31 December 2019

The Silent Holocaust No Longer Silent

The beginning of the Rabbi’s shiur covers the alarming Aliyah figures (if they are correct) indicating that over 60-80% (an est.) were NOT JEWISH. The Rabbi explains that in another one or two generations of intermarriage, the majority of secular Israelis will NOT BE JEWISH. Because they care not for “being Jewish”, it only matters that new immigrants become Israelis. The purpose for all this is deliberate, out of fear that the Religious Haredi Jews will become the majority and threaten their way of life. This will bring the total religious in Israel to a minuscule of the total NON JEWISH MAJORITY.


moshe said...

Even without having seen the Rabbi's video yet, I've known this for a while as it's obvious what is happening not only getting all the real information from these wonderful Jewish blogs, such as yours, but the news itself tells you everything and the Jewish citizens of Israel know this but feel helpless in doing anything about it. This terrible situation is due to the Erev Rav leadership in alliance with Esav and Yishmael. This is their goal: the deJudaization of E.Y. and the Jewish nation, c'v. They will fail completely because our Torah tells us that no non-Jew is even allowed to reside in the Land of Israel, unless he/she is a ben/bat Noach. In the meantime, these evil doers are selling property, land, housing to non-Jews and ugliest part is they are allowing them to make Aliyah. This is pure evil. So, the answer is that H' Himself (so to speak) will take care of this situation as we approach the coming of Moshiach, either through MBY or through the war of Gog U'Magog where H' will take care of everything within a few or more minutes. We rely on the words of our holy Prophets and we see the 'state' sinking lower and lower by their G-Dless and Torahless behavior - H' yerachem!

Neshama said...

Usually the second half of the Rabbis shiurim is full of warnings and shocking info. Shocking because we as a nation have fallen to almost the lowest level possible. The Rabbi says HaShem has no more patience for the decline and is taking action, ie, the upsurge in A-S. r”l

How bad it will get, we will watch and see.

He also says, in another video, that SOON it will not be possible to send USD to Israel in order to buy apts. now that is scary. Until the swamp is drained, the US still has the DS doing horrible things. It’s not just the US, it’s mainly the un and the elite money movers at the top.