26 December 2019

DM Bennett Takes Further Steps in War Against Terrorists

A First:
Defense Minister okays seizure of terrorists' salaries
Israel to seize 'pay to slay' funds given to terrorists and their families.

"We will make sure it doesn't pay to murder Jews,” 
says Bennett.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday authorized the seizure of hundreds of thousands of shekels’ worth of funds paid to jailed terrorists and their families, in a precedent-setting administrative order.

Bennett, who earlier this month declared he would tighten the use of economic sanctions against terrorists, ordered that salaries paid by the Palestinian Authority to eight terrorists responsible for attacks on Israel, as well as to their families, would be confiscated.

[…] All eight of the terrorists cited in the order are Israeli-Arabs. For years, the Palestinian Authority has paid out salaries to terrorists jailed in Israel, as well as to the families of jailed terrorists, and to the families of terrorists killed during attacks on Israelis.

[…] According to the Defense Ministry, additional orders targeting terrorist salaries will be signed.

“We’ve started taking action,” said Bennett. “This is another step in the war against terrorists; we are working to make sure that it doesn’t pay [to spill] Jewish blood.”

Wednesday’s order is the second time Bennett has introduced new anti-terror economic sanctions this month, following an order targeting the assets of 47-year-old Hamas terrorist Mohammed Jamil Mahmoud Hersh, who has worked as a Hamas operative in London.

Full article at arutzsheva


Australia comes out against ICC investigation of Israel

At the graduation ceremony for the IAF pilots’ course, Bennett said, “The State of Israel will provide a legal Iron Dome for its soldiers and officers... You defend us; we’ll defend you. No soldier and no commander will be deterred from defending the lives of his nation and family because of the hypocritical court in The Hague.”

Bennett said that he is aware of the great stresses pilots face on missions, where they serve as Israel’s “long arm that accurately strikes those who seek to harm us... An additional component has been added to this stress in recent days: The International Court in The Hague. We cannot allow this to weaken you,” he stated. “We won’t let this antisemitism enter the cockpit.”

Bennett said the ICC comes from an antisemitic starting point, such that Israel will always lose because it is the Jewish State and Israel should not try to ingratiate itself to the court. “Every time the hypocritical world scolds us and we accept it, they want more. The Hague is the workshop of modern antisemitism. And now, when the picture is clear, we must treat them as such… The court in The Hague does not do justice, it does politics, it does modern antisemitism. It encourages terror,” he stated.

Overnight Tuesday, Australia said it opposes the International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s decision to investigate alleged war crimes by Israel and the Palestinians, joining the US in speaking out against the probe. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said, “Australia is concerned by the ICC Prosecutor’s proposal to consider the situation in the Palestinian territories, subject to a ruling by the Court’s Pre-Trial Chamber on the scope of the Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the matter.” JPost

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moshe said...

The chutzpah of the ICC - This coming from the center of the continent that shed more Jewish blood over the last 2000 years than anywhere else in the world and now they are the Judges? Only 70+ years ago when these same people's relatives helped murder over 6 million of our people. Why does Israel have anything to do with them? The Europeans need to look in their own backyard instead of calling others 'war criminals'. What chutzpah to tell the Jewish people (Israel)in the Jewish Homeland given by the Creator to His children, Israel, on how and when and where and what about defending themselves against today's murderers. Where is today's Yehudah Hamaccabbee - we really need him!