14 June 2019


Witnesses describe ‘miracle’ as Gaza missile barely misses Sderot students

Had rocket exploded, hit a few meters over or been fired just a few minutes earlier, the devastation could have been widespread at religious school or adjacent synagogue

Needless to say, the above report today is infuriating, worrying and lots of other things as our enemies have not been totally destroyed long ago. They continue their murderous Jew-hating murder rampage and our government pontificates about a "responsible policy of managing a conflict"!!

Despite our feckless cowardly leadership who fears "political complications" (re the Goyim) more than Jewish funerals, we lift our eyes to Heaven and thank the real boss for his amazing miracles - like the one that occurred on the roof of the yeshiva building in the middle of Sderot.

I do not believe in coincidence and so I am so excited that we will be guests of this yeshiva on July 2. The visit will have even more urgency and meaning after the latest brush with death and destruction.

by Shalom Pollack of

Tuesday, July 2

We will visit the "Ivel" center -
This world renown pearls jewelry manufacturer has opened its doors not just to jewelry shoppers but the Ethiopian immigrant community.
Here they are lovingly trained to be highly skilled Jewelers and thus help many families succeed in their new lives and homes in Israel.

An Ethiopian "village" has been created to aid in telling the unique and dramatic story of their roots and their journey home.
We will also be treated to a wine tasting of the locally produced fine wines.

We continue on to the town of Sderot near Gaza.
There we shall be guests of the famous hesder yeshiva and taken to the key sites in, around and above the city for a fuller understanding of what is at stake today with the recurring Arab assaults on the beleaguered town and area.
You will never think of the "situation" there in the same terms after this in-depth visit.
We are invited to lunch at the yeshiva.

I expect a full bus. Your reservation is your commitment
In the morning we will have a wonderful visit to the "Yvel" Pearls, Ethiopian culture and wine center
Cancellations 72 hours prior to departure will be charged in full

Depart from the Inbal hotel at 8:30
Return about 6:00
cost 150 shekels.

Thursday, July 11
Redeeming Eretz Yisroel
Today we have a rare opportunity to witness the glorious and heroic redemption of our beloved land.

First, we will be the guests of "Ateret Cohanim" in Yerushalayim.
We will visit the recently redeemed Jewish properties and the brave heroes of Abu Tor and the expanding Jewish presence in the historic"Yemenite Village".
Very few have visited the growing and revolutionary Jewish presence in this special place.

Due to its isolated location, we will visit the brave pioneers of the Yemenite Village. accompanied by a security team.

In the afternoon we will travel to "Bet Bracha".
This large tract of land was bought from an American Protestant missionary/hospital on the road from Gush Etzion to Hevron.
The story of its purchase and plans for its development are an amazing one. Few even know about this long kept secret purchase. We will again be amongst the first.

We will end our day with a visit to the little known memorial site where the Six Day War first broke out in Yerushalayim

Depart from the Inbal hotel at 9:00
Return at 5:00
Cost - 220 shekels

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