01 April 2020

UPDATE: After the Trial and Tribulation, With Mashiach Leading the Way

My Wishful Thoughts
This is where we, the Jewish Nation, need to focus on now, that when we hold our Seder reliving our Freedom from Mitzrayim, we confirm our love of HKB”H, and after speaking and pleading to HaShem from the depths of our being, we then need to imagine a world with Mashiach leading our people toward building the Third Beis HaMikdash, to once again to experience the cleansing of our Neshomas as the smoke rises from the Korbonos straight up to the Kisei HaKavod in Shamayim. 

But Rabbi Mizrachi sees it differently.
Disaster Hit Us - Where Do We Go From Here?

Just could not sleep, so I listened to one of the *World’s greatest international leaders who HKB”H designated to take charge of  “managing” the fight against the evil forces determined to destroy the goodness that G-d Created when He created this world. There is evil and it must to be eradicated, extinguished. We are living in, and IY”H will survive, this Gog UMagog war.

After listening to Rabbi Mizrachi:

In KiTavo and Bechukokotai
147 curses, many of which are happening now all over the world

To realize that every virus has an address, by supervision of the Hand of Hashem

Biggest tragedy, is the closing of the yeshiva and synagogues, schools - the govt fined people and forced closing

Hillul Hashem by Jews increases the antisemitism
in the meantime the non Jews are locked in their homes
but afterwards they may be unleashed

They are blaming the Jews for the plague

When you pray alone, Hashem checks every nuance
But with a minyan the prayers go up

Covid = Kvodi = my honour
19 = the Shmonei Esrei = actually 19 prayers

The 19th is about “infidels” and “Hillul Hashem”

Dever = pandemic (transfers from the air) = Dibur Lashon Hara

B”H the Rabbi speaks about the pharmaceutical industry and about medicines. The “Medicines” only work on the symptoms. Too many medicines. Hashem is the Rofeh.
When the body temperature goes higher, the fever is fighting the “illness”, not to become a hypochondriac. The body is not designed for the medication (and I say vaccines).

Of Course the best portion of his shiur comes in the last moments.

And of course, we know things can’t go back to what they were before corona, but how will we Jews and other faithful people realize this is what must be. I don’t see this happening unfortunately. They can’t wait to get back to their old habits. This would be dreadful.

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