24 May 2018

Parashat Naso Message of Nir ben Artzi

The Rambam (Rabbi Maimonides) clearly states the criteria for identifying the true Moshiach:

  • From the dynasty of King David
  • Studies Torah and does Mitzvos, following both the Written Torah as well as the Oral Torah
  • Gets all the Jews to follow the Torah in all its details
  • Fights the wars of G-d (in a peaceful way, through teaching the nations about G-d)
  • Moshiach will ultimately achieve the eternal victory of goodness, build the Holy Temple and gather all the Jewish People from around the world.
  • (See Rambam, Laws of Kings and their Wars and the King Moshiach 11:4; talk of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita, Vayigash 5752 (1991))
Due to many requests, we are providing the following in English only. Remember, one is not to believe anyone is the Mashiach until Eliyahu comes to announce and annoint.

Message from Nir Ben Artzi
Parashat Naso
Monday 7 Sivan 5778

(this is pure google without my proofing; if you see anything that needs correction, please notify me)

The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, gave a great gift to the people of Israel, the Torah. He chose from among all the nations the people of Israel who said, 'Let us do and we will hear.' The Torah is the power of existence of the world, the power of the vitality of the world, the power to live in this world and in the next world and to be in the first circle. The Torah has powers for all that the human body, soul, spirit and soul need. Money, health, peace - home - by virtue of the Torah. Wisdom and knowledge above every person in the world - from Torah study.

While Torah study has physical activity in the human body, the activity of the brain. Torah study places the Jewish mind in the capacity of memory, absorption and understanding, wisdom and knowledge, protection and protection. It is the Jewish people that is different from every other people in the world, thanks to Torah and its connection with the Holy One, blessed be He, through the Torah and the soul.

The Holy One, blessed be He, gave the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. If one fulfills the Ten Commandments and learns Torah, this is perfection in everything. If you study Torah and do not observe the Ten Commandments, do not do anything, it's worse than the bad, as if, God forbid, a gentile studying Torah, God forbid.
If a person has evil traits and does not observe the Ten Commandments, he goes against the Torah, because the Torah is the Ten Commandments. No one can change the Torah or interfere with the Torah.

On the holiday of Shavuot, the Feast of the Giving of the Torah, all the people of Israel who have learned the Torah, each and every one of His people - will be blessed by the Supreme.

Everything that happens in the world, Gog and Magog and chaos, is exclusively abroad, all abroad. Floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, harsh winds, complications of countries within themselves, wars of countries within themselves - all abroad - the most difficult for the countries of the world - that are going against Holy Land, To strike the holy land of Israel and the Jews who live in the holy land of Israel - the Creator of the world will not have mercy on them, will beat them with the ten plagues and multiply the ten plagues every ten times wherever they go against the holy land of Israel. "The countries that will support Israel and transfer their embassy to Jerusalem, They will have a pipeline of blessing, from Jerusalem to their country.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, makes miraculous miracles and miracles in Syria and everywhere in the world.

The IDF is the most powerful army in the world, it has a direct pipeline from the Creator of the World, Israel is developing scientifically, technologically, and develops stratagems and patents, the Creator says to Jews living abroad: 'Do not play with me. Do not be tarry. From Europe go straight to Israel and not to any other country. I, the Holy One, blessed be He, gives a livelihood to every person in the world.

Jews who live with gentiles - convert them urgently, there will be no opportunities when the Messiah will be revealed in public.

The IDF is not to be complacent, especially in East Jerusalem, and soldiers and officers when you are tired of guarding or otherwise are asked to replace you when a soldier enters into complacency and the habit is dangerous, IDF soldiers will always be vigilant to be protected and guarded.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, warns and enlightens the eyes of the IDF, the Shin Bet, the Mossad and the Israeli government - to be careful to beware of all Arabs with a blue identity card. Many of them constitute the most difficult problem of all the difficult problems with the Arabs in the Land of Israel. They are like residents of the Land of Israel with a blue identity card, and they transmit information and make the most difficult troubles within the Land of Israel. They transfer a great deal of information to the Gaza Strip, Jenin, Hebron, Nablus and East Jerusalem, for a great deal of money. For money they will give themselves up as well. Are the most serious danger within the Jewish people.

Nevertheless, the Creator of the Universe says, "You are very careful about your souls and do not rely on the miracle, not to say, 'It will not happen to me.’

King of Jordan as if against Israel so as not to be exceptional from all nations against Israel. Waiting for Trump to find a solution for the millions of refugees.

Egypt, President Sisi is listening to Israel. Sisi closes the road from the Sinai Desert to Egypt, by the most heavy tests. Sisi knows that if they enter, there will be a big mess in Egypt and the government can fall, there is famine in Egypt, half of Egypt hungry for bread, and Sisi will invest more efforts in the economy than in security.

Turkey, Erdoğan from Berber and rattles for nothing, so that they will not suspect him of being a Da'ash, controlled by Da'ash, who dictates to him what to do. Erdogan takes people and raises them, looking for honor. The economic situation in Turkey is complicated and confused, there is no quiet day or night. Turkey before a general fall.

Iran will not help. Fearing death to disturb Israel directly, but sending arms from all directions to disrupt Israel. The Holy One, Blessed be He, is complicating the Iranian army with itself. The Iranian women are doing a great job in Iran. They make very harsh demonstrations against the government because they know and fear their children. They know that the regime in Iran cares only about itself and the money, it is not kosher, it is not clean and it does not feel sorry for the Iranian people. The women of Iran, will continue to demonstrate and be stronger in many cities in Iran. You are on the right path and the Holy One, blessed be He, helps you to overthrow the government. Everything needs effort in nature and there is help from Heaven.

Syria is shattered, collapsing, destroyed and destroyed, there will never be order. Muslims want everyone to win.

Russia knows that the Muslim nation is crazy and stupid, Putin knows that the Holy One, blessed be He, with the Jews, does not intervene, wants a presence in the Middle East and wants to sell arms and ammunition to the Arab countries. Attempts on Syria, testing all types of bombs on it.

USA Trump is interested only in the Land of Israel, the Land of Blessing, the Land of Abundance, the land from which life and good go out, and Trump knows that the Jews in Israel are the breathing, living and throbbing brain in the world.

Europe and all its citizens will make the mistake of their lives if they support Iran and do not go with the US on the nuclear issue, the Iranian regime is a crook and a deception, wants to create an atomic bomb and control all Europe and European countries help it. forged.
England, France and Germany, it is very worthwhile listening to Trump, he has all the knowledge about what is happening in Iran, for the benefit of the world. You are in Europe - you have zero knowledge of who Iran is. Then you'll hear Trump and it'll be good for you and the world.

Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing day by day. They see their eyes, their behavior against every Jew and Jew. It's scary. The Muslims in Europe are multiplying and want to harm the Jews abroad and their mistake that they do not immigrate to Israel, instead of understanding that if circumcision is interrupted, and if they are afraid to wear skullcaps, they are fighting for emptiness and grinding water against the Muslims.

The Jews and the Jews will fight only on the Holy Land of Israel, go to Israel, do not try the Holy One, Blessed be He. Will no longer protect the Jews of the world, only the Jews who live in the Land of Israel, because the time has come for your redemption.

The president of Korea is wobbling, the money is running out because of the atom he will create: once he wants peace and once a war, there will never be a nuclear war in the world.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah will continue to fight between them. The whole world, the still and the living, wants peace and tranquility, they want to breathe the clean, pure and pure air, and everyone is fed up with the impurity and filth, the Holy One, Blessed is He, will not give up any country you go to. Against Israel, will harm them with all the elements of nature.

The fires in Israel are caused by people or by accident or deliberate sabotage.

In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel will multiply like the mushrooms of the embassies of all the countries of the world. One will pull the other. They want a holy pipe to Jerusalem, to the Third Temple. As at Mount Sinai, we received the Ten Commandments, the humans, the animals and the beasts, the sea, the trees, the spirits and the earth, did not move or move, they waited to hear the voice of the Jews.

The Creator at Mount Sinai, the lightning and the voices, to hear the Ten Commandments in the giving of the Torah - so today, are waiting for such a status to receive Moshiach in public! Thanks to the Torah, we enter a new world, the Holy One, blessed be He, wants the people of Israel to be united and united.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants to give a gift that awaits her from the beginning of the world - Moshiach Tzedekinu. A gift with life forever. The Holy One, blessed be He, gives the minds of the nations of the world to understand what Jerusalem is, the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews and no one in the world can interfere. If the nations knew who they were fighting with, they would stop. You are fighting against God. The Jews know and do not know what Mashiach is. The people of Israel are a stiff-necked people, who want conclusive evidence. Christians know there is a messiah. The Muslim Arabs are raging against Israel because they know that they will be slaves of the Holy Land of Israel and of the Jews in the land of Israel. They fight like a wounded animal.

The Messiah works and works in the Land of Israel for twenty-four hours. All the actions, miracles, wonders and wonders that are happening in the Land of Israel, the IDF and all the Jews in the Land of Israel - through the Creator, through Moshiach ... Do not procrastinate and do not give up. The Creator of the Universe rejoices in them and adds more power to the land of Israel, to the Jews in the Land of Israel, and to the revelation of Moshiach in public!

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