22 December 2021

What is Going to Happen in NY?

 Detention of People Deemed A 'Danger to Public Health' Tucked Into NYC Assembly Bill


The Bill not only talks about Detaining Individuals Over disease, But also anyone who has encountered Toxic or Radio Active Materials. What are they expecting to happen in NYC?

Learn More: NYS Bill 416



DG said...

I was informed by my state senator that this was introduced in 2015 regarding someone with Ebola and had not really gone anywhere since. He said, however, that due to publicity over it, the sponsor of the bill had withdrawn it. He said that the withdrawal would show up on the NY Senate website once the January 5 session started.

DG said...

I was informed by my NY State senator that this Bill had been introduced in 2015 due to someone with Ebola and had not gone anywhere in that time. He said that due to all of the publicity surrounding it now, the sponsor has withdrawn it. The withdrawal will show up on the NY State senate website when the Jan. 5 session starts.

Neshama said...

What about the other NYS Bills??

Also did you tread the Amazon terms update? About the “Lumberyard” section???

Something is not right!

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