24 June 2019

"The light of the moon will be like the light of the sun …"

Rabbi Yitzchak said: It is written, 
"The light of the moon will be like the light of the sun; the light of the sun shall be sevenfold the light of seven days." (Isaiah 30:26)

Which "seven days" are these? The seven days of Creation.

According to this view, the verse from Isaiah explains that the light of the moon which will be revealed in the future (see Zohar I, p. 45b; III, p. 93a) will equal the light of the sun now, whereas the light of the sun will be seven times greater than the light which was revealed during the seven days of Creation. Accordingly, the moon will still be subservient to the sun. (continued below)

What caused the MOON to look like the SUN!
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Photos from MrMBBB333 (Video at https://youtu.be/RrWNl8ZriPo)


Rabbi Yehuda said: This refers to the seven days of 'inauguration/miluim' [of the First Temple].

The moon…too will be a luminary….

Accordingly, in the future, the light of the moon will equal the light of the sun, and both will be sevenfold the light that was revealed during the inauguration of the First Temple. Accordingly, the moon will not need to receive its light from the sun, for it too will be a luminary.

Certainly [the verse refers to] the seven days of inauguration, for then the world will be completely rectified and the moon will return to its fullness without blemish [just as it was in the days of the First Temple]1

Note that the word miluim literally means "fulfillment".

And when will this be? At the time of which it is written, "He will destroy death forever" (Isaiah 25:8) [and life will be eternal]. "On that day G‑d will be One and His Name One." (Zachariah 14:9)


Miriam said...

I just happened to have watched that video this past hour and immediately thought of the same thing! He did explain it as dust from the small part I listened to but I just got a feeling that prophesy will continue to be partially fulfilled like this until it is done in full. It is just a taste to get us to pay attention to the changes.

Neshama said...

Miriam, you must listen to the next new shiur of Rabbi Kessin.

Miriam said...

Please send a link or date of the video to which you are referring.
I also had similar thoughts when listening a short video about a worm similar to the Shamir. Again, it's not the same like this moon wasn't really like the sun but it gives me hope for more and more to be discovered which backs up Torah and goes against what scientists assume is true. There's a reason we are seeing these things happen more and more. It gets me excited for the real truth to come out. See this: