03 December 2019

UPDATE Bennet Signs Executive Order = Economic Warfare Against Terrorists

Defense Ministry to use Economic Warfare Against Terrorists

[this man means business and its “good for the Jews”. This is leadership quality]

For the first time ever, the State of Israel will use targeted economic sanctions against individual terrorists around the world, the Defense Ministry announced Tuesday afternoon.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (New Right) signed an administrative Executive Order Tuesday aimed at restricting the financial activities of terrorists. The order, which is the first of its kind signed in Israel, restricts terrorists’ access to their assets and ability to manage their finances both in Israel and abroad. arutzsheva. The order placed sanctions on Mohammad Jamil, who heads the Arab Human Rights Organization in the US. This will be enacted against other activists.

GREAT WORK DEFENSE MINISTER BENNETT. YOU GIVE SOME HOPE TO ISRAELIS not done for many many years’ of recent government leaders.
BUT . . .
Some Erev Rav are very against you
Knesset Legal Advisor against Bennett's appointment as DM

arutzsheva:  Knesset Legal Advisor against Bennett's appointment as Defense Minister

Knesset Legal Advisor Eyal Yinon believes that the process in which Naftali Bennett was appointed to the position of Defense Minister was flawed and contrary to the Basic Law, the Globes newspaper reported on Monday.

According to Yinon's legal opinion, which was submitted in response to a petition in the Supreme Court against the appointment [who filed the petition?], the government had a duty to obtain the Knesset's approval for the appointment.

Despite the opinion, however, Yinon requests that the Supreme Court not accept the petition and order Bennett's appointment to be canceled, but only apply his interpretation  of the law from here on.  [What exactly does this mean?]

Yinon said that the dismissal of Bennett as Defense Minister should not be ordered because his appointment was based on the Attorney General's interpretation of the law and which approved of the appointment because the issue had not yet been discussed in a legal ruling and "since the appointment relied on previous appointments made in a similar manner.”

[is this not the workings of Shamayim?]


  • “THEY” don’t like DM Bennett’s approach to supporting Israel, 
  • helping those living in fear and dread in the South, 
  • and the establishment of a new JEWISH neighborhood,
  • and the disgrace of the Jewish bodies still in arab possession.
  • “THEY” are out to get DM Bennett because he is doing a great job for Israel. 
  • “THEY” don’t like his policies.

Question:  Could Ayelet Shaked be a reincarnation of Shlomtzion HaMalka?

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moshe said...

Typical leftist hatred of anything normal, self-respecting, love of Jews and the Land of Israel, etc., etc. The supreme court in Israel is a literal den of vipers and all who stand with them are the same. The late Judge Robert Bourke of the U.S. once said that Israel's supreme court is the most draconian of any court found in a 'democracy'.