25 February 2018

Meir Ettinger – יש עניין שנתהפך הכל לטובה 22/2/18 ENGLISH

There is a matter that has 'turned everything upside down’ – V'Nahafochu 

The instability in the governmental system reminds us that only Gd is stable, and like Mordecai the Jew, we must be prepared to exploit opportunities out of faith

by Meir Ettinger

Those who follow the news, especially in the recent period, and especially in connection with Netanyahu's investigations, are certainly impressed by the uncertainty that we are all in.

No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. Commentaries written last week with great seriousness and importance do not compare to the paper on which they were written. And because it has been happening all over the past year, it can be predicted that the same thing will happen next week as well.

There are those who can be weakened by this lack of clarity. He tries to pursue an accurate forecast and is filled with worry and apprehension.

There is a natural tendency to want stability, to hold onto what is familiar and to step forward step by step. Contrary to this tendency, the statement of Adar and Purim, which "turned upside down" became his slogan, is that salvation usually comes as a surprise, from an unexpected place, and very far from our programs.

Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav said that "there is a matter that has turned everything upside down." He did not tell us how everything would turn over, when and with what help.

Beyond the encouragement of this trial, it actually requires us to be always ready, especially when there are significant social and political developments, to the possibility that now everything will turn out to be a good one, and we must be prepared to seize the opportunity.

How do you take advantage of this opportunity? The secret can be learned from Mordecai. Mordecai's stubbornness, as opposed to the pragmatism of all the other Jews in Shushan, ultimately led to the exploitation of the opportunity and everything turned upside down.

When the Jews of Shushan saw Ahasuerus' feast and realized that the expectation of returning to Israel at the end of seventy years had been disappointed, they fell into despair and concluded that nothing was certain.

Mordechai, on the other hand, saw this as a specific loss that only proves the failure of the way he saw it. It was precisely against this background that he chose to cling to what is truly certain - "he will not kneel or bow down," and in the belief that redemption will surely come.

The question of how to analyze the surprises in life is also related to the story of our war with Amalek. Amalek surprisingly decided to conclude the rupture of the Red Sea the opposite conclusion.

He came to the conclusion that if the sea had become ruined, there was probably nothing stable in the world. There is no doubt. In his opinion, just as the great power of Egypt, which lasted for hundreds of years, drowned in a moment, there is no reason why the new star - the people of Israel - should have a different fate.

One might think that Amalek committed suicide when he chose to fight Israel immediately after the attempted splitting of the Red Sea, but to him it was a natural matter. If Nachshon jumped into the sea the sea was torn, it was only a matter of probability that when I jumped into the boiling pool I would get a burn, nothing here was safe.

When reading news, you can reach the same conclusion. Everything is total chaos, you can not know the future, and if Netanyahu falls who knows what will be ... Maybe someone will come worse.

Mordechai sees that unexpected things are happening, and even if they currently look good, you can see that they are under personal supervision.

After all, it is not natural that his wife be taken to the king's house. He understands that God is cooking something here ... and waiting to see what.

True, he keeps praying, pleading, and acting. But every surprising occurrence, actually encourages him, and reminds him that there is someone who runs the business and even if it is not clear where, can be trusted.

It seems to me that the same can be said about the issue that preoccupies the general public today - the Netanyahu affairs. As a public that wants to lead the people of Israel, we should have a clear statement on the subject, but within the entire sea of ​​information on the subject, it is almost impossible to say a word of truth beyond the question of how to prevent corruption in a true Jewish state.

And yet, the political storms that are going on, whatever they may be, are sure to fill us with the way of life we ​​have chosen. When we see how no one is stable, and every reality is satisfied, unlike Amalek, our conclusion is that the only thing that is certain is Torah and mitzvot.

These are above all political accounts and calculations, far above initiatives or attempts to promote a revolution on our part. After all, we know that everything will turn out for the better, how and how? We just try nonstop.

History shows that when you work energetically and strive to your destination, the crises around you are moving forward and jumping a few steps along the way. On the other hand, when we sit idly by, they will always act against us.

In conclusion: the current affair should be seen as another opportunity, one of many that everything will turn into a good opportunity, which will motivate us to continue with full force.


[my addendum:  From out of the chaos HKB”H created the world, from out of the chaos can come Mashiach]

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