17 December 2019

Bedouin Antisemitic Attack In Beer Sheva

Gang of Bedouin Attack Yeshiva Students in Be'er Sheva
[Bedouin Elders need to be spoken to and warned]

Bedouin youths attack two yeshiva students eating pizza near yeshiva. 'I'm living a nightmare, I can't sleep at night,' victim says. Two 17-year-old yeshiva students were attacked last Tuesday by four young Bedouin in Be'er Sheva, Mako reported. The attack occurred at approximately 8:30p.m., just a few minutes after the pair of yeshiva boys had entered a pizzeria near their yeshiva.
"Suddenly four Bedouin came in," one of the yeshiva boys told his parents. "One of them held these, and the others had their hands in fists. All we'd done was sit down to eat pizza, and then, without any reason, they attacked us and lynched us.” "I'm living a nightmare, I can't sleep at night," he added. arutzsheva

This is Jew-hatred and Israeli *arab antisemitism
Antisemitism is increasing all over the world and also is in Israel

Two 17-year old yeshivah bochurim in Be’er Sheva were viciously attacked and savagely beaten without any provocation whatsoever by four Bedouin youths in a pizza shop last week, a Mako report said on Sunday.

Last week, the two boys innocently entered a pizza shop next to their yeshivah to eat supper, not knowing that their evening would turn into a nightmare that would rock the southern city.

“Suddenly, four Bedouins came in,” one of the teenagers said. “Without any reason whatsoever, they began lynching us.”

“One of them punched me in the chest and shoulder. I tried to run away but I saw that they grabbed my friend and were beating him on the head and face. He was bleeding profusely and it was very frightening. I was afraid that in another minute they’ll kill him. The people passing by and employees in the nearby stores saw everything but were afraid to help us.”

“When we saw what was going on, we crouched behind the tables so they wouldn’t beat us also,” an employee in a store next to the pizza shop said. “It was crazy. They could have easily killed the boys; they beat them up like they were Lego. People heard them screaming for help but were afraid to interfere. Only after a few minutes, when it was over, someone dared to call the police and MDA. The place looked like a pogrom had taken place.”

Meanwhile, the Bedouins fled the area. The boys were evacuated to Soroka Hospital by a mobile intensive care unit, heavily bruised and bleeding profusely. One of them had to have a deep cut in his head stitched together. They were released two days later after undergoing extensive testing.

Because they are Jews – and Yeshiva bochurim

“I have no doubt that my son and his friend were beaten only because they’re Jews,” the father of one of the boys told Mako. “There was no other reason [for the attack]. It was based on nationalistic motives and they’re lucky they’re still alive. I hope that the police will arrest them and punish them with the fullest severity of the law.”

“I’m afraid they’re going to catch me in the street to finish the job,” one of the boys said after he returned to his home. “I’m living in a nightmare and I can’t sleep at night.”

Israel Police on Monday announced that a 25-year-old male from Lakiya was arrested with a friend, suspected of beating two talmidei yeshiva in Be’er Sheva. The suspects were brought before an arraignment court and their detention was extended by four days to permit police to continue the investigation. Police are currently working to locate three additional suspects, with all five being members of t he Bedouin community.

According to a News12 report on Monday, one of the youths in custody reenacted the assault, showing police how he and the others beat the talmidei yeshiva who simply went out to buy something to eat. YWN  (grisly photo at YWN)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

*bedouin are arabs


moshe said...

Oy vey - with every passing day, every Jew in and outside of E.Y. should be reminded at the wisdom and righteous words of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, ztl, H' yikom damo, when he was warning over and over again the insanity of not taking to heart, 'they will be thorns in your eyes......', but instead the erev rav leaders have given them all the rights that belong to the Jewish citizens of Israel which has only emboldened them to, c'v, make life so unbearable for our beloved people. We pray that soon, since those leading now do not act as Jewish leaders should, H',our G-D, will send us Moshiach tzdkeinu to redeem us from this insanity.

Neshama said...

Thank you Moshe. Every day there is another attack on Jews. The message needs to sink in soon. There was another, when a car speeding killed not one but two cyclists together, with piecis of debris strewn all over the highway. So tragic. I don’t know if it was an Arab speeder, as they are famous for, but if so take away his license and send him out of Israel.

That other speeder was going over 100 mph when he slammed the car with a family, killing a mother with her new infant. Such cruelty. Pere Adam. A wild thing!

Manslaughter punishment should be banishment from Israel.

Neshama said...

Imagine someone intimating that these boys’ facial scaring was . . . .?? This is way too judgmental.

moshe said...

Reread this article and it so pains and angers me. Are the police really out searching for these pere adam, yimach shmam? There should not be even one pere adam in our holy Eretz Yisrael. This tzora is because appeasing the nations is more important than these Torah loving Yeshivah students. May H' always protect and bless them! Another thing, it's not only the appeasement factor but these leftist leaders want the goyim so the Land can be filled with a mishmosh so-called unJewish nation and then they will feel like everyone else and not have any connection to G-D's holy Torah.