20 November 2012

For All of Us

Rockets Damage and Kill 
Precious Neshomas

"She was modest and gentle," ... "She literally gave her life so that women would learn the laws of family purity."


A Sample of Soul Searching Reactions:

Another Rosh Chodesh Kislev Tragedy?
Killed on Mumbai Anniversary
They were holy shluchim of the Rebbe. Boruch Dayan Emes!!


There's a statement in the Gemara that the dead of a tzaddik atones for the generation (Moed Katan 28a). That is, sometimes there is a judgment hanging over the Jewish people, or over particular Jews, and sometimes Hashem in His mercy picks a tzaddik to die instead of allowing a greater amount of death and suffering to happen to other Jews. The shluchim killed on Rosh Chodesh Kislev illustrate that engaging in kiruv is a great act of righteousness that has unlimited merit. We should all find a way to engage in kiruv/shlichus in our own way, whether it is organized, or just by being a kiddush Hashem in every way to our fellow Jews who are not (yet) frum (as well as non-Jews.)

As if to emphasize the importance of achdus and the loftiness of kiruv, Gavriel Sanders, the Jewish boy killed in France last year, was named after R' Gavriel Herzberg, and his parents were (non-Chabad) kiruv professionals!


A clear message to us!! when it came to saving lives the Rebbe wasn't either politically correct, & made sure ppl knew hoe to stop these TRAGEDIES!! true there are no good explanations wrote: however where the Rebbe specifically said there are things we in NY (& Chutz-Laaretz) can do to prevent blood shed & tragedies like these from re-occurring, we need to take his words seriously!

it's for our own well being that the Rebbe alerted us as to WHAT WE CAN DO to stop such things & instead bring all sorts of blessings to our family & communities:

1. Daily Chitas Rambam (even 5min is better than nothing)
2. Regular du“ch ch”hn to Aseh Lecha Rav (personal mentor)
3. Make time daily to be involved in the chinuch of your kids (30min minimum)
4. Hidur in Taharas Hamishpach & laws of Modesty
5. Give Tzedaka daily,
..... .,.
we know the Rebbe can be trusted as Tachlis HoEmes!


We Must Do Something Different This Time
Something drastic like never before.
Something so great, so holy, so spark-raising that there will be no other choice but to reach the Geula Shleima. I am calling all Jews wherever you are to reach VERY DEEP in your heart today and remove ALL BASELESS HATRED from its recesses. Instead of that Sinat Chinam - let the Light of Hashem heal the wounds. Let the Light of Hashem heal our collective neshama. Please. We must do this clearing out of the grievances and machlokot. However old they may be.


We must all do all in power to stop these tragedies!!

although the Rebbe almost always refrained from justifying G-d's actions in tragedy none the less the Rebbeh attributed unexpected calamities in our midst SPECIFICALLY TO lack of Tsnius!!

Yet, as uncharacteristic of the Rebbeh to attribute specific causes to calamity & tragedy, re Tznius the Rebbeh took no chances & MADE THESE CONNECTIONS VERY VERY CLEAR - in the interest of protecting our community from harms-way!!!


it is hard and difficult to say this. but it must be said.

the Rebbe said numerous times that what happenes "here" reflects on what happnes in eretz hakoidesh.

the fact that many people and schluchim cannot walk safely and freely in 770 including leaders and people who were put by the Rebbe in positions of moisdos, this fact means that we have a lot of work to do on our end.

isnt it odd that after many years of rockets the first time anyone was killed as a direct result of a rocket were members of Anash? And on the yortzeit of holtzberg.

think about it.


The Rebbe said clearly that being careful with tznius k’halacha brings shmira protection to yidden in Eretz Yisroel. So tehillim (neged tillim and ) tznius.


its not just the Rebbeh who links specifically Tznius to Protection

many mefarshim on the Pasuk "VeHayu Machanecha Kadosh" explain it the same way that Hashem doesn't punish but rather REMOVES his protection from a group that has in it's midst the opposite of Modesty


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