29 October 2017

Climate Chaos UPDATE – Around the World and In Outer Space

Climate Chaos Around the World and Up In Outerspace

Ultra high speed object appears to 'ignite' a portal in the sky - "One for the X-Files"

October 28, 2017: A sky observer "DiversityJ" of Youtube captured a very rare, incredibly fast sequence of events on the evening of October 26, 2017 at 7:32pm while recording Saturn in the west sky. A nearly transparent ULTRA high speed object that seems to defy basic laws of motion, from the viewers's perspective it traveled directly across the surface of Saturn in the lower Western sky actually distorting the light of Saturn being recorded by a Nikon P900. Then, after it quickly passed Saturn the object appeared to trigger some sort of high intensity white "portal" high in the sky. If you look closely you can see the object turns from light orange to white as it seems to become one with the bright white flash of light, like a portal.
Very fascinating sequence of events observed from NE Ohio that would have never been noticed if it weren't for the great camera work and intuition of DiversityJ to have the camera recording just at the right time. Entire event lasted less than 2 seconds!

2000 mile wide typhoon remnant low generating 60ft waves near Alaska!
October 25, 2017: A 1000 mile wide are of 40ft+ waves are rolling through the North Pacific near the S Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Some waves were reaching heights of nearly 60FT!
This is the remnant low of typhoon LAN.

"Climate Chaos" - 'Freak Storm' appears in Central US - 32 inches of rain wreaks havoc in Osaka
October 23, 2017: A routine thunderstorm traveling NE through the central plains of the US on Saturday night around 9CSt was NOT so routine after all!!
Typhoon LAN wreaks havoc on Osaka as it makes landfall.

150,000 in dark as ENTIRE island of MAUI loses power - "Climate Chaos"
October 24, 2017: A severe 'thunderstorm' has recently knocked out the flow of electricity to the ENTIRE island of Maui.

More water disappearing - PA lake goes bone dry in 48 hours - Local man mystified!October 25, 2017: Images of a DRY lake sent in by Conrad of PA. This lake was full of water 48 hours ago...where did the water go? He has been driving past this lake for 20 years and has never seen it dry. He says this lake has no dam. POCONO

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