21 October 2017

Rabbi Mizrachi – The World Then And The World Today

Twelve Minutes to End the Evil Ones in the World
Materialism and Modern Lifestyles the Greatest Danger to Your Neshoma

The sad fact about the level of reading Hebrew in Israel among ALL plus Professionals

Religious People (Haredim) will be Hated
No more Shame in the World
Daughter in law disrespects Mother in law
Boys have no Shame from their Parents
Jewish Girls (60,000) date, living with, and/or Married to Arabs
Many Arab children are Jewish, from Israeli Mothers married to Arabs
(amazing story about an Arab boy)
More amazing stories – MUST HEAR
Holocaust children / grandchildren marry Germans (from Nazi family)
[Kibbutz IDF guy fell for a blonde German girl / his buddies locked him in a room and prevented him from marrying the German girl - great story]



Anonymous said...

I have not yet watched the video. But what is the source of 60,000 Jewish girls relating to Arabs? Sounds like a very high number to be true. And I hope in my heart that it 's not true.

Neshama said...

You’re not the only one amazed. But when you figure that these innocent Israeli children do NOT learn anything about Judaism and their heritage, what keeps them from being attracted to a young man who gives a Jewish name, showers her with gifts and soft talks her into returning with him to his family, after which it usually ends up with many children and possibly becoming an abused wife. That is the typical story we hear from those who are rescued.

Israel has about 6 mil Israelis, so 60,000 is not out of the ballpark.

You can also write to Rabbi Mizrachi at divineinformation.com and ask him to verify those numbers. But remember this shiur was given just after he returned from his Israel speaking engagements.