19 December 2021


 UPDATE:  Discovery – Lakewood NJ Yeshiva students experiencing “mysterious dis-ease” and its being caused by toxic chemicals dropped from the air! Up ticking the war on the religious!  More info HERE ;



Mysterious Virus Infecting Thousands Of Yeshivah Bochurim

Thousands of yeshivah bochurim throughout Israel have fallen ill in recent weeks with a mysterious virus with symptoms of high fever, stomach pain, cold symptoms and especially severe weakness.

The virus, which began before Chanukah in some yeshivos and others more recently, has hit yeshivos in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, and Elad as well as in Kfar Chabad and other yishuvim. The virus has hit all types of yeshivos – Litvak, Sefardi, and Chassidish as well as Dati Leumi yeshivos on yishuvim and in towns and cities. As could be expected, most of the ill bochurim got tested for COVID when they became ill but they tested negative.

The yeshivah that seems to have been hit the worse is Yeshivas Torah B’Tifarta in Elad, where over 240 bochurim have fallen ill, with many suffering from high fever. About 150 bochurim in Yeshivas Be’er HaTalmud caught the virus and another 150 in Yeshivas Orchos HaTorah. Dati Leumi Yeshivos throughout Israel have been affected including yeshivos in Nahariya, Mitzpeh Ramon, Yerucham, Nir, Mitzpeh, and others.

According to a B’Chadrei Charedim report, hundreds of bochurim in the US in Satmar and Belz yeshivos have also fallen ill with the virus as well as students in Talmudei Torah in Williamsburg, Kiryas Yoel and Monroe.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem – https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/featured/2041925/mysterious-virus-infecting-thousands-of-yeshivah-bochurim.html)


Hilula of Baba Sali in Danger of Being Canceled in Wake of Meron Disaster

The hilula of the Baba Sali ZT”L is in serious jeopardy of being canceled due to lack of funding for the event and concerns about safety following last year’s disaster in Meron.

The group that oversees the kever of the Baba Sali is in discussions with government officials about the event – scheduled to take place in Netivot in three weeks – as they race to get the necessary funding and security measures implemented ahead of the Yom Hilula. The mayor of Netivot has said that the city will not take responsibility for the event.

“In these circumstances, when there is no state budget to fund the celebration, Netivot municipality can not bear the financial burden of organizing the event,” the mayor said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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Anonymous said...

Believe the viruses in the yeshivot and prohibiting the hilula for Baba Sali, ztl, are targets; this is all about the religious populations, both in EY and in galut. We are in wwIII alreadhy, this time it's literally against G-D Almighty and His people and then the rest of the world, as long as they can have the number of slaves they want. This is the battle of evil against good.
But, we know Good always wins in the end, but the cost is great. This is a test from Above to see who will wake up and realize that there is no more place for evil and its doers. Let's pray these tests will, once and for all, wake up Am Yisrael and the rest of humanity and learn from it that there is no place on earth or anywhere for evil; only its total destruction will do. May H' show His Great Mercy and end the evil! That is why our people must do teshuva and realize there is only Hashem who controls everything and is just waiting for us to connect to Him and immediately He will send us Moshiach tzdkeinu.Amen!

emmes l'Yaakov

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