17 May 2018

Parashat Bamidbar – Message from Nir Ben Artzi

The Rambam (Rabbi Maimonides) clearly states the criteria for identifying the true Moshiach:

  • From the dynasty of King David
  • Studies Torah and does Mitzvos, following both the Written Torah as well as the Oral Torah
  • Gets all the Jews to follow the Torah in all its details
  • Fights the wars of G-d (in a peaceful way, through teaching the nations about G-d)
  • Moshiach will ultimately achieve the eternal victory of goodness, build the Holy Temple and gather all the Jewish People from around the world.
  • (See Rambam, Laws of Kings and their Wars and the King Moshiach 11:4; talk of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita, Vayigash 5752 (1991))
Due to many requests, we are providing the following in English only. Remember, one is not to believe anyone is the Mashiach until Eliyahu comes to announce and annoint.

Message from Nir Ben Artzi shlita
Parashat Bamidbar
Sunday, Yom Yerushalayim, 28 Iyar 5778

(cursory light proofing, some language needs defining; Hebrew to English not smooth.)

Our father our king, our father, the Jews and the whole world. Today, Sunday, the Holy One, Blessed is He, gives rain, a blessing to the whole Holy Land. It is a special day, Jerusalem Day - the light of the world, the light of Israel and the light of the world. There is a tube of light above Jerusalem to the sky, where the hidden light is found, and this light spreads light to all the Land of Israel and to the whole world and resurrects it. Today's rains, 28 Iyar 5768 - rain showers, this is a special day for the people of Israel!

Tomorrow is the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem! The Holy One, blessed be He, reveals to the IDF the tunnels in time, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, helps the IDF to act, to do and succeed in every mission. Unbuilt things, special things! All the enemies that disturb, the Creator of the universe beats everyone and subdues them without feeling it.

The people of Israel go from Chayil to Chayil, from the time that Israel had its 70th birthday! There were three elements and now there are four elements! From the 70th birthday to the end, until the Mashiach is revealed in the near future, everything good, blessed and successful will continue to succeed in the Holy Land. The people of Israel who live in the Land of Israel will stop suffering! Israel's 70th Birthday - The Tikkun has ended from the beginning of the world! The people of Israel The Jews who live in the Land of Israel will cease to suffer and will only be good and good, and this good will spread to all the world and the whole world will bow down and kneel to the Holy Land! The Embassy of the United States will be in Jerusalem, after which everyone will want to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem because they understand that from the land of Israel where the Jews live and where Jerusalem is located, the world is alive and breathing and blessed.

All over the world, Chaos and Gog and Magog, except for the Holy Land. The Greater Land of Israel, the creation, the pure, and the holiness go from life to death to infinity. The world, apart from Israel, will receive severe blows and blows from the four natural elements and conflicts within countries - to expel the Jews from Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia, who will come to live in the holy land of Israel. Protected and guarded, will travel to peace and return safely. The others who live abroad, connected to material and money and do not want to immigrate to Israel, are in danger, and they disturb the Holy One, blessed be He, in the matter of redemption and Mashiach.

Moshiach is found, working and working day and night. He is troubled by why the people of Israel do not understand the power of the Holy One, blessed be He. With all the miracles and wonders he does for them, some of them do not understand. To understand - the intention to fulfill the Ten Commandments, to be a good Jew who practices the way of the Land, to go to Torah and to love your neighbor as yourself - that is all of the Torah.

The Jews on the left return the Jews from the right in repentance. And the right is trying to bring the left back to the right. We must rejoice in the Holy Land every second and every moment, for all the goodness that the Holy One, Blessed be He. The disturbances that exist in a number of places in Israel and within borders are so that the Jewish people will wake up. So that they will not enter into complacency and do bad deeds, so that they will adhere to the Holy One, Blessed is He.

It is not obvious how the Holy One, blessed be He, gave a pipe to all the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces to the navy, the air and the land. He gave them knowledge, wisdom, wisdom and knowledge.

Just let us understand, Putin, Trump and Netanyahu - an angel speaks through them and they do not feel anything. The heart of a king is in the hand of God. The angels speak among themselves and manage the world.

What the IAF did in Syria, the discovery of the tunnel ahead of time, and also that Israel won the Eurovision, which we understand without arguing at all - that's all, the Holy One, blessed be He!

Let us not forget - the Holy One, blessed be He Himself, does all this! Let no man take pride in himself. Honor and pride to the Holy One, blessed be He.

If the Creator did not have an angel in Poland to love the Jews and go with the Jews, he would say to Netanyahu, 'You have nothing to get here.' If the Holy One, blessed be He, did not have an angel to accompany him without feeling, he could not utter a single word!

Trump who is entirely with the people of Israel and the Jews in the Holy Land, and speaks what speaks - an angel speaking from his throat! So please dear Jews all over the world, you will understand, these are angels who speak of the Holy One, blessed be He. Do not take pride in yourself, do not take pride in yourself. Everything begins from the Holy One, Blessed is He, He helped and He helps and helps. One hundred percent is all from the Holy One, blessed be He, and not from a human being. So we should not be proud of things that do not belong to us, they belong to the Master of the Universe!

We will recognize the good, praise and praise the Holy One, blessed be He, who helps the IDF discover tunnels in time and in the air force to bomb, without any harm, that binds all the presidents and peoples of the world to the benefit of Israel, Blessed is He who helps the entire people of Israel, so it is good to thank the Holy One, blessed be He, and to acknowledge the goodness that He does to us, to the Land of Israel, to the Jews and to every person in private. The land and the sea, the angels accompanying them, the hosts of the Lord accompanying them, do not worry, you will always succeed!

The tunnel that was blown up on Saturday, they had already found, had already crossed the border. They wanted to surprise us today or Monday, this week, on the day of the inauguration of the US Embassy, ​​but the Holy One, Blessed be He, opened the ears and eyes of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces through the devices and discovered in time miracles miracles!

Let the whole world know that no one can defeat the IDF, the armies of the Lord, the angels of the armies of the Lord, are connected to them, from the 70th birthday of the State of Israel!

[Those] Who work in atomic plants in Iran - thirty percent of them are transplanted. In real time, they have the ability to blow up the entire plant that Atom manufactures in Iran. Special people who had been harnessed to blow up the atomic plant if they were to launch a nuclear missile.

Iran died of fear that they had sent missiles into Israel and fell on Syrian soil. Their sword shall come in their hearts, and their bow shall be broken. They say, "The hand of the Lord is in the matter."
In the Holy Land of Israel there is no fear of Iran. The IDF must be alert and ready to strike at them, “[He who] comes to kill you,  kill him [first]." The IDF,  every movement of Iranians - to dismantle and destroy.

Russia, Putin loves the Jews, has great value for Jews living in the Land of Israel. Putin tells the Israeli government: "Do not hurt any Russian soldier. I close my eyes and you are right." Putin tells the Israeli government: "Do not hurt any Russian soldier. I close my eyes and you are right. 'All Muslims are sealed and living stupidly. If they were wise and intelligent, they would not interfere with the source of the blessing of the Land of Israel'. "

Trump sees the Jews living in the Land of Israel and the Holy Land as the crown of kingship and the Holy of Holies, Trump knows the power of the Jews.

In Egypt, Sisi must eliminate all the Da'esh, the extremist Muslims and the Hamas because they are multiplying and their plan is to hit him in the Aswan Dam, to blow up the land of Israel. Him and topple Sisi from power. Sis will keep yourself from being poisoned with food. Sisi, will invest in the economy, not with weapons and ammunition. Sisi, they will open factories and jobs in Egypt. To change the way so that you will not have a revolution in Egypt, because their plans to turn Egypt and hurt you.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to all peoples in the world that whoever hates and opposes Israel will lose the world. They have a salary, use them against the IDF, hurt them and destroy their lives because of money.

Abu Mazen counts all the time the money he receives from the donors, the guard for his children and any activist who is afraid of him - giving him money.

In East Jerusalem, the West Bank, The IDF and Jewish citizens need to be vigilant. There are cruel people who brainwash their people to harm the Jews.

Jordan, the king of Jordan, will listen to Israel - gain, not listen - will fall.

Syria is a training ground. Anyone who wants to shoot, bomb and kick in Syria. Syria will be destroyed.

Turkey, Erdogan with one leg outside. Lived in fear that they would not kill him. Kills many people in Turkey. He is not healthy in body and soul, confused and making mistakes. [Israeli news states that Israel gave Turkey info about ISIS]

Iran, over 90% of the people who live there love the Jews. Iranian women - go out to demonstrations, you have endless power. If you want to live and save your children, make large demonstrations to overthrow the cruel regime that wants to kill all of Iran. After the fall of the government you will have a life of dignity, a life of happiness and wealth.

The European countries are full of troubles, with the Iran contract, they want Iran to explode with this agreement. They have trouble, trouble and trouble with all the infiltrators and refugees who devour them every day.

Gog and Magog in Europe. A defensive wall around Israel's borders.

The Holy One, blessed be He, asks the people of Israel to thank and believe in the power of the Holy One, Blessed be He, and to fulfill the Ten Commandments. The Blessings of Heaven, all the Rabbis blessed the Holy One Blessed be He, who gathered on Friday at the Western Wall [and India?] to the Holy One, blessed be He. Who will continue to do so in droves every day, the IDF will rest and through their prayers all the nations around that want to harm the Jewish people will be harmed.

Assimilation Assimilation destroys the connection of the Jews, and all those who are married to gentiles - to convert them urgently - it is good to refresh the shelters, to clean them and clean them, says the Holy One, Blessed be He: "The shelters will serve the Jews to study Torah. They are expensive from Metula to Eilat, clean, cultivate and arrange electricity and sewage and prepare them for synagogues and Torah study. Din in the world.

"Iranians who come to Syria - dig a burial pit for themselves - resentment, complaints, anger and anger - put a sick person into his body, listen to the Holy One, blessed be He, and receive everything with love.

The Mashiach is hidden, in the meantime hidden, and on the day he is like the people of Israel, and Mashiach allows everyone to feel normal, the Mashiach is humble, doing everything for the sake of Heaven and the glory of God. People in Israel and abroad know exactly who the Mashiach is. Mashiach lives and breathes like everyone else. When all will confess that he is the Mashiach - everything will be opened, there will be peace and quiet and direct guidance through our Mashiach to the people of Israel, to the government of Israel and to the entire world!

The joy of the Torah in this week, which will come to us as a blessing, will be as if for the first time!

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