, of the Israelite state-in-the-making). Moses—prophet, lawgiver, faithful shepherd—was politically the overworked head of government, an ecclesiastical authority of one, at least for starters. Bottom line: God was the ruler, Moses the mouthpiece.

Anyone who earnestly yearns for a Hebraic republic is in luck, because one exists: the United States of America. Its patriot founders established, and their Puritan predecessors envisaged, a democratic commonwealth based on the biblical principles of freedom, justice, equality of persons, law and order, moral-ethical conduct, and the sanctity of life. At one point Hebrew was considered for the official national language of their New World start-up, and Benjamin Franklin proposed that Moses grace the emblematic Great Seal of the United States. The United States of America was imagined and realized in large part by devout Biblicists and fervent Hebraists of the Christian persuasion; Jews for whom this suffices should and do seek fulfillment within its borders.

But a Judaic state America is not, and was not meant to be: America strives to be exceptional; Israel was designed to be exemplary.

We should re-read the Writings of Meir Ettinger, because he personifies this struggle to create an Israel governed by our Torah. He brought into the public and political arena, was enprisoned for his beliefs, and 

Meir Ettinger’s “David HaMelech writings”:
חוץ ופנים
יש דין
ארדוף אויבי ואשיגם
כדי לטהרנו מקליפותינו ומטומאותינו
בשער המלךד' אדר התשע”ז


Shuki said...

This is where the article is sadly wrong. The coming messiah will NOT be implementing the "oral" law and it will NOT be used in the "constitution" of a Judaic entity. Therefore, as the Baal Shem Tov stated so well, the "rabbi's will hinder the geulah" specifically
for this reason along with losing authority. Remember we have had 44 failed messiahs, the common denominator, not a single one was identified by God, or Heavenly signs. Trump the 45 soon to be failed president will come against the 45th and real messiah.

Rachel said...

I clicked the link to Meir's writings and got a message that my account doesn't allow access.

Neshama said...

Rachel, I just figured out what happened. So Sorry. The last link was for a page on my dashboard and that is why you were not allowed to read it. Sorry about that.

Just click on the individual articles listed. I was thinking about collecting the English translations putting them on a separate page. I didn’t translate them, so I can only print them as the gracious person who did sent them to me.