20 June 2019

Wandering Jew Returned Home!

A Case Of a Wandering Jew in Jerusalem

Jerusalem district police on Wednesday morning reported a 2-year-old boy was found wandering alone on a street close to 4:30AM, in the area of the Davidka, near the city center.

Police who arrived on the scene were able to find the child’s address as the police emergency call center received a panicked call from the dad, who reported his toddler son missing.

Police returned the child home and requested that the dad report to a police station on Wednesday morning to explain the circumstances permitting the toddler to leave home during the predawn hours unnoticed.

Following are some recommendations from police to the parents to prevent such an incident:

* Whenever small children stay at home, especially at night, make sure that the door is locked with a key and remove it and place it in a high place to prevent access by the children.

* If there is a top lock, it is recommended to close it as an additional safety measure.

* Be sure that except for the main entrance door, the other doors of the house, including balconies and gates from which there is access to the outside, will also be locked.

* Immediately report to the Israel Police’s dispatch center regarding any event where a child leaves the house alone and cannot locate him/her and/or whenever a child is found roaming the street.


Obviously, the child was not PERMITTED TO LEAVE. Nonnsense. The child snuck out! And it seems the father did call the police as soon as he could not find the child. These things happen and yes, all doors should be locked even during the day, as a child could “escape” at any time, day or night, during a busy home with many children. However, citizens should be on the lookout for ”tiny wandering Jews” (its in our DNA).

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