05 December 2019

No New Neighbors on Our Borders!

Bennett at Air Force Base:
'We won't accept any new neighbors on the State's borders'
[one guess who that is]

[Our] Defense Minister visits Hatzor Air Force Base,

'We embark on extensive economic campaign after terror operatives all over world.’

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visited Hatzor Air Force Base today with Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin and with participation of Hatzor Base Commander Brigadier General Brigadier General Nir Barkan and other senior officials.

Bennett spoke of his decision to sign a first executive order of its kind aimed at limiting economic activity of individual terror operatives and carrying out "targeted economic thwarting".

"Activity against terrorists isn't only in the field but also through the pocket," the Defense Minister explained. "Today we embark on an extensive economic campaign after terror operatives all over the world.

"Everyone who harms us, we will chase him, whether it is at the ATM that won't give him money, or at the airport when they won't board, or at the entrance to a country that refuses them entry. We'll chase the terrorists so it becomes unwise to kill Israelis."

The Defense Minister also addressed Iranian establishment in Syria making it clear that Israel would fight against it. "We have excellent fighters, pilots, and soldiers. The State of Israel is determined to face the Iranian effort to build on our borders. We won't accept any new neighbors on the borders of the State of Israel."


Iran Is Secretly Moving Missiles Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say msm

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moshe said...

Frightening. Listened yesterday to the Tamar Yonah radio program on Israelnewstalkradio where her guest, who is also a frequent guest of hers, a professor who is an expert on the inner workings of what's really going on and he says that, c'v, Iran is already inside Israel. Very disturbing. Would suggest all your readers listen. It was her latest program.