19 June 2019



A New Jersey woman was charged in the death of her toddler after she left the 21-month-old alone in a car for two and a half hours last month. CS, 25, a native of Lakewood, was charged with child endangerment, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office said on Monday. [NJnews site]

I wonder how many of the parent who have forgotten their child in a hot car have been prosecuted for Child Endangerment?

Is this a new enactment of something not enacted upon in other incidents?

Is this another application of law against the Jewish Religious Community?

We need answers to these troubling questions.

Please send answers to these questions in the comments section.


Shimshon said...

Are you serious?! First, alas, this is not as unusual an occurrence as we should hope for. Second, there are sometimes reports in the Israeli media about similar events, alas. And third, usually someone is charged in such cases. You must really be desperate to seek a pretext for claiming that anti-semitism may be a factor. Honestly, this woman (why not the husband?) could be charged with involuntary manslaughter and it would be appropriate.

Neshama said...

Shimshon, have any answers to those questions for us, or just negativity?

Neshama said...

Three lives were forever changed as a result of this tragedy. Anybody with kids should understand how hard it is to keep track of everybody with life happening all around. When this happens the parents suffer too. They do deserve to be charged.

But instead of everybody else judging them how about work on preventing this in the future.

Getting off the phone is a good idea. Sadly, leaving the phone in the back seat also works. (As in people are more likely to remember to take the phone than the kid!).

Stop and think. The people who say “this could never happen to me" are precisely the people who experience tragedy.

Neshama said...


Sadly in Arizona you will not face charges for doing this.

Shimshon said...

Neshama, how is raising the specter of anti-semitism here not negativity? Stop raising baseless accusations in the form of a passive-aggressive "Gee, I wonder if..."

The questions are easily enough answered all by yourself. If you were seriously interested, you would stop wondering and do your own research. And then you could confirm for all us what the real reason is for such an allegedly harsh and unusual response.

Neshama said...

It must be understood that there are neshomas that have to return to this world to finish their tikkun before basking in the Glow of the Shechina. As Rabbi Mizrachi has explained on many occasions, that Reincarnation is a part of our Torah Mesorah. And in each generation there are souls that return to finish their lifelong purpose, and then die early (or tragically). Even as babies.

So, as much as we get upset whenever these babies are left in cars and some want to lash out at the parents, we must understand that . . . we don’t know the ways of Hashem.

I feel great rachmonus on the parents of such an experience.

Anonymous said...

So blame Hashem for eerything... why then speak of non-Jews..and other people...

For instance if children are molested, in all nations.. blame Hahem.. Rabbi Mizrachi, blamed Jews who were murdered in the Holocast by saying all sorts of horrid things against them... He speaks of others as though he is a saint.
Easy to blame everyone.. and now you say.. Hashem allows getting fedup of all the hate you put on, for those who are non-Jews..

Look to yourself first, then write of other people.

So as you say you do not know the ways of Hashem... stop all this.. People are to take the blame for the silly things they do, like leaving their children to die in heated cars... Gosh... not Hashems' fault... the fault of uncaring careless people..

Neshama said...

Anon at 18:59

I hope you wake up someday and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Neshama: Most Jews do not think as Jewish thinking should be. We have been utterly galutified and westernized. Western law is different; rather than accepting this horrific incident as an accident or just a person being overwhelmed and might have even forgotten that the child was in the vehicle; it is considered a crime, like manslaughter. The western mind is different - look how they destroy people's lives bringing up unfortunate events in their past (there is no such thing as teshuva) and ruining the lives of many (gossip/slander). Look what's being done to the President and a judge nominated for the supreme court. That's how even the Israeli government acts. They have become westernized. Don't believe this is a case of anti-semitism (or it might be in some way), but this is how things are treated.
May H' protect every Yiddish child and all innocent children. Our hearts go out to the family and maybe so many other families will have learned that a child is never left alone, especially in a car, anytime, particularly in the summer. H' yerachem!

Neshama said...

Thank you anon 02:01
The look on the mothers face was so disturbing to me. She is such a young mother and surely loves the children she gave birth. I think Jews are in Golus too too long, and they are being pulled in too many directions, especially the young ones raised in that NY shtuss. It pervades everything and everyone. Too much pure evil running rampant.

Shimshon said...

Neshama 18:22,

True, Ein Od Milvado. I do my best to live by that. That doesn't mean that when mistakes are made, a fatal mistake in this case, there should be no consequences for the person making the mistake.

As Rav Kessim says, there are three paths to an individual's tikkun. Mitzvos, teshuva, and yisurim. Sometimes, teshuva is not enough.