01 February 2018

Meretz Leader Calls Rabbi Eliyahu a Despicable Term!

Meretz Leader *Zehava Gal-On Calls Rabbi Eliyahu Shlit”a chv”s “Filth”!
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Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, son of Rabbi of Tzfat Shmuel Eliyahu, responded to Meretz head Zehava Gal-On following her remarks against his father, who opposes the IDF's joint service order mandating mixed-gender units.

"'Filth'?! I think the ones who have to wash the filth from their hands are you and those like you. You, whose hands are full of the blood of the victims you brought us under the Oslo Accords"

"For years I've been asking myself how people like you go to sleep at night. How you can fall asleep without hearing the voices of those children whose deaths you brought about.

"After systematically importing murderers from Tunis to Israel, you placed weapons in their hands. You silenced dissenters. You violated the basic right of people to speak and cry out and make their voices heard, after you sealed your hearts to the cries of the families of the murdered. The murdered whose deaths you and your ilk brought about!"

However, the rabbi's son writes, "I don't think you're filth; your hypocrisy is the filth. You, who dedicate your entire life to weakening the IDF, who hounds soldiers who give themselves and their lives for this nation, the nation that you're trying to fragment and demolish. That you lent your hand to buy a car for a corrupt Knesset member for the price of the Oslo Accords. Once you clean yourself of all this, you'll be able to understand that the rabbis and educators are encouraging the girls to contribute to the Jewish people in hospitals, cyber units, outlying schools, and more.

"It's difficult for girls to be pushed into a tank with boys. It's difficult that you ignore sexual attraction on the one hand while screaming about sexual abuse on the other. It's difficult that you obscure physiological differences. It's difficult when a company commander gets slapped by a girl terrorist and does nothing. It's difficult that soldiers flee from a ramming attack in Armon Hanatziv. It's difficult and therefore the rabbis gently criticize, but adamantly continue to encourage the youth to enlist and contribute to the State of Israel, each in a way that suits him. Unfortunately, the division of labor is as follows: You'll continue to encourage Breaking the Silence, B'Tselem, and Hamas, and we'll continue to educate our children to contribute to the country - even to people like you.”

Source: arutzsheva

*she needs her mouth washed out with soap; and she’s in for a measure of retribution.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent rebuke that Amichai Eliyahu gave to these 'filth' of Meretz. But, he didn't have to say that last sentence where he states 'we'll even contribute to you'. The only contribution they deserve to be forever ousted from the knesset or any authorative position. They are the enemy within.