12 May 2018

The Embassy is in EAST Talpiot? Plus 2 UPDATES!

Deception from Shamayim:

With reference to the “Embassy Move”, has it been noted that:

“East Talpiot or Armon HaNetziv is an Israeli neighbourhood in southern East Jerusalem, established in 1973 on land captured during the Six-Day War. The international community considers Israeli neighborhoods in East Jerusalem to be illegal settlements, but the Israeli government disputes this. East Talpiot is one of Jerusalem's Ring Neighborhoods.” (Wikipedia)

Whether this will be the final address for the Embassy is not determined. Let’s hope that a permanent address will be in West Jerusalem for obvious reasons.

This is stated especially to those who commented derogatorily to this post

While we [citizens of Jerusalem] celebrate the (interim) American Embassy Dedication in Arnona, "reports have been published to the effect that Trump wants Israel to edge certain Arab neighborhoods such as Jebl Mukaber, Isawiya, Shaft, and Abu Dis that are currently within the boundaries of Jerusalem and could eventually be part of a Palestinian State.” [Jerusalem Post Weekend Edition, May 11]

And did you know that all the employees of the Embassy are Palestinians? Nice, Embassy in East Jerusalem, staffed by Palestinians; with American Officials overseeing decisions.


Part of new US embassy site in Jerusalem may be in disputed territory — report
New York Times quotes UN, Palestinian officials saying some of the property is in 'No Man's Land' between East and West Jerusalem

Part of the Jerusalem site set to house the new US embassy in Israel may be in a “No Man’s Land” between East and West Jerusalem that is claimed by the Palestinians, the New York Times reported Thursday.

US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would relocate the country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May was met with wide-spread anger among Palestinians and others, but it may be even further complicated with some saying the new embassy location is not in pre-1967 Israeli sovereign territory. Read more at timesofisrael 

and the NYT says:

The diplomatic compound that will serve as the American Embassy until a permanent site is found lies partly in a contested zone known as No Man’s Land.

Map by NYT

No Man’s Land encompasses the area between the armistice lines drawn at the end of the 1948-49 war and was claimed by Jordan and Israel. Israel won full control of it in the 1967 war, so the United Nations and much of the world consider it occupied territory.

The State Department has avoided taking a clear position on the matter but relies on the fact that Israel and Jordan had informally divided the contested enclave. Read more at nyt


LondonMale said...

I do not understand why you would hope the embassy would be elsewhere than East Talpiot?
By being in that neighbourhood, it shows that the USA consider that an integral art of Israel.
Or am I missing something?

dvorah rut Weidner said...

Why? This buys into the lie that there is an east jerusalem and west jerusalem. How disappointing to see you join the chorus of galut. There is Yerushalayim. Nikuda. There is eastside, westside, north and southside. Just like any large city. Placing the new embassy in talpiot simply acknowledges that there is only a single Yerushalayim and that these phony "lines" established by the anti-Semetic international organizations are null and void.

Neshama said...

I’m merely stating a fact that might play into the statement that the WH wants Israel to cede parts oe East Jerusalem in any future so-called peace arrangement, that might be accepted by the Israeli govt., but not the people of Israel.


Anonymous said...

Moshiach will soon be here and no more disputes. Yerushalayim hashleimah, Eretz Yisrael Hashleimah! May he not delay! the geulah process is taking so much time, so we must rely totally on Hashem, for only He is in total control!

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem is the City of Truth. Truth is No Man's Land, where all sides will shoot at anyone daring to venture therein.

Jerusalem, the place of the foundation of the world. East. Kedem, found here in the end(s) of the beginning of the righteous foundation: tzaddiK yesoD olaM.

United States in Hebrew is 1314. Make a circuit: 1-3-1-4 marked on the cardinal points, north east south west, NES W around clockwise respectively. Start counting on the three, which is east: 3.141...

C is pi when d (which is 2r) = 1

And they are going to name the traffic circle outside the embassy...

Miriam C.