06 October 2017


Absence of Water in Parts of the Mississippi River near the New Madrid Area
October 2, 2017: New Madrid showing signs of movement as the Mississippi River goes dry above it. Water may be going down in the fault. 3 earthquakes in New Madrid Fault near DRY Mississippi River - Absolute perfect match with NMSZ

October 2, 2017: Mississippi River sand bars beginning to appear in NEW places. Water is disappearing.  Mississippi River going dry ABOVE New Madrid Fault - Crack in ground?

New Madrid Area Once Had a Seashore, Rivers Rerouted
Notice the interesting maps in the video

The yellow band of hills across Southern Illinois are the edge of glacier debris. You can see picturesque leftover boulders at Giant City State Park, near Carbondale, Fern Clyffe State Park near Marion, the long "Goreville hill" on I-57, and the beautiful Garden of the Gods near Harrisburg, where signs say it took the glacier a few hundred years to melt. Illinois glaciation

An old Ohio riverbed curved sharply westward, just south of present Golconda in SE Illinois (thin dark blue on top map, yellow on smaller map below, increasing in width westward) running a few miles south of the present Illinois Route 146. Most of the dark blue of Illinois in upper map is the present Cache River Basin and Natural Area.  LINK: http://www.greatdreams.com/earthquake...

Interesting USGS article on Earth’s Plumbing System

Mississippi River Mysteriously Dry - Precursor for New Madrid Earthquake?

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