18 February 2018

Defiance: The Bielski Partisans

Defiance: The Bielski Partisans

Trailer: Yam Suph - Israel's Final Exodus
This trailer that was produced for the Book Yam Suph by Steven Ben-DeNoon is an amazing journey into God's hidden prophetic signs to Israel. youtube – https://youtu.be/nyim704qBYU
The supposition is that there is a resemblance in the statement of Moses about crossing the Yam Suf; however the sea/that the Jews crossed had no “reeds”. So the comparison with the near end of the Bielski Film (below) is one that the Bielski “community” wandered in the forest for over 2 years, and trudged through a Sea of Reeds somewhere in Belarus.

Trailer: Yam Suph – Israel's Final Exodus

From this trailer, I searched and found the movie, Defiance 2008 a full movie online. While there were two videos, this one is a full screen video in English with Greek subtitles. Some scenes are difficult to hear, but it is still remarkable. Some of the very first scenes are actual video by the Germans, but then it switches smoothly into the Defiance version of the story. It runs about 2 hours.

This covers cruelty by the Germans AND the Poles!


Anonymous said...

These two videos are not showing, saying that it is blocked from 'your country'. What's that about? Are others having the same problem?

Neshama said...

I watched both videos before posting. Maybe google has interfered? Where do you live?

Neshama said...

Search on google and on YouTube both for allowed copies of these videos. Different persons uploaded them and/or copied them to their websites.