16 December 2019

MAGA, Trump, Redemption, Mashiach – The Wrestling: Ya’akov = Yisroel

Bear with me, as I am incorporating a few things. Beginning here:

Experiencing “Hagar" in Your Life

“And her mistress (Sarah) became diminished in her eyes.”

Rashi writes: “Hagar told people, the reality of Sarah is not at all what she projects or pretends to the world. She appears to be a tzaddekes… she is not.”
The accusation must have been convincing to many [. . .]
Why didn’t Sarah Imeinu react to Hagar’s slanders and personal attacks”
There are few people [. . .] who will not have experienced their own “Hagar” and perhaps several. Having people spread lies or half truths about us hurts. It must have hurt Sarah Imeinu too.
[. . .] despite the Hagars in our lives, we can still achieve greatness.

Harav Dessler addresses the issue in Michtav MeEliyahu (vol 1, page 99). He discusses receiving kavod from others and writes, “What does a person gain if he is considered chashuv in the eyes of others” True kavod is if he actually is worthy of kavod, no matter what others think. If he is, the estimation and approbation of others is irrelevant.” [likewise ‘negative’ accusations]
Sarah Imeinu was well aware of this Torah truth. [. . .] She directed her journey solely according to what Hashem thought of her.

Source: “Excerpts from “Handling Your Hagar”
by Y.Y. Rubenstein, Hamodia, Inyan Magazine.


MAGA, Trump, the Mashiach and the Redemption

I believe history will prove otherwise in the matter of Trump and why he was chosen to be elected President of America just now. There is a battle going on and it relates to the redemption of the Jewish Nation. It is being fought by the erev rav in America and in Israel. The Erev Rav MUST be fought. Our Parshiot we are reading in these troubling times lays out the foundation for all that is taking place now. The climax, in part, is the confrontation of Yosef with his brothers in Mitzrayim. We are in for some exciting days.
The President “I am very proud that the Jewish faith is a cherished part 
of our family” . . . “We have also (Executive Order against Antisemitism) 
taken a firm stand against the BDS"
The MAGA cap
President Trump and his MAGA cap signifies his attempt to right many wrongs in the world. His efforts and his  MAKE .... GREAT AGAIN (contested and smeared by the opposition) are the antidote, as far as the Jewish Nation is concerned, to the subversive and evil elements of the DS (and collaborators) in America, Israel, and in the world.

This is ALL minhaShamayim (as Rabbi Kessin shlit”a has eloquently explained - *below) in preparation for the arrival/appearance of Mashiach. The world needs reckoning of the destructive elements, to be brought down and eliminated.

As Rabbi Winston Shlit”a wrote in the parsha of Vayishlach: Ya’akov and the Divine Light
“THE WORLD IS divided between those who CAN see, and those who CANNOT. The first group includes many people who are PHYSICALLY blind, and the second group includes mostly people who are not.

"It’s a remarkably deceptive matter. Everyday, billions of people, for thousands of years now, have gone about their lives based upon what their eyes have seen and their ears have heard. Consequently, they have gone to their graves, many after LONG lives, having missed the point of life.

"Thus most people never move on past their lowest level of soul, the Nefesh, even after many reincarnations. There is plenty to rectify on this level alone, but life with access to only the Nefesh is nothing compared to a life with access to higher levels of soul. As much as such people feel “themselves,” they are really just a fraction of their true selves.
"It is like the difference between Ya’akov and Yisroel, one person on two VERY different levels. When the verse says that the angel of Eisav could not overcome “him,” Kabbalah explains that the “him” was Yisroel, not Ya’akov, whom the angel COULD have defeated. 
"From the account of their epic all-night wrestle, it sounds as if Ya’akov only became Yisroel BECAUSE of his victory [. . .].

As in the Parsha: THE WRESTLING is what we are experiencing in Eretz Yisrael now. Ya’akov becoming Yisroel.

*Rabbi’s Kessin’s 21st Century (video) Shiurim:
[also searchable at Torah Thinking]

https://youtu.be/zPIieaJ0IM8 = #46 The Rehabilitation of the Jews at the End of Time
https://youtu.be/mTW2uUubC8I = #47 The Deeper Meaning of the Trump Impeachment Hearings
https://youtu.be/_p8krT-1HOU = #48 The Worldwide Reduction of Evil and Netanyahu's Downfall
https://youtu.be/bzDcYlqwpac = #49 The Era Before Mashiach

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