06 June 2019

Informative Interviews Outside Ateres Chynka Night of "The Event"

Man Who Reads Books Interviewed About Vaccines
[excellent/informative interview]

New York Anti-Vaccine Event Attracts Pro-Vaccine Protests By Community Leaders [very very informative interview]

Del Bigtree Shows Clip About "Studies" On Vaccines
[his statements are backed by Peer Review Scientific Studies]

Hasidic Man Debates Mr. Del Bigtree

This Hasidic man is debating attacking Mr Bigtree with his language (and body language with his hands). It seems he came with an attitude and a predisposition of antagonism.

In my estimation, he is stuck on the premise that “A” didn’t do what everyone else (B) did, and therefore is a danger to “B”. The root of this question is really “you must do what everyone is doing or else” ie, conformity (a strong Jewish ethic as a result of thousands of years of insularity). This is not an intellectual debate, but a cultural one.

The fact that there is an OUTBREAK (not an epidemic) is because so many were vaccinated last year (and maybe with a time-release factor to cause breaking out with measles in the future, ie this year). I personally believe there is something nefarious about this entire ’trumped-up and specious (superficially plausible but actually wrong).

The fact is, that those who have been vaccinated (with a live virus strain) “shed” the virus to anyone around them for days; therefore infecting others (moreso than those who did not vaccinate).

ALSO if someone is vaccinated why are they afraid, and angry, at those who do not want to be vaccinated. Do they subconsciously doubt the effectiveness of the vaccine? The margin is very very low that the unvaccinated will infect anyone. The “medical establishment” has just taken gullibility missed information, and conformity, to its pinnacle.

Mr. Bigtree (he is an authentic natural American) came to educate and give chizuk to this community so they can better make THEIR OWN DECISION about vaccinations.


Anonymous said...

You should be highly commended for your bringing out these truths to the public. Just wish that the majority public would get this information. As far as the chassidic community and even any of the ultra orthodox communities, not understanding what's really going on,, are so afraid to go against the scientific community (when these frumme Yidden should know not to trust memshalot, science (evolutionary),etc., except trusting only Hashem). The reason they're afraid is because they depend on welfare, food stamps, etc. They should be the ones seeing these videos, but instead are debating/arguing someone like Mr. BigTree who is an expert in this matter.
What should be shown at this gathering are the two videos that you had on your blog yesterday by these two courageous women. What is wrong with our people who don't think for themselves but only 'groupthink'.
But, there are many from the frum community who do know better and are informed. The answer to why this outbreak is happening is as you have pointed out above in the article that those vaccinated spread the disease for days or we're not sure for even how long. Maybe that's why they want to continue with this vaccination program because it can actually promote, c'v, an epidemic where they feel free to mandate vaccinations to everyrone, c'v. These are scary times.

Neshama said...

THANK YOU for commenting. I love to read the thoughts others have.
What did you think of the first interviewee? The man with the book.
He was very good, and I believe he does this sort of “Activism” often. He was well versed and engaging with the Brooklynese character interviewing him.

The “groupthink” is because pf their thousands of years of insularity, its a communal survival tactic.

Mrs Fisher (the first video) is a very courageous woman. Because of her child, she started an organization that helps thousands.

Neshama said...

Mr Cohen, you may know a lot about a lot of things, but about this topic you are terribly wrong and naive, and your words were demeaning to the thousands of mothers and children that have been wounded, debilitated, and in some cases, died. Those words you wrote reflect a restricted world-view based ONLY on what happens here in Israel.

Sorry to shout out to you, but this is a serious matter.

Anonymous said...

You asked what we thought of the first video where the activist guy spoke. I also thought he was very informed and understood/knew what he was talking about. But the interviewer seemed a little annoyed and was trying to trap him or he wanted to make sure he knew what he was talking about, so don't know whether he agreed with the gentleman or trying to make him look foolish. Think many are afraid to go against all the insanities going on today and would rather go along with the flow and just hoping that it doesn't endanger the public.