07 May 2018


Sephardic-haredi rabbi says prominent religious businessmen demanding yeshiva deans not criticize IDF service in talks with their students.


Rabbi Eliyahu Topik, a leading Sephardic-haredi rabbi and yeshiva dean said several Sephardic yeshiva deans have received threats and warnings not to speak negatively about IDF service with their students, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

In a recording on Kikar Hashabbat's site, Rabbi Topik can be heard saying, "There are lots of kinds of businessmen, of all sorts of of rabbis in the yeshivas, who call the yeshiva dean and say, 'If you continue speaking against the draft, our yeshiva dean in Bnei Brak will forbid sending any students to your yeshiva.' It's horrific! This is a yeshiva in central Jerusalem, and they were threatened that if they speak out against the draft, then this will happen to them, or that will happen to them, or something else will happen to them. And since then they've kept quiet. They're scared."

"Another yeshiva dean told me that they threatened that if he spoke out against the draft, none of his students would receive deferrals....there are all sorts of businessmen who threaten yeshiva deans, and the deans, unfortunately, are scared, for one reason or another."

Rabbi Topik concluded, "We all need to band together and not listen to the businessmen, not fear telephone calls, and stand strong and not fear anyone. We need to be prepared to make sacrifices for this.”

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Anonymous said...

The Enemy Within! The G-D fearing must stand strong as it seems all truth and righteousness has been overtaken at this time. Those that threaten yeshivahs and their righteous rabbis are not the descendants of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, even if they themselves call themselves G-D fearing. Hashem yerachem.

Anonymous said...

These businessmen and sephardic rabbi are sellouts and w***** who would gladly throw themselves to our enemies and let them be bought with money and dark relations.. .
Real jews should not willingly join this taref tumaa army which hates judaism and works against judaism and let's in many twisted degenerates and goyim in many cases.,
We should not be irrational but if they threaten us, then we will fight harder and that is it
J m