09 December 2019

FLASH! Hate Crime!

Hate Crime!
Yet another hate crime!
Arab property was damaged allegedly by Jewish youths.
The Left and its media mouthpieces are howling once again.
Hate, hate, hate!
How long will the haters be tolerated by the racist religious fanatics and the fascist right-wing government? In the midst of the all-encompassing anti-hate noise/crusade I ask myself :
When Arabs attack Jews (about a hundred times more often than the opposite) does the Left-wing storm raise their righteous and furious howl, "stop the hate crimes”!?  (spoiler - no)

Just yesterday in the "mixed city" of Lod, Arabs lynched the community rabbi, dragging him out of his car and severely beating him in front of his traumatized screaming small children.
I am still waiting for the righteous and ferocious howl on the Left to be raised about this horrific hate crime.
Was it really a hate crime?
For some reason, when Jews are viciously attacked by Arabs it is not the result of Arab hate for Jews. It is not even necessarily a "nationalist" inspired attack. Who says that it was not just a "normal" dispute? These attacks do not interest the enlightened warriors for justice. There is no howl!  But when a Jewish youth spray paints on Arab property...woohoo, this is the existential threat to the country and its democracy and every means necessary to quash his threat must be employed!
We get it.

by Shalom Pollack
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rabbi dragged out of his car, beaten in central Israeli city of Lod.  Police in central Israel have arrested an 28 yr old Arab man suspected of assaulting a rabbi in the [ISRAELI] city of Lod on Sunday.
The 28-year-old suspect was arrested, questioned, then released to house arrest, after he allegedly dragged Rabbi Itamar Ben-Yaakov out of his car Sunday and beat him, following an apparent dispute in a parking lot in the city of Lod. Rabbi Ben-Yaakov, the rabbi of the Eshkol neighborhood in Lod, had driven to pick up his children from a daycare center, when he found his car blocked by an Arab woman who had exited her vehicle.

After the woman refused to let him pass, Rabbi Ben-Yaakov called police, while the Arab woman called her relatives. [arrest the woman on “incitement charges" Shortly thereafter, two Arab men approached Rabbi Ben-Yaakov’s car, pulled him from the vehicle and knocked him to the ground and began to beat him. Rabbi Ben-Yaakov suffered light injuries during the attack. arutzsheva

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