20 June 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi – The Future (End) of the World UPDATE!

What happened at Kever Shimon is exactly what Rabbi Mizrachi spoke about, the uncontrolled act of beating another Jew out of uncontrolled anger erupting at something one does not like or is offended by!
Concerning Future Of The World - Toronto Canada

Complaints And More Complaints

50 minutes into the shiur it gets heavy. 

2000 years ago these were the prophecies

Almost all people in the world will have a level of chutzpah like never before

Tremendous amount of Divorce

The Arabs back then (50 years ago) were shaking from the IDF
Today, we are afraid of the Arabs

“The face of the generation like the face of the dog” = wild and ready to tear you apart:
Gratefulness is almost non existent
The wisdom of the scholars (Sages/Rabbis) will be disrespected

The Jewish People will have the highest wisdom and will be the subject of discussion everywhere

Wherever the majority of Jews lived, that country was the strongest in the world
When they leave, the country becomes poor

“Where the Jews would live I will Bless the place”


Children will disrespect parents; and much more

No shame

People that watch the borders of Israel will not have rest
Mishmar HaGevul

We are the last generation before the Mashiach will come arrive

People that become religious become mukseh in the eyes of his family

An Israeli brain surgeon (Miller), his son became a baal teshuva, he said

(he would prefer if my son did drugs rather than become religious)

Jews of America do not care about Israel
75% voted for “O”
reelection, 69% voted AGAIN for “O”
Gave 50 mil to the Iranians

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David m said...

He's wrong about 911.

There was no attack - it was an inside job and controlled demolition planned and orchestrated by Bush.