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16 May 2018



On the website of the Gil-Ad Nursing Home in Ramat Gan, a warm home is guaranteed to tenants. But a resident who lived there underwent a blood-curdling experience over the weekend: a rat invaded her room and ate part of her ear, reports journalist Rotem Elizera in Yediot Achronot.

The incident took place on Friday night. The nursing staff heard loud cries coming from one of the rooms. When they entered, they were horrified to find a terrified old woman lying in her bed while a rat was sitting on her head gnawing at her ear. A preliminary examination revealed that a large part of the woman’s ear was torn by bites. Experts say rats are smart animals that can enter structures relatively easily through openings they find or even just through the window. YWN


Cat patrol in nursing home

Rat-catching Cat promoted to Senior Pest Controller

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Anonymous said...

Am I the only one wanting Rabbi Ben Artzi's Messages?
Please, you could publish the messages even in Hebrew and we can translate it roughly, with the help of the google translator.
You could publish at least the link for the message in Hebrew.
You see, I do not speak Hebrew, then, I am not able to find out the messages, even going to the Tairneri website.
It is impossible not knowing Hebrew.
You could change your mind and get back to publish them, could not you?
Do not worry, I know the messages are a little biased, but "they" cannot make the rabbi hide everything,
I mean, for me, the messages are like a code to understand, and I am very smart,
even in the middle of biased words, I guarantee, I can get little drops of truth ...
So, could you publish the last message you did not?
Anyway, thank you in advance ...

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