21 February 2018

Parashat Tetzaveh-Zachor – Message from Nir Ben Artzi 18/2/18 ENGLISH

[A quick cursory edit with emphasis by me]
Message from Nir Ben Artzi 
Parashat Tetzaveh-Zachor, 5778 ג' באדר
Sunday, 18.2.18 

The King of Kings, Blessed be He, continues to raise the bar in the world, every week higher than last week. Increases the activity of the natural elements, floods and volcanic eruptions, fires, earthquakes, harsh winds and storms, because of countries that support the Palestinians and Hamas and Holy Land and the Jews in Holy Land. 

Then: Every country, person or president in the world, who goes against the holy land of Israel and prefers the Gentiles, the Muslims, the Palestinians and Hamas - 'their sword will come in their hearts and their bow will break,' will quarrel with themselves and disappear from the world. Every nation and country, president and ruler who will love the Holy Land and support the Holy Land of Israel - the blessing of the Lord will always apply to them.

The whole world must know, even the Jews themselves in Israel and the world, who created the world, the Father in heaven and in Israel chose the Jews as the chosen people and seeks to support his choice of the Jewish people of Israel and the State of Israel. Not to oppose the Holy One, Blessed be He, is no stronger than Him.

Every person who mocks the Messiah for our righteousness, redemption, holiness and purity in the Land of Israel, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will take care of him and he will be severely hurt by the mouth of the Supreme.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, chose the Jews for a virtuous people who can fix everything. The Creator of the Universe chose the Jews to fulfill the Ten Commandments, purify themselves, purify themselves and sanctify themselves, and make the entire world pure and holy. This is the role of Mashiach and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel. After the revelation of Mashiach ben David with mercy, there will be the construction of the Temple.

Jews are forbidden to hold demonstrations in the Holy Land. There must be no hatred of Jews, civil war, sibling jealousy, or talk in the media that make conflicts and hatred free, nothing will come of it. 

Jews should love Jews - they are brothers, one Father to all of us: Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Lithuanians or Hasidim. Why hate a Jew ?! Why mock a Jew ?! Why? You have to check things well, from A to Z and only then decide what's good and what's not good. 

Let the police, the prosecution and the courts find the truth. It is forbidden to slander a Jew, from the smallest to the greatest, before discovering the true truth whether he is guilty or not guilty. 

Jewish demonstrations in Eretz Israel, free-hatred and free-will, are a custom that they learned from the gentiles. The Jews are a holy and pure people and have to be united. They have no one to trust - only our Father in Heaven. 

The Gentiles are mixed up, they have no souls, so they quarrel among themselves. For Jews, to demonstrate is forbidden. If there is a problem and Jews want to demonstrate, we need to get approval and demonstrate in orderly fashion and orderly places, not on the roads, and not interfere with the rest of the Jewish citizens. In Heaven they say: You must not demonstrate! We have to continue talking about the problem and convince the senior officials.

Everything that happens to the Jews abroad is happening because they have to distance themselves from the Gentiles and make an urgent pilgrimage to the holy Land of Israel, the Diaspora is over, the Land of Israel is glorious, the land is built endlessly, houses are endless, roads are growing. Everything is good in Israel. Israel is the richest in the world, the most advanced technology in the world, the most powerful army in the world and at the same time - "and you are very reserved for your souls.”

Shabbat must be kept properly. The soccer games should be transferred from Saturday to Friday and Sunday. When the Jews go to play on Fridays and Sundays, they will have a blessing to succeed in football. They desecrate the Sabbath only to save souls.

Egypt, anyone who competes - disappeared. Sisi does not know that he will know now: Da'esh are hiding in the Sinai desert, and it is impossible to distinguish between them because Hamas, the citizens, the Bedouins and Da'esh are in one whole mess. Sisi will continue to take care of the Sinai desert, so he will not stop. If he stopped, everyone would turn on him. He's in danger anyway, hiding all kinds of secrets. Ammunition and weapons reach the Gaza Strip from Egypt and Iran via the Sinai desert.

Abu Mazen plays with the emotions of the countries of the world. He is afraid that Hamas will kill him, because he is stealing all their budgets and money and accusing Israel. In his heart he hates, hates the entire Gaza Strip.

Turkey feels like a superpower, it is not a power and nothing. If it continues to fight and intervene in Syria, it will fall into the mud that will never emerge from it.

Syria will be erased from day to day. She has no hope, no future. All the weapons and ammunition in Syria are nonsense, the IDF can strike anywhere in Syria, the IDF knows exactly what ammunition is in Syria, Hezbollah and elsewhere.

Thank God, that the Israeli plane that fell on the Sabbath fell in Israel and rescued the pilots. Now the Air Force and the Weapons Development Authority are studying all the reasons for the fall and how to become more efficient in light of the continued fighting in Syria.

France, the Muslims continue to rule all of France and all of Europe. Where Europe will oppose Muslims, infiltrators, Da'esh and anti-Semitism, some of them oppose the Land of Israel.

Europe will become ashes, the Muslims will destroy it and it will become Africa. The Africans, who are like ancient people, will turn back modern Europe, the glory of the earth, two thousand years, back, and will make it like Africa. 

It is better for Jews to escape from Europe as from fire, not better, worse than bad, there will be no respite from silence. Tens of thousands of Jews are being beaten abroad, hundreds of thousands of Jews are hurting a livelihood, and hundreds of thousands of Jews are threatened and think that this is another day that passes: The best protection and protection for Jews is to live in the Land of Israel!

Russia in full cooperation with the Jewish people in everything, secretly. Continue to sell arms and ammunition to all Arab countries

The United States, Trump loves the Jews who live in the holy land of Israel, and he does not know how to take control of the Muslims with American citizenship.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, warns: In the Holy Land, assimilation is forbidden. There are many nations with an Israeli identity card, who pretend to identify differently. Many Israeli girls fall in love and then get into trouble. All Jews, and Jews in Israel and around the world, take only Jews, marry only Jews! In this generation, Mashiach is going to be revealed!

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have ammunition and weapons, not the way he publishes in the papers - a liar, he has much less. He publishes in order to frighten Israel so that it will not fight him or blow up the ammunition convoys arriving from Iran, the convoys that need to arrive and do not arrive. The Israeli army continues to blow up convoys of ammunition from Iran, so that they will not reach Hezbollah's hands. 

Chaos, Gog and Magog outside the borders of Israel.

"All the accidents in Israel occur from complacency, do not follow the law and deal with mobile phones, watsapp, messages and emails. Israel, is also determined in heaven: A person who walks erratically and does not obey the laws of traffic and the warnings of the police does not have the help of heaven, because the Holy One, Blessed be He, helps a person who is honest and obeys the laws. , 

Purity is fighting impurity. In the Old City the Arabs are very dangerous. 

Rain in Israel is good. 

Israel will have millions of Jews in the Western Galilee, a million in the Golan Heights, Samaria, Binyamin and Judea in the millions, as well as in the Arava and the Jordan Valley. [me: maybe from the Pashtuns, when they come galloping across the ME to Eretz Yisrael.]

The jealousy, hatred, and the mockery among Knesset members must be stopped. Instead of fighting and quarreling with you, take care of the citizens of the Eretz Israel, and the land of the Eretz Israel. 

All the thieves, crooks, cheaters, lunatics and the mockers, zealots and the bribers will all be caught. 

Dear Jews, believers or unbelievers, “And their bow will break,” it will be like we give up and pity them. We must not feel sorry for the cruel ones! They only pity Jews. Sometimes things are similar and repetitive relaying the message, it has a big expense, it is not that there is nothing to write. What comes up in the message every Sunday - this speech that exists. 

Iran, the rights of Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew, will stand for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel! The entire atomic plant will blow up inside them and the government will fall, thanks to Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew. Everything will turn on their faces in favor of the State of Israel. Israel will not be harmed. Moshiach works and works normally, like an ordinary person. 

Hashem commands twenty-four hours. Up in Heaven, praying very frequently, in order to crown King Moshiach in the near future. In our Holy Land, the Jews, flesh and blood, entered complacency. They say 'this is not the time', 'that is the time', nothing will help them. "Who is he?", "It can not be him," all sorts of doubts that arise to people who have forgotten where Moses came from and where King David came from. 

After all these dilemmas, Mashiach comes out! They will or will not, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will bring him to light, pure and righteous, a man of God chosen by the Holy One, Blessed be He, to be the Messiah of the people of Israel!

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