13 May 2018

Celebrate! May 14

Celebrate! May 14

In a few days, Israel's Arab citizens will be in deep mourning.

The anniversary of the darkest day on their calendar ( a calendar and history that was created only in the last few generations) is rapidly approaching.

May 14 is their "Nakba day commemoration".

It is the day in 1948 that the hand full of Jews in our land declared the third Jewish Commonwealth.

The immediate Arab response was to attempt to commit genocide on their Jewish neighbors. They managed to kill about six thousand men women and children but that was nothing near their goal of a total massacre, and thus their understandable annual mourning. (This public commemoration only began after Oslo which emboldened them of course)

Had the Arabs wiped out the Jews as they had hoped, the Israeli Arab citizens of today (they call themselves "Palestinians" in recent years) would live today under corrupt, humiliating Arab rule as do all Arabs in the Arab world. They are the only Arabs living in a country that guarantees them basic human  and civil rights; a country of guaranteed free education and top-rated health care, etc. And yet they mourn and rage.

They can live in any one of their brother Arab countries and not in the hated  "Zionist entity”. The door is open. This is not the former USSR and every citizen is free to leave. They don't leave, and they know best why.

In fact, thousands of Arab brides from outside Israel seem to find their true love specifically in the hated "Nakba" state as they rush to marry Isreali Arab men. Funny how true love goes only in one direction..  Israeli citizenship is their guarantee to being treated with basic human rights for the first time in their lives. They, never the less,  join the mourning and rage together with their new Israeli families on "Nakba" day.

Nakba day is not a good day for Jews to be near Arab communities.

Anything can happen.

In contrast, there is no day on the calendar where Arabs are careful to stay away from Jews. But this dichotomy is just another example of the mess we made for ourselves despite the miracles  handed us on a silver platter by Hashem.

Hashem and not silly, vain men who ultimately calls the shots. That is why I am not despondent about the current absurd situation.

  • Has not every single enemy of His People always felt His wrath?
  • How many times has Hashem saved us from our own vain, arrogant leaders?
  • How many times has he hardened the hearts of our enemies and thus saved us from ourselves?

When Barak wanted to give Arafat 97% of all his demands including half of Jerusalem, the terrorist's heart was hardened and the deadly concessions were not made. Rabin, Barak, and Bibi wanted to give the Golan Heights (or parts of it in Bibi's case) to the criminal Assad family - but Hashem hardened their hearts, saving us again.

Just the other day, Abbas ( Peres' peace partner), the Holocaust denier in Ramallah, repeated his blatant anti-Semitic slurs which brought the ire of the world down upon him and thus hurt his nefarious cause.

Like Bilam and Pharaoh, God moves the mouths of the evil ones and seals their fate.

Syria, our most implacable enemy suddenly began to implode and ingest itself as we watch Hashem at work.

Just as we did at the Red Sea...

The Iranians (why are they on our case..?), dedicating their economy and blood to our destruction, has been coddled and appeased by the "enlightened West" for a long time.

Today there is a man in the White House (how did he get there?) who is turning that all around and Iran is in a panic.

No one though Trump would be president. Almost no one.

So as I anticipate the joys of Nakba day, remembering how we were saved yet again, I am moved to praise our Lord and recite the Hallel.  (With a bracha or without...?)

Our God – truly great one and only.


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