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15 May 2018

The Only Agenda is From HKB”H

Selective denigration to adhere to one’s Agenda is “seeing the trees and not the totality of the forest”.

Since 1948, Eretz Yisrael has been on a trajectory toward the fulfillment of Torah Prophecies leading the Chosen of Hashem to the purpose of the Creation 5778 years ago. We are in the last 220 years before the End and its culmination of the history as we have lived it and known it. The year 6000 will arrive and with it the 7th Millennium that is Kulo Shabbos, to be followed by the 8th Millennium.

No one has untarnished perspectives on the workings of Hashem in our world, especially as it pertains to Eretz HaKodesh, the Geula, and the End Days we are living within.

Amazing events that appear contradictory, or hypocritical, are known by our Sages to be cloaked in Sod. It is the way of the Divine to manifest in subterfuge.

The rebirth of the Sovereign Nation of Eretz Yisrael is awaiting the culmination of the ingathering of the living souls, wherever they are, and the awakening of the souls of our ancients via Techias Hameisim.

We await the entrance of Mashiach, and the rebuilding of the Third Beis HaMikdash.

Since 1948 the milestones are here for all to see, who have eyes to see, what is taking place within the mist of Shefa* from Shamayim.

The only agenda should be the One from HKB”H.

*Shefa: Avon is when a person does whatever he wants, but not to anger G‑d, but just to enjoy forbidden things he desires. This also causes the kelipot to take the shefa that flows down, except that after they take it they eventually return and leave a little of the shefa for us as well. This is the secret of exile [during which a minimum amount of spiritual sustenance makes it through]. The world was made from the Torah and for the sake of fulfilling it. One of the problems of exile is that it switches the proper order. The world was made from the Torah and for the sake of fulfilling it. The Divine flow then comes to its target audience on the side of holiness. The sitra achra receives afterwards and is subsidiary. This is the fitting order. If the sitra achra is as if on top and receives first, this gives it license to act as the main thing.

When redemption comes everyone will see the truth and the king will be restored to his royal status and the servant to his place.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring! Excellent. Just it should read 'ancestors' rather than 'ancients' (in re to Techiyat Hameisim). The return of parents, family, grandparents, etc.

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