22 December 2019


Mandelblit says

“[ . . .] he “has no intention of compromising how we operate,” and that his reason to oppose Ohana’s candidature was to keep the state prosecution “independent and apolitical.” [but the leftists must be dismantled]

“Earlier Tuesday, Mandelblit explained his opposition by essentially categorizing Ben-Ari as a well-respected veteran, but who is a second- to third-level official who would not normally be considered for the top spot. Mandelblit said that normally, the top spot is filled by one of a few deputy state attorneys or one of the six district attorneys. The attorney-general added that Ben-Ari had even competed to become a district attorney three times and failed to be selected each time.” [traditionally DS players]

But as we watch the Hand of HaShem in motion . . . We continue to observe the maneuvering. 
All preparation to bring in the redemption.
We know that the DS is entrenched in Israel’s courts, legal system, 
as well as media and police apparatus.

The leftist control of Eretz Yisrael must be wrestled away from its DS counterparts —
Just as Ya’akov wrestled with the Sar of Eisav and prevailed.

We can see the Hand of HaShem in all this chaos. It may very well be that the reason for this particular snafu in the process is:

“As a consequence of the delay in appointing a replacement for Nitzan is that final decisions about Shas leader Aryeh Deri’s case, UTJ leader Ya’acov Litzman’s case, Case 3000, the Submarine Affair and decisions on other major cases could be delayed.“

In Israel, we do not know exactly who is also part of the DS cabal.
In America, the battle continues.

Ohana pans justice system’s ‘pressure’ on his state attorney pick as she exits. Justice minister likens strain placed on Orly Ginsberg Ben-Ari to ‘a gun placed on the table’ before her; she announced her withdrawal on Friday. […] 

“I ask myself — who will agree to enter this inferno? They see how the system is run and how [officials] attack and slander in the media.”

“it saddens me greatly that this is what the system looks like. It saddens me and also in my eyes demands examination.”[…] "she lamented an “attempt to turn my selection into a political matter and present it as part of an effort to hurt the rule of law.” She said this “goes against my conduct and values”

Is this Kosher Mr. Mandelblit?

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