03 October 2017

New Details on the Nevada Shooting

Breaking – New Details on the Nevada Shooting:
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Following Report by Mike Adams of Natural News:  First, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack which has now killed 59 and injured 500+. Read the full story on ISIS claims.

Secondly, there are five things that just don't add up about the official reports on this event. Why did one "lone wolf gunman" have ten rifles? How did he get ahold of a full-auto machine gun?

Here is my "five questions" story that's already going viral.

Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting Article Details: Five Things…

#1) Dozens of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters

#2) Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting started?

#3) The weapon you hear on videos was FULL AUTO, which is almost impossible to acquire through legal means.  "The multitude of videos that captured the event clearly indicate that at least one shooter was running a full auto weapons system. Such weapons are almost impossible for “civilians” to acquire. Although some pre-1986 full auto weapons are available for sale, they require extensive ATF documentation, background checks and extremely long wait periods approaching one year. Plus, they tend to cost $25,000 or more, and they’re extremely rare. Full auto weapons, however, are widely owned by police officers, federal officials and military organizations. It will be very interesting to find out where this weapon came from and how it was acquired."

#4) Why were the exits blocked, trapping victims like rats in a maze?
According to numerous media reports stemming from the Las Vegas mass shooting, concert-goers were blocked from fleeing and had little or no cover to protect them from the full-auto machine gun fire raining down on them.

#5) Why did the shooter have as many as 10 firearms in his room?

ONE MORE QUESTION: Why is ISIS claiming responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre?

“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.

“The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,” Amaq added. [Reuters]

Lastly, in the interests of public safety, I've posted a practical, lifesaving article that teaches you how to find effective cover in a mass shooting.
* Survival 101


Neshama said...

YWN indicates that a Jewish woman was wounded at the Nevada massacre and is scheduled for an operation. Please say Tehillim for Chana Rochel bas Sara.

Kalman Canant, LCSW, CSAT said...

The link you provided to the survival101 page is incorrect.
I found the proper link here:

Neshama said...

Thank you Kalman. Corrected.