05 June 2019

Time to tell it like it is.

OK, It’s Time To Tell it Like it Is – My Opinion:
We Have Now Arrived at a Deliberate 
ANTISEMITIC CAMPAIGN in this Measles Fiasco.
No Yellow Patches, Just Red Blotches!
Centered in Williamsburg, Monsey, Rockland County
So, Who Lives There?
The Religous Jews
So, Why are Vaccinated Jews Getting the Measles?
So, Why are Vaccinated Jews Giving other Jews the Measles?

And Rockland County (see video below) and parts of New Jersey are seething with anti-Jewish Fobias about Jew’s Moving into “Their Neighborhoods”!
The MDs professing and urging about vaccinations are very suspect because there is a wealth of information that they are ignoring; and manipulating and scaring their co-religionists into submission. 
Think for a moment: Why has this become such a hot topic?
Those with eyes can see and read to put the pieces together.

U.S. Measles Outbreaks Hit Highest Level in More Than 25 Years

"The city’s outbreak, which began last October, is already the largest local measles outbreak in the U.S. in nearly 30 years. (so what really happened over those 30 years?) It started when some unvaccinated children visited Israel, . . . and came back to New York.” [because of the vaccines used last year; this is surreptitiously insidious. blaming it on the Joos.]
"More than 25,000 doses of vaccine have been given to children and teenagers in those two neighborhoods since October.” [that’s in addition to those previously vaccinated! (October 2018 and 2019), so what’s really going on here??]
"Some health experts see the current outbreak as a sign that other vaccine-preventable illnesses could worsen.” [this sounds like a projected threat]  Full article can be read at YWN

* Children in Two States Get Vaccine Strain Measles from MMR Vaccine. Media sources in Michigan reported in April 2019 that two children in the state who were believed to have measles turned out not to have the disease, after all. Genotype lab testing of the measles virus identified in the children's blood was conducted and it was found to match the attenuated (weakened) vaccine strain measles virus in the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). The children did not get infected with wild-type measles. Based on that conclusion, health officials described the measles-like symptoms
WHAT?? Orthodox communities in New York City and Rockland County are at the center of the biggest measles outbreak since 1992. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said Thursday that there had been 550 confirmed cases of measles in New York City between Sept. 2018 and May 29. Rockland County officials said 254 cases of measles had been reported there as of May 28. arutzsheva

Dictator Doctors, Adult Kidnapping, and Other Examples of Medical Tyranny. Join Barbara Loe Fisher as she goes through real experiences of medical tyranny against both children AND adults

Join Erin Elizabeth as she discusses her awakening to the truth about vaccines, experiencing her vaccine injury, and being brave

Recent symposia scheduled to be held by both Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine were failures, in that hardly anyone from the frum community showed up. [My estimate is they did not want to be part of such a machlokes that has erupted because of intimidation, coercion, and manipulation of scientific information.]

Unfortunately the Measles fiasco has contributed to the acceleration of antisemitism.

Rockland County Video:
Hasidic growth displaces 1000's of Spring Valley NY residents while destroying schools/infastructure (sorry for the language, but that’s how they talk about us; Jewish growth, Blacks sitting idle while all other races rise)

(some and not all of the incidents - thank you timesofisrael)

Swastikas painted at Jewish Buenos Aires barbershop. Neo-Nazi pamphlet left outside iconic establishment in Jewish neighborhood. timesofisrael

NY Uber driver calls Hasidic woman ‘one of those **** measles people’. timesofisrael

Paris Uber driver says he was beaten, robbed because of Jewish name. Israel Hai says anti-Semitic ambush involved about 10 young men who brutally assaulted him until he blacked out and stole his jewelry. timesofisrael

Rabbi attacked on Buenos Aires street by group shouting anti-Semitic slurs. Eli Chamen suffers a broken hand in assault as he walks home from synagogue on Saturday night, says witnesses laughed as he was beaten timesofisrael

In Belarus, anti-Semitism erupts when Jews open eatery near Stalin-era gravesite. Protests against a Minsk restaurant have turned violent and anti-Semitic, challenging the local Jewish population and the country’s authoritarian government timesofisrael

Chicago synagogues targeted in rash of suspected hate crimes. Authorities investigating Molotov cocktails found outside Congregation Anshe Sholom

Las Vegas rabbi’s daughter targeted with anti-Semitic notes at middle school. Hospice chaplain says messages given to his 7th grader contained swastikas, the words ‘You don’t belong here,’ a drawing of Adolf Hitler and a Nazi salute timesofisrael

Tennessee judge rapped for Jews should ‘get the ***** over the Holocaust’ article. timesofisrael

Brutal attack on Swedish woman sends shiver through tiny Jewish community. Stabbing in Helsingborg shines light on southern Sweden, where anti-Semitic incidents outpace other regions despite relatively small number of Jews timesofisrael

Miami man arrested for threatening to ‘get rid’ of Jews in calls to bagel shop. Suspect told restaurant owners he would ‘expose’ them after asking if they were Jewish; vowed to ‘make sure you can’t overpopulate’ timesofisrael

White supremacists crash Arkansas Holocaust memorial event. Protesters in Russellville carry anti-Semitic signs, including one calling Shoah a hoax. timesofisrael


Anonymous said...


you mean everyone is going to be forced to have a VACCINE to become GAY???

Neshama said...

It was already done! Why do you think there are so many, an explosion. Think food and vaccines!

Anonymous said...

This is beyond frightening. It seems to be all-out war against Hashem. The goons have taken over to rule the world, c'v. May H' have rachamim and hasten the Geulah with lightening speed. Mercy on humanity!